The correction method of erythropoiesis and anemia treatment in infectious pathology


(57) Abstract:

The invention relates to medicine, in particular Infectology and Hematology. The method is carried out by introducing enteral-250. The method provides effective stimulation of erythropoiesis in monotherapy anemia with this drug. 1 C.p. f-crystals, 3 tables.

The invention relates to medicine, in particular Infectology and Hematology.

In many infectious diseases are profound changes haematopoiesis as a result of the intoxication of the organism as a whole and hematopoietic system in particular. Special depending on the etiology of infectious diseases not vary, only the degree, depth of hematopoietic disorders.

Thus, we have on a large clinical laboratory material traced the state of haematopoiesis in different patients with different etiology of the disease: in candidal vaginosis in women (256 people), including childbearing age (168 people), intestinal infections in children (330 people), wound anaerobic clostridia (93 people). In the last number entered and 24 patients with a fatal outcome of the disease.

Monitoring features eritropoeticescoe system in patients obespechena, involved in many vital processes of the organism [1, 2], is important.

Multiple declines erythrogramma blood of all these contingents demonstrates the need for the correction of detected changes in erythropoiesis and provide them with hemoglobin.

Known methods of correction of erythropoiesis and anemia treatment in infectious pathology. They can be divided into 2 groups. One of them is the substitution involves a blood transfusion, the other corregirse-stimulating - is based on the use of pharmacological agents [3].

Both directions are not always available to the patient because of the high cost, difficult to acquire, and in relation to blood transfusion in connection with the donor search immunologically compatible blood.

A significant drawback of these methods hemocorrection is undesirable interference and without being disturbed homeostasis is so diverse and not always favorably existing drugs.

However, this can be avoided by the proposed method for the simultaneous treatment of infectious diseases and heritagepolcouncil patients by applying anterola - Saccharomyces boulardii, having a high antagonistic properties against different types of asporogenic bacteria, spore-forming bacilli and fungi of the genus Candida, at the same time contains in itself a whole series of biostimulants, including vitamins. 1 g of lyophilized live, and therefore, multiplying the product contains thiamine (60 mg), Riboflavin (40 mg), nicotinic acid (480 mg), pyridoxine (33 mg), Pantothenic acid (77 mg) and, in addition, enzymes, amino acids, stimulants IgA, and so on, It opens up broad prospects for the most complete rehabilitation of patients suffering or undergoing various infectious diseases.

Drug enteral-250, according to our proposal, can combine both causal and symptomatic and hemorrhagies therapeutic functions.

According to the Instructions attached to the drug, enteral shown for

- prevention and treatment of diarrhoeal syndrome, caused by infection or antibiotics;

- treatment of recurrent diseases caused by clostridia, difficile etc.

However, for the purposes hemocorrection the drug has never been used.

A method of correction of erythropoiesis and anemia treatment when infectionmorecondition therapy and hemocorrection used enteral-250 without the introduction of additional pharmacological agents hemocorrection direction.

Methods of treatment anteroom children and anaerobic intestinal infectious disorders on our proposal was not different from that recommended in the literature accompanying the preparation instructions.

The treatment of women with vaginal candidiasis, combined it within 5-7 days oral administration with intravaginal powder, 6-hour curing after fixing a sterile swab into the vagina.

For example, such treatment of intestinal infections in children and candidal vaginosis in women us and studied hemorrhagia function anterola, as well as its effectiveness.

The results of therapy on the parameters of erythrogramma reflected in the table.2.

Dynamic control of the results showed stabilization parameters erythrogramma, full achievement level standards, exceeding its individual patients and a clear tendency to increase the level of hemoglobin, the approximation or his equality with the age norm, criteria for assessment which served as standards Lebedev, K. A. et al. (1990). Showed a tendency to decrease at the same time, sedimentation rate, apparently due to subacute inflammatory processes.

When intestinal pathology in children etiotropic-symptomatic efficiency is the ability of applying anterolateral within 3-5 days. Especially good are the data obtained in the supply of hemoglobin and erythrocytes in salmonellosis and a significant increase in the level of hemoglobin in dysbacterioses.

The oral and intrawaginalno treated patients with candidal vaginosis has also been a shift towards normalization of availability of erythrocytes, although the upper limit is not reached. The obvious reason for this is the speed of obtaining the primary therapeutic effect in the treatment of infectious diseases and malnutrition used duration of treatment (7-10 days) for a more complete correction of hemopoiesis.

To exclude communication of potential moderate impact on the performance of short-term use of enteral during treatment of major infectious diseases candidiasis and to verify improvements gemotoriseerde effect by prolonging the application of harmless anterola was additionally taken a group of patients with candidal vaginosis (10 people). They got enteral on the above described combined method for 2-3 weeks.

This allowed us to achieve a significantly higher level of red blood cells and especially hemoglobin. They either reached the top Gras is her retrocollective with simultaneous treatment of patients from the main infectious diseases, a number of its advantages (table.3).


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1. The correction method of erythropoiesis and anemia treatment in infectious pathology involving the use of pharmaceutical preparations, characterized in that for simultaneous anti-infective therapy and hemocorrection used enteral-250 without the introduction of additional pharmacological agents gemotoriseerde orientation.

2. The method according to p. 1, characterized in that the treatment of vaginal candidoza combines within 5-7 days oral administration of enteral-250 with intravaginal powder, 6-hour curing after fixing a sterile swab in the vagina.


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