The drug hemodynamic actions with the function normalize acid-base balance and electrolyte balance


(57) Abstract:

The invention relates to medicine and medical industries. The essence of the invention is the preparation of hemodynamic actions with the function normalize acid-base and electrolyte balance, which is an aqueous solution of dextran with MM 40000 containing potassium chloride, calcium chloride, magnesium chloride, sodium chloride, sodium acetate. The technical result is the correction of water-electrolyte balance and reduction of metabolic acidosis. table 2.

The invention relates to medicine and medical industry (medicinal solutions).

A drug intended for the treatment of traumatic, surgical, toxic and burn shock; to improve arterial and venous blood circulation for the prevention and treatment of thrombosis, thrombophlebitis, andamerican, disease, Raynaud's disease, detoxification with peritonitis, pancreatitis, ulcerative-necrotic enterocolitis; under different conditions involving hypovolemia, combined with disorders of water and electrolyte balance and metabolic acidosis.

Known for similar drug - reopoliglyukin (1-3) assets.

The composition reopoligliukina:

Dextran - 100 g

NaCL 9 g

Water for injection Up to 1 litre

Indications for use reopoligliukina are reduced capillary circulation, shock, burns, disorders of the arterial and venous circulation.

The disadvantage reopoligliukina is that with good rheological and hemodynamic action does not tend to restore acid-base balance and reduce acidosis. However, in clinical practice, these conditions are extremely common, and the use of the drug in shock of various etiologies, injuries, thrombosis undoubtedly necessary.

The aim of the invention is to develop drugs that would have not only a good hemodynamic properties, but quickly recovered acid-base status and reduced acidosis.

This goal is achieved by the fact that developed a new drug - electrolyte solution, which, with good hemodynamic properties, at the same time facilitates the efficient recovery of acid-base equilibrium and rapid suppression of metabolic acidosis.

The drug is a water-is of chloride, calcium chloride and sodium acetate.

In General the same indications developed the drug has a number of advantages over reopoliglyukine. The ionic composition of salts is selected in such a way that more effectively than reopoliglyukin to help reduce shock, normalization of blood flow, suppression of metabolic acidosis.

When you consider that all of pathological processes which use these drugs, accompanied by violation of hemodynamics and the simultaneous development of acidosis, and developed the drug restores these violations, it is preferable the use of this drug, and not reopoligliukina.

The drug is used in adults and children as a component of infusion therapy. The drug is administered intravenously. Depending on the pathological process daily dose for adults 5-20 ml/kg, and the children of 5-10 ml/kg

Received permission from the Pharmacological State Committee on clinical trials of the drug (Protocol 4 of 27 may 1999).

The preparation is characterized by the following example.

Example. 100 g of dextran with MM 40000, of 5.26 g of sodium chloride, and 0.37 g of potassium chloride, 0.56 g of calcium chloride, 0,30 is down does not require bringing the value of this index is 6,0-7,0.

The solution is filtered through sterilizing filters, poured into 50, 100, 200 and 400 ml glass bottles for blood transfusion and intravenous fluids according to GOST 10782-85*, sealed tubes of rubber stamps 52-369/1 on THE 38-006-269-90, compresses the aluminum caps according to GOST R 51314-99 or 100, 250, 500 and 1000 ml capacity made of low density polyethylene according to GOST 16337-77*E brand 10803-020 (highest grade or first) with wall thickness not less than 0.5 mm On each bottle or container paste the label. Label in accordance with RD 00001910-6-92, if there is no seal on the container.

The advantage of the proposed drug before reopoliglyukine shown in many experiments on biological models. So, when animals (cats) after hemorrhage developed metabolic acidosis with falling blood pH to 6.4, one group was injected the drug, and the second reopoliglyukin in equal amounts. In animals that received reopoliglyukin, blood pH is practically not recovered, while after infusion of the proposed drug pH for a short time was set at a normal level, and hence acidosis was docked.

The results of the experiment are presented in table.1.

A large concentration set salts of the claimed preparation on CPA who range deficit salts of the blood and interstitial fluid, and also effectively corrects metabolic acidosis. It is believed that the insertion part of the claimed drug sodium acetate at infusion into the body are included in the metabolism and anion CH3-Soo - turns in N2And CO2and cation PA+with high alkalinity, interacts with oxidized acidic products of metabolism and restores pH balance.

In table. 2 shows the evolution of the parameters of acid-base status, and other blood parameters: pH, shortage of buffer bases (BE), the content of bicarbonate ions (HCO3-), the tension of carbon dioxide (pCO2) in experimental animals (cats) after replacement of blood loss claimed by the drug.

In anesthetized cats after massive blood loss (30 ml/kg) developed a metabolic disorder in which after 5 minutes, after replacement of blood loss claimed by the drug against the background of recovery of blood pressure blood pH remained reduced the deficit buffer bases of blood (BE) exceeded the initial level (-13,60,6 mmol/l vs -7,450,6 mmol/l). Within 2 to 4 hours after infusion of the drug occurred correction of acid-base status: pH is normalized, definine of carbon dioxide (pCO2) approached baseline values.

The obtained data indicate that intravenous administration of the claimed drug cats with acute blood loss leads to long-term recovery of redox processes in the affected organism.

Quintal (patent RU 2056837), containing salt components and concentrations as claimed drug, used for normalization of acid-base balance and water-electrolyte balance. However, quantasol, like all crystalloid solutions, including integrated (lactitol and others) quickly moves through the vascular membrane in the extracellular space, increasing the volume of plasma only 25% of the injected volume. This property of the drug does not allow him enough reliable and long to show their therapeutic action.

Lack of drugs based on dextran is their acidification during storage to a pH of 4.0 at reopoligliukina, and to pH 3.5 at reopoligliukina with glucose. Clinicians believe that plasma substitutes should not have such low pH values to apply to the victims with significant acidosis.

Given the property dextrans Quintanilla with dextran 40 and examine for compatibility and stability during storage. The claimed preparation on all the physico-chemical drugs were compatible and stable and the pH value was always kept within 6,0-7,0. Higher retention of salt solution around the dextran molecules (up to 3 days), and therefore, in the bloodstream provides a long time to prevent acidosis and normalize the redox potential.


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The drug hemodynamic actions with the function normalize acid-base and electrolyte balance based on dextran with MM 40000 in an aqueous solution of sodium chloride, wherein the preparation additionally contains potassium chloride, calcium chloride, magnesium chloride and sodium acetate in the following ratio of components:

Dextran with MM 40000 - 100.0 g

Potassium chloride is 0.37 g

Calcium chloride - 0.56 g

Magnesium chloride - 0,30 g

Sodium chloride - 5,26 g

Sodium acetate - 6,80 g

Water for injection to 1.0 l


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