The percussion mechanism


(57) Abstract:

The invention relates to the oil and gas industry and can be used to release the pipe string during drilling and workover. The percussion mechanism includes a rod-drummer, telescopically mounted in the housing. Rod-drummer slots transmits torque to the housing. In the annular bore in the housing set screw collet sleeve. Rod-drummer has multiple outer thread under the thread of the sleeve. The locking element permits operation of the site trip for the end of the rod-drummer and housing without disturbing the circulation of drilling fluid. For this purpose, we first dump valve or hollow load. Increases the reliability of the percussive mechanism. 5 Il.

The invention relates to neftegazodobyvaushsei industry and can be used to release the pipe string during drilling and workover.

Known shock mechanisms for stuck pipe string, comprising a casing, a drummer and site tripping [1, 2].

A disadvantage of the known devices is the low reliability of the site of release and low impact energy.

A disadvantage of this device is that at great depths in the borehole from the influence of high temperature broken plasticity seal, reducing the tension of the site of release and impact. In addition, increased contact force of friction between the housing and the piston, a drummer, which has a considerable resistance to movement of the piston, the drummer, which also reduces the impact energy in the device.

The problem to which the invention is directed, is to increase the reliability of operation of the percussion mechanism due to the significant reduction of the temperature influence on the work site trip in deep wells and exceptions frictional forces impeding free movement of the piston, a drummer at the wrong shot.

To solve the problem of the known device, comprising a housing, in which is telescopically mounted a rod-drummer, the locking element and site tripping, according to the invention is further provided with a threaded collet sleeve mounted in the annular bore of the housing and the piston, the drummer performed outside the multiple resinae a combination of the above signs, that means the consistency of the proposed device the requirements for inventions.

In Fig.1 shows a device, a vertical incision in the process of descent into the well; Fig.2 - the same, in the working position when the blow up of Fig.3 - section a-a in Fig.1; Fig.4 - section b-B in Fig.1; Fig.5 is a view In Fig.2.

The device comprises a cylindrical housing 1 having an internal annular bore 2, slot 3, the anvil 4 and the radial groove 5. In case 1 telescopically mounted rod-drummer 6, which is provided with a coupling 7, slotted lugs 8, designed for torque transfer multiple threads 9 node coupler 10, and a cylindrical Cup 11 with the striker 12. The transmission of the rotating torque of the housing 1 is provided by a slotted nut 13, which is connected with the top of the housing 1. In the annular bore 2 with the possibility of axial movement and rotation set collet threaded sleeve 14 host attachment 10 with threads corresponding to the threads 9, is made on the stem of the striker 6.

To avoid telescopic travel rod-drummer 6 in the housing 1 when the shutter device in the borehole it is provided with a locking element is a ball on glass 11, the movable sleeve 17 with the annular groove 18 and Rethimno spring 19. The movable sleeve 17 is supplied through the bypass holes 20, the valve seat 21 and the cone 22, the angle of taper which is less than the angle of friction of steel on steel. In the upper part of a cylindrical Cup 11 internal conical cavity corresponding to the parameters of the cone 22. The fixation rod-drummer 6 in the housing 1 provided with a recess balls-clamps 16 in the radial groove 5 and fixation of their cylindrical surface of the movable sleeve 17. This sleeve 17 is held in upper position by a combination of conical surfaces of a cylindrical Cup 11 and the housing 22. At the time of occurrence of complications in the borehole, the device operates as the internal pressure with the previous installation of the spherical valve 24, and the reset hollow articles. In both cases, the circulation of drilling fluid is not disturbed, because the ball has the flush channels.

The percussion mechanism works as follows.

At the time of sticking produce tension on the drill string and the wellbore dropping spherical valve 24, as shown in Fig.2, which is installed in the valve seat 21. Inside the annular groove 18 with the plane of the arrangement of balls retainers 16 under load balls-clips 16 of the radial grooves 5 will move in an annular groove 18, resulting rod-striker 6 is released from engagement with the housing 1. Released rod-drummer 6 together with the node attachment 10 will move up to another node until 10 in the socket 3, the diameter of which equals the outside diameter of the compressed threaded collet sleeve 14. Force release multiple outer thread 9 of the internal thread of the collet sleeve 14 depends on the angle of inclination of the helical line of the thread, which is calculated from the predetermined tension force. Under the influence of this force collet sleeve 14 fastened and released stock their drummer 12 produces a shot on the anvil 4 of the housing 1.

Unloading drill rod-striker 6 is moved down. This collet sleeve 14, moving down, will be in the ring bore 2 and open their petals will cover sovmestimost with it an external thread 9. Thus, the node attachment 10 is again ready for further strike action. Handling power trip by additional input of the brake mechanism preventing rotation of the collet sleeve 14 (not shown).

The proposed device is installed in the layout of the drill string and allows you to quickly enter it in action in MSM can be widely used in drilling and overhaul of oil and gas wells.

Sources of information

1. USSR author's certificate 1615326 class. E 21 In 31/107, publ.1988

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The percussion mechanism, comprising a housing, a piston, a drummer, telescopically mounted in the housing with the possibility of transmission of torque, the locking element and site tripping, characterized in that it further provided with a threaded collet sleeve mounted in the circular hole made in the casing, the stem-drummer performed multiple outer threaded for engagement with threaded collet sleeve, and the locking element is designed with the possibility of disengagement of the rod-drummer and housing without disturbing the circulation of drilling fluid under the influence of excessive internal pressure with the previous reset valve or hollow articles.


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EFFECT: increased efficiency of operation, expanded functional capabilities.

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EFFECT: increased reliability and resource, prevented unwanted activation, destruction or wedging of drill bit.

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EFFECT: increased reliability and service life, prevention of uncontrolled device actuation.

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EFFECT: simple design and raised efficiency of release of stuck flow string out of borehole.

1 dwg

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SUBSTANCE: disclosed facility consists of lifter connected to damper and of generator of vertical pulses coupled with pipe string below. The damper corresponds to a cylinder with a piston, internal cavity of which is filled with gas under the piston. The generator of vertical pulses is made in form of a tubular case consisting of successively coupled power cylinders and of the damper connected above with a piston rod. The power cylinders are equipped with pistons successively connected by means of hollow rods so, that under piston cavities of the power cylinders are communicated between them and with the generator of hydraulic pulses via a distributor. The lower rod of the power piston is plugged from below and is connected to the pipe string. The distributor consists of the cylinder case with two chambers and is divided with a partition furnished with a one-stage valve for supply of liquid from a pump and with a back valve for discharge of liquid from the power cylinders. A safety valve is positioned between the distributor and a generator of hydraulic pulses; it is communicated with a buffer reservoir. All valves can operate with variations within wide pressure range.

EFFECT: facilitating selection of optimal mode of operation resulting in higher efficiency of stuck pipe string extracting from borehole, also facility is simple in design, not expensive in fabrication and low metal consuming.

1 dwg