The method of treatment of chronic dermatoses


(57) Abstract:

The invention relates to medicine, namely to dermatology, and can be used in the treatment of eczema and psoriasis. To do this, as a therapeutic agent using a synthetic analogue of the hormone of the pineal gland - melaxen at a dose of 0.5-1.5 mg, before a night's sleep, oral, within 7-20 days. The method simplifies the treatment, reducing treatment time of recurrence and extending remission of the disease. table 2., 1 Il.

The invention relates to medicine, namely to dermatology, and can be used in the treatment of eczema and psoriasis.

The difficulty of treating these diseases resistant chronic course and a tendency to relapse, due to their etiopathogenesis.

Work in recent years has identified the importance and place neiroallergicescoe immunological, metabolic changes in the body of patients with eczema (Kubanova A. A. and others journal of dermatology. 1985. - 8. C. 16-19; Smashin et al. Materials for the study of pathogenesis and therapy of patients with eczema and atopic dermatitis. Regional scientific-practical conference of dermatovenereologists. Proc. Dokl. Orenburg, 1994. C. 10.; Lobanovsky, N., Kravchenko, L. A. Journal of dermatology, cosmetology and saxop the skin, in particular, the predominance of inhibitory processes in the cerebral cortex, and therefore, apparently, eczema occupies a Central place in the structure of skin diseases in the elderly (Belousova T. L. proceedings of the 4th all-Russian Congress of dermatovenereologists. Krasnodar 1976. - S. 128-129, N. Kochergin.G. c et al. PATOLOGOANATOMICHESKOE mechanisms of atopic dermatitis. The honey. Ref. W. - 1987. - 8. - C. 6-10.; Antoniev D. A., prokhorenkov Century Century journal of dermatology. 1995. - 2. - S. 20-22).

Researchers also attracts the immune system in the pathogenesis of eczema. The examined patients were identified immunodeficiency, flowing with a Hyper-reactive T-system and the immune system. Statistically significant reduction in the number of subpopulations of lymphocytes, whereas the generation of suppressor remains at a normal level. This is particularly evident in elderly patients (Abidov M M and others journal of dermatology. 1982. - 2. - S. 33-36; Danilov, A. A. and other abstracts. Dokl. - Dnepropetrovsk, 1991. - S. 63; Novikov, M., Ivashkevich, L. Proc. Dokl., Ekaterinburg, 1994. S. 68-69).

Recently actively developing methods of treatment of chronic dermatoses with their etiopathogenesis: using antihistamin the external therapy (Antoniev A. A. and other journal of dermatology. - 1982. - 5. - S. 12-14; Shotmaster I. J., Shimanov N. A. Journal of dermatology. - 1998. - 2. - S. 27-31; Samsonov Century A. and others journal of dermatology. - 1998. - 4. - S. 48-50).

There is a method of treatment of atopic dermatitis, including the study of the immune status of the patient and decreasing the relative numbers of T-lymphocytes, increased IgG and IgM, decreased IgA - introduction ascorbic acid and levamisole, alternating doses of their medication within 3 weeks (RF Patent 1638852, a 61 K 39/00, 27.09.95, BI 27).

The method allows to reduce time of treatment of children with atopic dermatitis, lengthen remission of the disease, reduces the number of complications and recurrence. The disadvantage of this method is its duration and complexity.

There is a method of treatment of psoriasis, which involves the study of the patient's immune status and the violation of T-suppressor in T-helper cells, intramuscular injection, 2 times a day to enter dalargin within 5-10 days and with the lack of normalization of immune status - repetition rate (A. C. the USSR 1821217 AND 61 TO 37/02, 15.06.93, BI 22).

However, the known methods of treatment are not effective enough, difficult to implement, time-consuming, do not reduce the tendency to relapse, because no is). In addition, many drugs are called side effects.

The objective of the invention is the search for remedies, corrective simultaneously endocrine, immune and other systems.

The technical result in the implementation of the invention is manifested in the simplification of the treatment and the shortening of the time, the elongation magnetizing period that has an economic effect.

This technical result is achieved by the fact that as a therapeutic agent using a synthetic analogue of the hormone of the pineal gland, synthesized from amino acids of plant origin, at a dose of 0.5-1.5 mg, before a night's sleep, oral, within 7-20 days.

Well-known commercial product, a synthetic analogue of the hormone of the pineal gland - melaxen, melatonin (manufacturer of Melanin, USA) (RLS - Dr. M., 1999, S. 600-601).

Pharmaceutical drug - adaptogenic, contributes to the organization of the biological rhythm of the body and normalization of sleep a night. Stimulates cellular and humoral immunity, regulates neuroendocrine function.

Melatonin has anti-stress effect, due to its influence on neurotransmitter with mechanisms (Kumar M. S. Chen, C. Z., Sharp D. C. et al. Diurnal Huctuation melatonin in enkephalin levels in the hypothalamus and preoptic areas of the die male rat: Effects of pinealectomy//Neuroendocrinology. - 1982. - Vol. 35. - P. - 28-32).

Acting simultaneously on the neuroendocrine and the immune system, melatonin optimizes homeostasis and protects against stress (Maestroni J. Melatonin and the immune system//Melatonin and the Pincal Gland. - Paris, - 1992. - P. 59).

The drawing shows the location of opioid peptides (light arrows) in vzaimootnosheniah between the epiphysis (black arrows - the effect of melatonin), Central nervous, endocrine and immune systems in the process of forming the stress response (Clinical medicine, 12, 1998, S. 49).

Indications of use are sleep disorders, adaptation of the body when changing external factors.

Studies on the use of melatonin has allowed to establish its favorable impact on the normalization of the status of T cells, the thymus gland (Walter Pierpaoli William Reason. The miracle of melatonin. M, Binomial, 1997, S. 111).

The recommended dosage of melatonin increases depending on age 0.5-1 mg at the age of 40-44 years up to 3.5-5 mg 75 years and over.

The stated set of characteristics provides technical result, because the outline is due by considering biological rhythms in the body, since it is known that melatonin produced in the pineal gland at night. The dose received funds from 0.5 to 1.5 mg within 7-20 days adjusted according not from age, but from the severity of the disease, is necessary and sufficient to achieve a technical result, with the exception of side effects.

The feasibility of the proposed method is illustrated by specific examples of its use on patients.

Example 1. Patient M., 70, was admitted to the hospital with a diagnosis of microbial eczema of the right lower limb, complicated allegedly, lymphadenitis.

Sick 3 years. The process is difficult, compounded 3-5 times per year, the normal duration of remission 2-3 months. Exacerbation of skin lesions are common, differing in haste to therapy. Comorbidities: chronic gastritis, colitis. Hypertension stage 2.

Regarding the previous exacerbations were treated in hospital and outpatient domiciliary traditional means without effect, and was hospitalized in clinical regional dermatovenerologic dispensary.

Upon receipt pathologically on the right foot and lower leg the skin was dramatically swollen, infiltrated and hyperemic, against this background, it was noted coarse lamellar desquamation, exudative scales. The margins are clear, on the periphery of the expression screenings papular and erosive lesions. A similar rash absently located on the skin of the upper extremities and torso, more on the back.

Total blood biochemical parameters were without abnormalities.

The patient was prescribed treatment with melatonin 0.5 mg at night for 10 days. Topically to the lesions cream Uns.

The result is a passable treatment on day 3 the itching stopped, rash on the trunk and upper extremities disappeared. To 5 days the main focus on the left foot and Shin decreased. Peeling lesions ceased to 9 days of treatment, all lesions regressed to 11 days.

Clinical remission lasted 11 months and increased in comparison with the usual timing 3 times.

Example 2. Patient K., 41 year was admitted to the hospital with a diagnosis of common krupnooptovyj psoriasis in the stationary phase.

Sick 12 years. The process is difficult, compounded up to 5 times per year, the normal duration of remission 2-3 months. Acute skin% the ology: hypertension 2 degrees, cholecystitis.

Regarding the previous exacerbations were treated in hospital and ambulatory traditional means, the effect is negligible, and therefore was re-hospitalized.

Upon receipt of the pathological process was widespread. On the scalp, trunk, extremities localized many large papular elements a bright pink color. On the trunk there was a continuous lesion covering the skin of the back, waist, chest and abdomen. On the entire surface of the foci was significantly expressed silvery white peeling.

The patient was prescribed treatment with melatonin 0.5 mg at night for 10 days on the background of external treatment cream Uns.

The result of the treatment on day 3 pockets turned pale, for 5 days decreased infiltration, on the 7th day on the body in the field of solid lesion appeared the areas of healthy skin. Peeling lesions ceased to 10 days of treatment. Fully lesions regressed to 13 days.

Clinical remission lasted 9 months and increased in comparison with the usual timing 3 times.

In terms of the Stavropol regional dermatovenerologic di the disease in age from 36 to 82 years. Comparative data on treatment results of the inventive and conventional methods are shown in tables 1, 2.

Comparative data treatment the traditional method and melatonin are presented in table 1 for eczema in table 2 by psoriasis.

Thus, using the proposed method provides a significant increase in the effectiveness of treatment of chronic dermatoses, reducing material costs by lengthening the period of remission and reduce the time of stay of patients in hospital and can be recommended in clinical practice.

Method for the treatment of eczema or psoriasis, characterized in that the injected oral synthetic analogue of melatonin melaxen at a dose of 0.5-1.5 mg before a night's sleep within 7-20 days.


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