The method of treatment of burns


(57) Abstract:

The invention relates to medicine and can be used for treatment of burns. Burn wound pripudrivayut Tripoli scabbing. Then scab grease emulsion of Tripoli and the fat component to the formation of the new skin. The method allows to speed the healing of burn wounds without scarring.

The invention relates to medicine and can be used for treatment of burns.

Known methods of treatment of burn wounds by applying drugs to the surface of the wound. Burns III And degrees in phase suppurative inflammation and rejection of surface scab apply antiseptic solution [1]. As it subsided exudative phenomena after the rejection of necrotic scab and the epithelization apply ointments and emulsions.

Burns III And the degree usually heal within 4 to 6 weeks, but with the defeat of the deep layers of the dermis this process continues until 3 months after healing remain to varying degrees, expressed cicatricial changes of the skin, which becomes insufficiently resistant to mechanical loads.

There is a method of treatment of purulent infected wounds by applying n is [2].

Thanks hygroscopicity this material purulent discharge from the wound is well absorbed, eliminated putrid smell and rapid scab formation. When this silica-containing mineral is not a nutrient medium for bacteria.

However, when changing sterile material has been sticking to the wound.

The invention is aimed at expanding Arsenal of methods of treatment of burns.

This is achieved by the surface treatment of wounds with Tripoli, and the processing Tripoli produced by dusting wounds scabbing, after which the surface of the scab grease emulsion consisting of Tripoli and the fat component.

For the preparation of the emulsion used the following materials:

Tripoli Pervomaiskiy field Alatyr district, Chuvash Republic, containing, %: silicon oxides 60,3 - 72,5; iron 2,8 - 4,2; aluminum of 8.4 to 10.1; calcium 2,6 - 12,3; magnesium 0,9 - 1,3; sodium 0,18 - 0,29; potassium 1,4 - 1,5;

Tripoli Shadrinsk field Kurgan region, containing, %: silicon oxides 57,3-68,9; iron 4,4-8,4; aluminum 11,2-20,8; calcium 0,1-2,3; magnesium 1,6-3,0.

Of trace elements in minerals containing copper, molybdenum, fluoride, manganese, phosphorus. Heavy meth X ed., article 481

Olive oil - VFS 42-1776-92

Fish oil - GF X ed., article 476

Distinctive features of the proposed solution against known is the direct dusting the Tripoli festering in the wound, which promotes rapid absorption of pus from the wound, drying and healing with rapid layering granulation and rapid epithelialization. Tripoli is not soluble in connection with wound secretions and does not enter the body in the form of the decay products.

After the formation of a scab, the surface is smeared emulsion consisting of Tripoli and the fat component. This granulation is continued, and the resulting dry crust softens quickly and easily peel off, leaving clean without collagen scarring the skin.

The method is illustrated by the following examples.

Example 1.

Patient R., 39 years old, was admitted with burns with fire arms and face. At the time burns was a bubbles with purulent secretions. After bubbles was released fluid, the surface was treated with atomic oxygen and abundantly covered with Tripoli, and then made the bandaging. This treatment was carried out twice a day and continued the C sea buckthorn oil with Tripoli. The treatment of the emulsion was continued for 10 days to remove the last of the scabs. Face clean without scarring, skin color without features.

Hands peel off later, left small scars from wrist to the thumb. On the back of your hand big spot light skin and small yellow spots. Hands, fingers are fine. The palms of both hands clean without features.

Example 2.

Patient K., aged 1 year 8 months received burns of boiling water left part of the body, from shoulder to feet. On the left hand burn of third degree, the rest of the body surface burns 1-St and 2-nd degree. Within four months passed in hospital treatment streptoccocal emulsion, aloe, reunala, received two transplants of skin from his mother on his left hand.

On the first day of treatment Tripoli burns 1-St and 2-nd degree healed, but on the hand transplant was badly caught on around him formed fungosa ulcer area of about 15x6 cm on both sides of the elbow bend. On the entire surface of the ulcer large quantity of liquid purulent discharge. Body temperature is 38oC, no appetite, dry skin around the ulcer maseribane

Treatment: the skin surface was treated with a solution of potassium permanganate and param wounds appeared plots flushed skin. A week later, the feeling a child has improved, partially recovered mobility of the hand. The wound was pageval edges with smooth pink skin. On the ground of the graft purulent Department gradually decreased. After the disappearance of the maceration of the wound stopped powdering her Tripoli. The formed crust smeared emulsion of Tripoli and fish oil. The treatment lasted 5 weeks. The wound healed, leaving no scars on the skin. The mobility of the hands and fingers fully recovered.

Example 3.

Patient M, 50, received burns of boiling water on the face, neck, right side of the chest and abdomen to the waist.

Treatment Tripoli began on the 3rd day following the burn the next state of the patient: on the face of a full bladder, eyes and mouth is not open, the skin is black, purulent secretion on the face, neck and chest, also severe pain.

Made piercing bubbles and release of accudata. Held rich powder with Tripoli to stop it getting wet. In the following days, Tripoli was removed in places where wet and replaced by fresh after processing these places by atomic oxygen. This treatment lasted scabbing. Then scab smeared emulsion consisting of Tripoli and precipating the grant from the periphery to the center of the lesion. When education under the edge of the crust young pink skin crust was removed by circumcision. The treatment ended with the formation of healthy skin without collagen scars and any other burns. The treatment lasted 3 weeks.

From the above examples that the use of the proposed method is quite fast healing of purulent surfaces of wounds caused by burns. If this is not delayed regeneration of cellular elements and obstructed flow in the body of the decay products. After treatment is formed pink skin without scars.

Sources of information

1. Pods Century. And. General surgery, 5th ed. M.: Medicine, 1983. 591 C.

2. Smirnov, p. P. Diatomite and Tripoli in the treatment of purulent infected wounds // Soviet surgery. N 3. 1935. S. 51-55.

The method of treatment of burn wounds, including surface treatment of wounds with Tripoli, characterized in that the processing Tripoli lead by dusting wounds scabbing, then formed a scab grease emulsion consisting of Tripoli and the fat component, before the formation of new skin.


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