Flexible metal duct high noise


(57) Abstract:

The invention is used in flexible pipes. A flexible membrane connected by welding to the inner Cup. The outer part of the inner cups are welded to the elastic element, which is a corrugated metal sheath bellows. The elastic element is connected by welding with the outer Cup. When the supply of fluid under pressure fills the internal cavity of the flexible sheath, the inner Cup and the space between the bellows and the outer glass. Improves the reliability of the pipeline and its strength. 3 Il.

The invention relates to structures designed for elastic tight connection of the flexible pipe with end fittings.

Known end-fittings - end sealing, where flexible metal hose /GMR/ connected with glass and with coupling nut /1/.

However, due to the fact that the United soldering details GMR form a rigid pinching the flexible part of the hoses, this design is not able to withstand significant vibration loads, especially at the resonant modes.

Closest to the proposed design is that the design is at once the ring.

The disadvantage of this connection is that as a result of compression in the rear of the end ring, end of the flexible part loses its elastic properties and is sealed tightly.

Hard sealing flexible part GMR leads to increased stresses in the sealing and ultimately to the destruction of the shirred casing from the vibration. The objective of the invention is to reduce the stiffness of the flexible sealing part GMPs.

The technical result is achieved in that the flexible sealing part does not consist of coaxially arranged inner and outer cups, the serial connection between which is a flexible element is a corrugated metal sheath - /bellows/.

In Fig. 1 shows the proposed design of the sealing flexible metal hose /GMT/; Fig. 2, 3 - plot of stresses in the sealing.

Flexible sheath 1 is connected with the inner Cup 2 by welding. The outer part of the inner Cup 2 is connected by welding with the elastic element 3, which consists of a corrugated metal sheath bellows. The elastic element 3 connected by welding with the outer Cup 4.

The device works as clicks the inner Cup 2 and the space between the bellows 3 and the outer Cup 4. This does not preclude the incorporation of elasticity.

The elastic properties of the structure to reduce stresses in the sealing. The reason is that due to the small possible displacements of the sections of the flexible part of the locus near the termination is partial compensation of the internal forces due to the elastic forces of resistance. For comparison, consider two beams subject to bending, one with hard sealing, Fig. 2, discussed in /2/, the other with an elastic sealing /Fig. 3/.

Due to the elasticity of the sealing stresses in an elastic sealing is much less than hard.

The positive effect of this design is the increased vibration strength GMT due to the elastic connection of the flexible portion GMT outer Cup 4.

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Flexible metal tubing containing flexible portion consisting of a flexible metal shell and mesh braid, and the seal, wherein the seal comprises coaxially arranged inner and outer is Oh metal shell the bellows.


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