Balm "german"


(57) Abstract:

The invention relates to medicine, namely to create funds on the basis of natural essential oils, manifesting antiseptic and wound-healing effect. The essence of the invention lies in the fact that the proposed product contains 2 g of tannin, 80 g of glycerin and 2 drops of geranium oil fragrant. The tool, called balm "German", has a broad spectrum of therapeutic action. Balm analgesic, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effect.

The invention relates to medicine, namely to create funds on the basis of natural and essential oils with antiseptic and wound-healing effect.

As an antiseptic and wound healing remedy for diseases of the skin and mucous membranes using a composition containing an alcohol solution of iodine, tannin and glycerin (for lubricating gums) or Lugol solution containing iodine, potassium iodide, glycerin and water (for lubricating mucous membranes pharynx and larynx) (Mashkovsky M. D. Medicines.- M.: Medicine, 1972, 2 T., S. 210-211).

However, there are contraindications for use of iodine preparations increased cuvstvitelnosti.krome of the invention is to expand the range of therapeutic action.

The problem is solved by creating funds on the basis of natural essential oils.

The essence of the invention lies in the fact that the proposed remedy containing tannin, glycerin and oil of geranium scented in the following ratio, g:

Tannin - 2,00

Glycerin - 80,00

Oil scented geranium - 2 drops

In nature, there are many plants containing essential oils and influencing the condition and health of the person. The effect of the essential oil obtained from one plant or another, due to the nature of the plant.

Geranium (pelargonium) belongs to the family of geranium and has a floral rose scent. It is mainly used to produce essential oil in Algeria, Morocco, Russia and reunion island (main production). Essential oil obtained from the leaves and shoots of plants by steam distillation.

In the perfume and cosmetic industry essential oil of geranium is used as the aromatic component in perfumery products and cosmetics scented with rose oil, because it has the same scent, but it is much cheaper to manufacture. In aromatherapy geranium essential oil is used to clean air from the Rin lavender and geranium, etc. Cleansing mixture freshen the air and contribute to the discharge of the atmosphere, they are suitable for use in all areas and at all stressful situations (Winiarek L. et al. Aromatherapy.- M: AO Interexport, 1995, S. 15, 43, 64).

The proposed tool is produced by thoroughly mixing 2 g of tannin with 80 g of glycerin and then adding oils of geranium scented in the amount of two drops.

The tool is called balm "German" and was tested on volunteers.

Example 1.

Patient K. - a fungal infection of the big toe. After a week lubricating balm at night fungus is gone, the nail from the base began to grow healthy.

Example 2.

Patient C. on the left leg appeared stain red - doctors have diagnosed with erysipelas. The spot were treated once a day at night. After 8 days it was gone.

Example 3.

Patient K., over a long period suffered generalized candidatesa. This was mainly reflected in the large number of colonies of Candida and the defeat of the nasopharynx. After a three-month "angina" and treatment penicillin irrigation began overgrowth of tissues in the rear surface on the patient began to grease language balm "German". Pain (as in angina) stopped immediately after the first session, and after a few days the language took a normal appearance.

Example 4.

Patient A., because of the constant Angin threatened her surgery to remove the tonsils. After daily lubrication (morning and night) balm during the week need surgery anymore.

For fungal infections of the vagina enough for three or four days to lubricate outer balm appeared tubercles.

In cosmetology in order to have a clean, velvety skin, enough to lightly clean the face two times a week at night or in the morning. The balm is easily absorbed.

The balm is also effective in adolescent acne, boils. There are also some types of warts they disappear without a trace. Small cracks and cuts heal quickly after applying the balm.

When the sore throat and starts coughing once is enough to lubricate the throat at the base of the tongue.

When cold enough to coat the wings of the nose and under her nostrils.

Balm "German" also has analgesic and anti-inflammatory diseases of the joints (arthritis, arthrosis), rubbing a small amount of balm pain is FIPA various diseases.

The tool has antiseptic and wound healing properties, including tannin and glycerin, characterized in that it additionally contains geranium essential oil scented with the following ratio of components, g:

Tannin - 2,00

Glycerin - 80,0

Oil scented geranium - 2 drops


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