A method of treating chronic fatigue syndrome


(57) Abstract:

The invention relates to medicine, rehabilitation medicine. Effect of EHF-radiation 7.1 mm on chakra ajna, Vishuddha, Manipur. Needles affect the point RP1RP2. The method improves the efficiency of the treatment. table 2., 2 Il.

The invention relates to the field of preventive and curative medicine, namely non-pharmacological techniques to restore normal functioning of the human body.

In the modern socio-economic conditions of society, an increasing number of people suffer from chronic fatigue. The causes of this syndrome are diverse. This chronic stress, reducing the level and quality of life, reduced immunity due to various reasons, increased psychological dependence to external influences, increased aggression and increased feelings of injustice. These processes, in turn, lead to the destruction of the socio-psychological defense, the destruction of the personality, the border States, various forms of neuroses, psychosomatic and somatic disorders [1-3].

There is a method of treatment of chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), which includes reflexology>There are also known methods for recovering harmonic functional state of the organism with psychovegetative disorders using reflexopuncture external BATH [5] or by exposure to electric pulses with a certain amplitude and frequency from the inside of the body on the BATH on the inner course of the meridians and the biologically active zone of the hollow tubular organs of the gastrointestinal tract [6]. In addition, known methods of controlling the functional state of the body and correction of pathological processes, including the effects of low-intensity fields of extremely high frequencies (EHF) as monotherapy and in combination with acupuncture (IRT) [7-10].

The closest analogue (prototype) is a method of treatment of CFS, including the EHF and RTIs on the energy levels of the human body by exposure to EHF on chakra manipura and Vishuddha (the first level) and the impact of RTI on biologically active points (BAP) Meridian pancreas (second level), including su-Jok acupuncture.

The disadvantage of this method is a short remission, on average, not exceeding six months.

The aim of the invention is to prolong onicescu fatigue, including the effects of EHF and RTIs, for prolonging the remission act simultaneously on three energy levels, while short-wave radiation (7.1 mm) impact on the ajna chakra and the chakra Vishuddha for 30 min at 10 session course (sedation) or for 3 min with 10 sessions (toning), responsible respectively for mental and emotional state of a person (the first level), the manipura chakra for 3 minutes (toning), controlling the Central energy of the moisture of the body (the second level), and on the peripheral part (the third level) affected needles at the point RP1RP2within 30 min, which improves the function of the pancreas by increasing energy "wind" and "heat", respectively.

The method is as follows.

Using a computer diagnostic system by Nakatani (Ryodoraku) conduct examination of a patient for indicators of energy status of the organism, Energoprom which indicates its functional state (redundancy or failure of individual organs). Thus the small diameter of Energoprom shows the reduction of the overall energy status of the organism due to defects in the Noe state of the organism is measured at known psychosomatic diseases, such as neurosis and neurotic depression. It turned out that the state of brain energy state of the pericardium Meridian at neurasthenia increases, and with neurotic depression decreases. Hence treatment of CFS.

Therapy under the proposed method is carried out by exposure to EMR UHF with symptoms of neurasthenia at the ajna chakra, which in the region of the nose (between the inner ends of the eyebrows) is a remote applicator-feed EHF system. This chakra controls the mental state of the desires of the body. Session duration of exposure 30 minutes at a time on the chakra Vishuddha, controlling the emotional state of joy of body affected by the second applicator multi-channel short-wave apparatus in the region of the jugular notch of the sternum for 30 min (sedation). The third applicator irradiator installed on the manipura chakra in the upper third of the distance between the xiphoid process of the sternum and the navel. The exposure time 3 minutes (toning). This chakra controls the Central energy of the moisture of the body and the function of the mud, and on the peripheral part of the exposed needles on the Meridian points PJ RP1RP2within 30 m of the teas diagnosis of neurotic depression of the exposure time on the ajna chakra and Vishuddha is 3 minutes (toning). Other effects remain the same.

Example. Patient a-WA N. And., 40 years old, complains of General weakness, increasing to the end of the day, irritability, anxiety, headache, and abdominal pain in the area of projection of the mud. Considers herself a patient in six months, after a severe mental stress noted progressive deterioration of health. The patient said periodic epigastric pain and a feeling of fullness and bloating after eating. Repeatedly treated for chronic gastritis and chronic cholecystitis.

In Fig. 1 and 2 presents Energoprom patient before and after treatment, respectively, where the numbers denote: 1 and 2 - individual corridor standards. The diameter of a circle 1 shows the total energy state of the organism, while the peaks of the curves beyond the circumference 2 mean the weakening of the functional - energy state systems, and the peaks of the curves going to the center of the circle 1 is their gain.

Objectively: the patient lowered food, celebrated reduced skin turgor, gray skin and cyanosis of the lips. Palpation of the abdomen marked tenderness in epigastria and standing). Tongue coated white bloom.

On Energoprom before treatment (see Fig. 1) there is a decrease in the overall energy status of the body, strengthening the functions of the brain (the deviation of the line of Meridian MS inside the circle 1), a sharp weakening of the functions PJ and kidneys (the deviation of the line of the Meridian mud and kidneys, beyond the circle 2). The weakening of the kidneys in the absence of diseases of the urinary system indicates the following circumstance. The kidneys are a kind of battery hereditary energy and bioenergy, entering the body in the functioning of the pulmonary and digestive systems. When dysfunction of the gastrointestinal tract (GIT) energy intake is reduced and the efficiency of the organism is partly provided by "emptying" of the internal energy reserves.

On the basis of anamnesis and objective data diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome, caused by neurasthenia and chronic pancreatitis. The treatment was carried out with two courses of 10 sessions each. During the first course of normal psycho-emotional state by exposure to EHF on the ajna chakra and the chakra Vishuddha 30 minutes After ecohouse gain energy "wind" (RP1and energy "heat" (RP2).

After the treatment the patient's condition improved significantly: there was a good appetite, no pain in the abdomen, marked by emotional and physical stability and usefulness. On the control Energoprom observed increase in the diameter of the circle is 60% (see Fig. 2), indicating increased brain function, mud and kidney within the normal range (between the curves 1 and 2). Re-examination a year later showed the absence of any deviations in the health of the patient.

The proposed method were treated 65 patients with CFS who have chronic pancreatitis was observed in 35 patients (group 1A) in the acute stage and in 30 patients (group 2A) is in remission. Of these 37 women and 28 men aged from 25 to 56 years. The General condition of patients of moderate severity. During exacerbation of the disease in patients in group 1A noted the expressed painful syndrome in the projection PJ, paleness of the skin, increasing physical weakness that starts in the morning after sleep and increasing to the end of the day. All patients reported the occurrence of neurotic depression: irritability, emotional instability. According to a computer diagnoses, with simultaneous enhanced activity of the pericardium Meridian MS - indicator of emotional state. Patients in group 2A celebrated CFS with symptoms of neurasthenia: strengthening the pericardium Meridian MS with simultaneous weakening of the functions of the pancreas.

In the treatment of CFS contained in the prototype, also presents the results of the treatment of the two groups of patients: group 1 (32) with CFS in the exacerbation of chronic pancreatitis and group 2 (25 people) with symptoms of CFS in the annual state of remission.

Thus, the materials of the present invention and in the prototype are analyzed 4 groups of patients: group 1 patients with CFS as a result of deteriorating health (prototype) and group 1A treated by the proposed method; group 2 patients in remission (prototype), and group 2A of patients treated in a different way.

Table 1 comparative data on the treatment of CFS associated with exacerbation of CP patients proposed method (group 1A) and in the manner set forth in the prototype (group 1).

Analysis of table 1 shows that in the main the compared parameters (age, gender, number of courses of treatment) both groups of vyzdorovleniya (57% vs. 41%), and remission during the year (57% vs. 34%).

Table 2 shows the comparative results of treatment of CFS patients that are in remission CP, proposed method (group 2A) and in the manner set forth in the prototype (group 2).

The analysis of table 2 shows that compared a group of identical groups of patients are presented in table 1, and do not differ from each other.

The results of the treatment are also higher in patients in group 2A as a full cure (50% vs. 36%) and remission during the year (56% vs. 40%). Follow-up studies of patients in groups 1A and 2A two weeks after the end of treatment by Nakatani showed a significant improvement of psycho-emotional condition and alignment indicators mud and kidneys, as well as improving the overall energy status of the organism. The stability of these parameters is stored for more than one year, and patients feel perfectly healthy.

Thus, EHF-therapy of psychosomatic disorders neurosis and emerging for these recurrent pancreatitis causing chronic fatigue syndrome, by acting on the three-level energy system (1 - emotional tcyonline and physical condition of the patients.

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A method of treating chronic fatigue syndrome, including the effects of EHF-radiation on the chakras and the impact of needles on biologically active points, characterized in that simultaneously influence of EHF-radiation 7.1 mm at the ajna chakra and the chakra Vishuddha for 30 min (sedation) or 3 minutes (toning), the manipura chakra for 3 min, and the point RP1and RP2affected needles for 30 minutes


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