The method of prevention and diagnostics frequent acute respiratory viral infections


(57) Abstract:

The invention relates to medicine and can be used to prevent frequent acute respiratory viral infections. To do this, take a health history to determine if the patient has dry skin, constipation, body temperature less 36,4oWith low blood pressure, family history of history of the thyroid gland and in the presence of three of the following five signs prescribed thyroid hormones from 25 to 100 ág L-thyroxine daily for 8-16 weeks. The method allows to reduce the incidence of viral respiratory infections. 5 table.

The invention relates to medicine, namely to the sections of endocrinology, Infectology.

To prevent frequent acute respiratory viral infections (ARVI) used live and killed vaccines, interferon inducers, leukocyte interferon, intranasal administration of oksolinovoj ointment or emulsion oksolina (Guide to respiratory infections /edited Musabayev, I. K. - M.: Medicine. 1982. - 683 S. - C. 340-362). However, vaccination and prevention of interferon gives only a partial success, its effectiveness is by many authors questioned (priimagi HP, Kremerman I. B., Sidorenko L, Prevention of influenza and droughtmaster (prodigiozan, aerodyn, bucklin, branhagen, bronjovka), immunomodulators of plant origin (Siberian ginseng, devil, aralia), the products of metabolic therapy (methyluracil, lipoic acid), a complex of lysozyme with exoline, impulsion, immunomodulators (levamisole, thymostimulin) (Comparin L. E., Kolchanova N. L. Prevention of acute respiratory infections by excess of nonspecific resistance of the organism //non-specific means and methods of prevention of influenza and other acute respiratory infections: Sat.scient.Tr. /Ed. by G. I. Karpukhin. - L., 1986. - 139 C. - C. 8-16). However, the use of immunomodulators may increase the pathological processes, and the systematic and integrated use of vitamins and drugs metabolicheskoi therapy is expensive and not always effective.

It is also known application to immune for persistent SARS of laserotherapy in combination with electrophototherapy (Savitskaya N. In., Orzeshkovskii centuries, Savitsky, I. Immunocorrigirutee action of laser therapy for persistent respiratory infections //Pulmonology. Republ.interdepartmental collection. Vol. 8. - Kiev, 1987. - S. 60-62).

However, this therapy has no significant prophylactic effect does not reduce the incidence of SARS.

The purpose of the invention - p is beraut history for dry skin (SK), constipation (C), body temperature less 36,4oC , low blood pressure (ABOVE), burdened by the history of the thyroid gland (OASI), and in identifying three or more signs of the above are diagnosed probable syndrome hypothyroidism (SIV) as a cause of frequent colds. In the may issue more detailed examination of patients and the appointment of thyroid hormones from 25 to 100 ág L-thyroxine daily for 8-16 weeks to resolve dis - or hypofunction of the thyroid gland as the cause of frequent colds. The method is new and differs significantly in the appointment of thyroid hormones for prevention of acute respiratory viral infections in patients with three or more signs in various combinations (SK, C, ABOVE, OPSG). As a result of applying proven communication can be targeted prevention of SARS by treatment of dysfunction of the thyroid gland (dis - or hypothyroidism).

Evidence of achieving a goal

I. Analysis of the relationship Sinergy with everything and PSG

Initially reviewed the incidence of SARS in 285 patients. 143 of these women. These patients received treatment in the Bureau, CCH MTA city of Voronezh, MES Volokolamsk rehabilitation Institute VOS. Of which 72 people were treated at the endocrinologist. As the primary pathology in these balalayka pathology (mainly fibroids and cysts), etc.

All patients performed a survey on the subject of SARS. For this purpose patients were identified availability in history ARI, specify the frequency (how often) and the rhythm of their occurrence. With the help of a questionnaire on the pathology of a thyroid gland (a sample questionnaire is presented in the end of the description) was identified patients with signs of SIV (SK, C, ABOVE, OASI).

To the control group (n = 125) were defined as those who had the flu once a year or less. The main group (persons with frequent colds) consisted of patients who had SARS three or more times per year (n = 160). If necessary, balanced by free samples of the control and main groups according to age and sex, diagnoses and other characteristics. The study did not include patients with diseases accompanied by the symptoms of SIV. Here is the materials that characterize the relationship of signs everything with frequent colds.

Allocated patients after examination by an endocrinologist with everything, outpatient or inpatient, considering the application of ultrasound (US) and define the content of thyroid hormones. All included in the study, regardless of their diagnosis was performed by palpation of the thyroid gland diagnostic purposes.

Age and sex composition of the main Screen by an endocrinologist and had reliable PSI, 54 patients were included in the main group, remaining in control, 67 had everything, including 53 from the main group, the criteria for inclusion in the group all had three or more characteristics of the five above (SK, C, ABOVE, OASI) in various combinations.

By comparing (PL. 2) the frequency of individuals with PSG and everything in the General population of persons with different background chronic pathology showed that in the main group with frequent colds compared to control significantly more often met persons who had PSG and everything. There was often sick with colds persons that were significant or suspected pathology of the thyroid gland. However, it lacked a significant difference ill SARS frequency availability PSI and everything. Thus, the pathology of the thyroid gland was an important factor in the occurrence of frequent colds. And 5 clinical signs, the underlying criteria for the diagnosis of SIV (dry skin, constipation, body temperature less 36,4oC, low blood pressure, family history of thyroid) were very closely associated with increased incidence of SARS.

Such a pattern is spread on all kinds of chronic diseases (table. 2). Statistically it was in the following subgroups: 1) bronchopulmonary pathology; 2) gynaecological is a large incidence of SARS relative to the control group. In the last number PSI and everything was much smaller.

To clarify the link between frequent colds and thyroid function independently of somatic pathology conducted a special analysis. The study included 121 patients with hypothyroidism. Most patients (83) had hypothyroidism, mild or distres. As you know, distres is considered as the initial manifestation of hypothyroidism. He trudnoci from mild hypothyroidism. Therefore, these patients are combined into one subgroup.

As can be seen from the table. 3, in the main group with frequent colds there were significantly more cases PSG and everything compared to the control. Three characteristic all of the five possible with different combinations had the same value in connection with frequent colds, and reliable PSI. These combinations of signs everything in persons with frequent colds met significantly more often than patients without frequent colds (P < 0,05) (table. 4).

This feature was extended naturally to persons with distreaza and hypothyroidism (mild or moderate severity (table. 5). Patients with severe hypothyroidism in the survey was small, so this relationship has not been evaluated.

II. theoretical rationale for the use thyreoiditis data connection predisposition to frequent colds with partial defects of the immune response, especially in the system of cellular immunity. The defects of the T-system of immunity determine the increased susceptibility to SARS (Applied immunology /edited Sokhin A. A., Chernushenko E. F. - Kiev: Health, 1984. - S. 99). In patients with recurrent colds detected decrease in the total number of T-lymphocytes and T-helpers (De Martino M., Muccioli A. T., Vierucci A. Int. J. Tiss. React., 1984, vol. 6, N 3, p. 223-228).

2. In patients with autoimmune thyroiditis, there is a decrease in the number of T-suppressors, the decrease in the concentration of the fourth component (C-4) and the imbalance of the first and third components (C-1 and C-3), complement, a sharp decline in the capture of neutrophils (Rafibeyov D. S., Kalinin, A. P. Autoimmune thyroiditis. - Bishkek, 1996. - 158 S. 79-90).

Thus, in patients with latent flowing autoimmune thyroiditis have immunologic disorders in the form of deficits and disorders of the functional activity of T-lymphocytes, causes the appearance of frequent colds. Thyroid hormones have immunokorrigiruyuschy action (Pershin, S. B., Konchugova So Century. Stress and immunity. - M., 1996. - 160 S. - C. 62-66).

3. It is known that lowering the temperature of the body weakens the immune and inflammatory response, promotes resistance to viral infection (Cbstweet the normalization of body temperature in patients with undiagnosed hypothyroidism is mild or distreaza, occurring against the background of autoimmune thyroiditis and manifested decreased body temperature (less than 36,4oC) in combination with other symptoms (SK, C, ABOVE).

4. Because of the stress, hypothermia, overheating, etc. develops stress hypothyroidism (Lishmanov Y. B., Maslov, L. N. Opioid neuropeptide, stress and adaptation protection of the heart. - Tomsk, 1994. - 352 S. - S. 116), caused by an excess of glucocorticoids. This reduces antiviral immunity. The use of thyroid hormones prevents the system.

Patients with thyroid dysfunction stress hypothyroidism, there is a considerable faster than in healthy persons. we Used five clinical signs (SC, C, ABOVE, OASI) allow to identify individuals predisposed to the development of stress hypothyroidism. Relatively high prevalence in the population of such persons according to the results of the studies confirmed the known fact of the occurrence of hypothyroidism among the population.

Provides information that 5-10% of the population has a thyroid hypofunction (a guide for physicians "Diagnosis and treatment of internal diseases". In 3 volumes /Under the General editorship of F. Komarov MT 2. Diseases of the respiratory organs, liver, endocrine system. - M: M is with him. In the field of view of the doctors saw patients with striking clinical manifestations of hypothyroidism. The complexity is compounded by the fact that among the General population of individuals with hypothyroidism allocate a fairly large group of difficult to diagnose peripheral laboratory hypothyroidism. When the content of hormones (T4, T3, and often TSH) in the norm (Starkova N. T. Clinical endocrinology (problems of pharmacotherapy) the Academy of medical Sciences of the USSR.- M.: Medicine, 1983.- 288 S. - S. 142).

In addition, ultrasonography (ultrasound) of the thyroid gland, common diagnostic pathology, insufficient identifies autoimmune thyroiditis occurring without significant hyperplasia and atrophy of the thyroid gland. Lymphoid infiltration of the thyroid gland creates a colorful picture of the thyroid gland with ultrasound. Also relevant changes detected are not always in autoimmune thyroiditis. This is connected both with a resolution capabilities of ultrasound, and often observed or antibody-based test mechanism lesions of the thyroid gland. Unfortunately, the detection of the activity of thyroid hormones laboratory methods are not always revealing.

In patients with autoimmune thyroiditis serum antibodies appear to T3 and T4. Radioimmunological determination of the concentration of these hormones can give distorted achiev who rhinology. Pathology of bone and mineral metabolism / edited. Braunwald, K. J. Isselbacher, R. G. Petersdorf and others - M.: Medicine, 1997. - 464 S. - C. 106).

Thus, laboratory and instrumental diagnostics of pathology of thyroid dysfunction underlying frequent colds certain groups of patients may be significantly hindered. But, as shown by our research, very informative, convenient and simple is the survey, in particular, on the subject of clinical symptoms of Hypo - and distreaza. The criterion for the presence of possible pathology of the thyroid gland that lies at the basis of frequent colds, can be three positive answer five questions related to the function of the thyroid gland. Therefore, if patients with frequent acute respiratory viral infections do not have the opportunity for instrumental and laboratory investigations of the thyroid gland, it can be assumed that for purposes TG prerequisite can be frequent colds on the background of three or more signs. It is possible that some patients with frequent acute respiratory viral infections has dysfunction of the thyroid gland, but has none of the five investigated signs of pathology of the thyroid gland (SK, C, ABOVE, OASI).

Prevention of frequent colds thyroid hormones in patients with the us for three or more characteristic has advantages over conventional propelca cost.

2. Medical: 1) prevention of thyroid hormones in contrast to use for this purpose oksolinovoj ointments and leukocyte interferon is pathogenic in nature, 2) treatment with interferon may be unsafe due to the unfavourable epidemiological situation on AIDS.

III. Evidence of effectiveness of prevention of ARVI thyroid hormones

To prove the efficiency effects of thyroid hormones at frequent colds were surveyed 56 people, including 12 men, 44 women with frequent colds. The average age was 39,61,87 years. Patients were followed for 1-4 years at the Department of faculty therapy, Voronezh medical Academy and received therapy of thyroid hormones. Of these, 31 patient had the diagnosis of autoimmune thyroiditis with thyroid hypofunction after examination by an endocrinologist and conducting special studies (ultrasound of the thyroid gland, determining the level of T3, T4, TSH in the blood), 25 patients a special survey was conducted. They were surveyed for the presence of signs of SIV (SK, C, ABOVE, OASI).

All 56 patients had three or more signs of everything from five: SC, C, ABOVE, OASI in various combinations and was sick with colds on average 3-4 times per year, 12 chedvah groups:

the first person with the correct PSI, it included 31 patients with a diagnosis of autoimmune thyroiditis with hypothyroidism mild or distreaza;

the second group - persons with SIV.

In the first group, the incidence of SARS averaged 4,31,2 times a year, in the second group 3,90,9 once a year.

None of them not previously treated thyroid hormones. Surveyed patients for the prevention and treatment of SARS used before therapy with thyroid hormones rimantadine, oxolinic ointment, leukocyte interferon.

Prescribed therapy following thyroid hormones, L-thyroxine, teratoma, triiodothyronine. This is conventionally believed that tablets 100 mcg L-thyroxine approximately correspond to or may be replaced by two tablets of teratoma containing in the amount of 80 ág L-thyroxine and 20 µg triiodothyronine, 100 μg L-thyroxine equivalent to 30-50 mcg thyroxine. Appointed according to the following scheme: within 1-2 weeks of fasting 1/4 tablets L-thyroxine or corresponding number of teratoma - 1/2 tablet 50 mcg, 1/4 tablets L-thyroxine = 25 mcg.

In some cases, has been cautious in the use of thyroid hormones due to possible sensitivity to them in shootem (AD), tachycardia, lack of weight, tendency to diarrhea, insomnia, persons over the age of 45-50 years. These patients were initially prescribed drug in half of this dose on the adjustment period. These patients did not appoint triiodothyronine quick peak response. Instructed patients about possible side effects when taking thyroid hormones, monitor heart rate and other indicators in their application. After 1-2 weeks with consideration of tolerability and effectiveness maximum dose, usually reached 50-100 μg L-thyroxine or 1-2 tablets of teratoma. Treatment with maximum doses were carried out in 2-3 months. Removal of the drug was carried out gradually on 1/4 tablet of L-thyroxine per week. Courses were repeated if necessary every 3-4 weeks on this scheme. Thus spent 2-3 therapy hormones (th).

Found that in all patients on a background of application of thyroid hormones and periods of their intercourse cancel decreased the incidence of ARI in two or more times, and averaged Mm = 1,211,6 per year. The difference being statistically significant (P < 0,05).

In the first group (persons with PSG) the incidence of SARS averaged 1,30,8 times in th is. 3 years observed for 19 years in the MOE Volokolamsk rehabilitation Institute VOS.

With 20 years, after serving in the army, he began to notice the change in the condition of the skin has become dry, flaky, especially on the elbows and knees. With the same age disturbed by frequent and extended SARS - 3-5 year to year. For the prevention of ARVI used interferon, multivitamin, minerals - no significant effect.

In 22 years diagnosed with optic neuritis, began to decrease vision. In 25 years was diagnosed with duodenal ulcer. Held an active therapy, disease recurrence was not. With 20 years of age appeared a tendency to constipation. Repeatedly consulted with regards to your status with various specialists, including professors therapists in Moscow.

However, in January 1996 were evaluated its status as a not quite satisfactory due to General weakness, a tendency to constipation, dry skin and frequent colds. From the anamnesis of life drew particular attention to the presence of the mother strumektomii about nodular goiter.

The patient consulted 05.01.96, Professor of the Department of faculty therapy, ugma.

On examination, noticed dry skin. Shields is laske lacked the ability to conduct an ultrasound of the thyroid gland and research levels of thyroid hormones in the patient. Therefore, in accordance with the invention to a patient having three characteristic all (SK, C, OASI) and frequent colds was nominated L-a thyroxine 25 mg in the morning on an empty stomach 2 weeks, then 50 mg for 2 weeks, then 75 mcg - 2 weeks, then 100 μg of 2 weeks. Cancel L-thyroxine was carried out in the reverse order (75, 50 and 25 μg of 2 weeks).

The treatment of thyroid hormones, the patient has never been sick with colds. 3 weeks after the end of treatment the patient began a second course of therapy of thyroid hormones in the background was not SARS. Improved General condition to reduce fatigue, dry skin, constipation. Just over a year, the patient has suffered colds once in a mild form.

The example demonstrates the efficient therapy of SARS L-thyroxine in a patient with constipation, SC, OASI. The effect of treatment ex juvantibus confirms the presence in a patient of hypothyroidism, caused immunologic disorders, leading to frequent colds.

Example 2. Extract from the patient card N 1087 patient A., born in 1977.

With 16 years of age observed in the clinic N 6 by a physician and endocrinologist. Repeatedly received advice from the experts of the Department of faculty therapy, ugma them. N. N. Burdenko.

From the first In some years, the incidence of ARI was 5-8 times per year with symptoms of rhinitis, pharyngitis, viral infections often onlinelas the tracheobronchitis.

When examining somatic pathology it is not revealed.

With prophylactic and therapeutic purposes, the patient used immunomodulators (thymalin, levamisol), multivitamin, physiotherapy, were often on sanatorium treatment (once a year). However, despite ongoing treatment and preventive measures, the incidence of viral respiratory infections has not decreased. ARVI often wore long and relapsing course (7 days), was complicated by acute bronchitis (on average twice a year). ARI was leaking, usually on the background of normal and reduced temperature (35,7-36,2oC).

With over 15 years of age, the patient appeared a tendency to constipation, severe daytime sleepiness, episodes of low body temperature (35,9-36,2oC). At that time the mother of the patient was diagnosed with autoimmune thyroiditis with thyroid hypofunction.

Thus, in accordance with the formula of our invention, the patient had three sign all of the five possible: C, , OASI.

In connection with the normal size of thyroid autoimmune thyroiditis patient in a timely manner was not put. However, ultrasound of the thyroid gland in 1994 revealed her motley RA thyroid antibodies (TAT) has revealed their increase (two times above normal). The level of T3, T4, TSH in the blood did not exceed normal values.

In may 1995, the patient was hospitalized in the 3rd city hospital, Voronezh with a diagnosis of peptic ulcer. Simultaneously with treatment of the underlying disease, a study was conducted of the function of the thyroid gland with radioactive iodine. Revealed hypothyroidism moderate severity, diagnosis of autoimmune thyroiditis. Assigned treatment teratoma (40 ág L-thyroxine and 10 µg triiodothyronine). The treatment started with 1/2 pill of teratoma, the dose is gradually increased to 2 tablets. The duration of treatment is 6 months.

During monotherapy teratoma within 6 months, the patient was never sick and then as usual during this time interval, the patient was ill ORVI on average two times.

When the early symptoms of SARS patient is recommended to increase the dose of 1/2 tablet within 3-7 days with the availability of the symptoms of SARS.

After 3 months of treatment teratoma patient after hypothermia appeared signs of rhinitis, General weakness. In accordance with the recommendations of the attending physician, the patient increased morning dose of teratoma on 1/2 tablets (total dose was 2 1/2 tablets dash the ITA, malaise.

The example demonstrates the effectiveness of prevention and treatment of SARS thyroid hormone in a patient with three clinical signs of SIV: C, , OASI.

Clinicians poorly informed about the close connection of such symptoms as constipation, dry skin, low body temperature with hypothyroidism, which often manifests itself precisely in this combination of symptoms.

In our work, we showed highly informative combination of these symptoms with frequent colds (table. 4). This combination of frequent acute respiratory viral infections are a symptom of Hypo - or distreaza in persons with weak antiviral immunity.

Example 3. Extract from history N 21310 patient K., aged 40.

Observed as outpatients at the Department of faculty therapy, ugma from 1993 to present. Was in the emergency hospital, Voronezh with 12.08.93, 31.08.93, Complained of General weakness, constipation, pain in the heart of whining character lasts for hours, swelling of the face, dry skin, frequent colds - 5-6 times a year. Ill for 10 years, when appeared the above complaints. Were treated in the clinic and twice in hospitals, Voronezh diagnosed with miocarditis cardiosclerosis with actionthriller blockade e means - without significant improvement. For the treatment and prevention of frequent colds patient used rimantadine, vitamin therapy, herbal medicine.

In the last two years, my health worsened - joined dizziness, lethargy, loss of hearing. Because of these symptoms and memory loss did not cope with the work of the engineer. The chief was asked to resign on official mismatch because of the numerous errors that have been allowed in the calculations. Left on their own. But at home it was difficult to cope with the duties of a housewife and mother of his children. In early August of 1993 increased swelling of the face, shortness of breath, and was hospitalized.

Upon receipt draws attention swelling and pallor of the face, its limecrete, dry skin. It slowed down, eyebrows are very rare. On the hands, the soles cracked. Heart extended to the left by 3 cm, the colours of his deaf, rhythmic, 46 min, blood pressure of 90/60 mm, ECG low voltage, atrioventricular block first degree, a violation of repolarization processes in the myocardium. Other data without features.

Despite the fact that the patient is not even royalty thyroid gland was not burdened naslednjega more than 10 times lower than normal (T3 = 0.16 nmol/l, T4 = 10 nmol/l). Ultrasound examination of the thyroid gland: the thyroid gland with smooth, sealed paths parenchyma with areas of decreased echogenicity, honetmoon.

Diagnosed with chronic autoimmune thyroiditis with hypothyroidism severe hypothyroid myocardiodystrophy, complicated atrioventricular block, bradycardia.

Treatment teratoma in gradually increasing doses (from 1/4 to 4 tablets) led a year later to the almost complete extraction of the main complaints of the patient, symptoms of infarction, constipation, reduce the incidence of ARI up 1-2 times per year (in 1993 - 1 times, 1994 - 2 times, 1995 - 1 times, 1996 - 1 every year).

The example demonstrates the effectiveness of the prevention of SARS using thyroid hormones, the patient was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and autoimmune thyroiditis.

Patients noted that in parallel with the decrease in the incidence of SARS significantly improves the condition of the skin, reducing dryness, eliminates the tendency to constipation.

Therapy of thyroid hormones eliminates immunologic disorders inherent transient hypothyroidism conducive to frequent colds at the studied persons Except t is aeternum risk factor for many chronic somatic diseases (atherosclerosis, oncopathology).

That is, the prevention of ARVI thyroid hormone has other positive effects, along with a decrease in morbidity.

Assigning TG for the prevention of SARS, recommended to increase the dose on the background of the first symptoms of the disease. The dose was increased by 25% from accept. Did not include patients with high body temperature. Persons up to 50 years was appointed TG, quick peak response (tireotom, triiodothyronine). This therapy was given to 15 patients. Against the background of increased dose of TG was noted halting symptoms of SARS, 9 of them are SARS wore abortifacient current, i.e., on the second day completely disappeared clinical symptoms of the disease. The remaining 6 patients ARI mild (decreased signs of rhinitis, sore throat, weakness, disappeared headache). ARI was complicated by tracheitis only one patient.

Thus, with the use of thyroid hormones during the SARS accepts the abortifacient nature, which is associated with immunokorrigiruyuschy action TG. Persons who were in the period of intercourse cancel TG recommended when signs of SARS to repeat a short course of triglycerides within 7-10 days. In these cases, the period of SARS also the help talk about the prospects of this approach and further research.

The treatment duration TG, the frequency of repetition of courses, the number of them require independent study. It is possible that the success of the prevention of SARS may be associated with the cure of autoimmune thyroiditis. It seems that underlies most cases, dis - and hypofunction of the thyroid gland (Rybakov D. C. Autoimmune thyroiditis (pathogenesis, diagnostics, clinic, treatment). The lectures. - M. , 1993. - 88 C. ) (Some problems clinic endocrinology /Baturov S. A., Dedov I. I. etc. //BEM. So 29. - S. 128-134).

As is known, the problem of treatment of autoimmune thyroiditis seems to be currently quite difficult. By T. I. Kiseleva (1991) 12-15% without any treatment the long-term remains autores, and 5-7% after discontinuation of thyroid hormones observed long-term remission for several months and years, 78-83% there remains a need for constant medical treatment.

After a course of therapy of thyroid hormones, usually occurs long-term remission of autoimmune thyroiditis. In this regard, in some patients repeated courses TG should be quite long. This position may relate to maintaining long-term remission of acute respiratory illnesses in h is s SARS.

From these materials it is possible to draw the following conclusions:

1. Regardless of the composition of the groups surveyed persons differing in age, sex, comorbidity, reveals a common pattern in relation to the availability of explicit PSI or signs everything with the incidence of SARS.

2. We used these criteria SIVs with hypofunction, as dry skin, constipation, body temperature less 36,4oC, low blood pressure, the presence of PSI in history. The last characteristic is of no less importance than clinical diagnosis PSI in history, based primarily on criteria Breasts enlargement of the thyroid gland. We used 5 criteria SIVs were closely associated with the incidence of SARS. Moreover, such communication has been informative and if you have two of the used signs everything.

3. We used 5 of these features everything associated with the incidence of SARS because they indirectly indicate the possible presence of a mild hypothyroidism or misteriosa (as initial manifestations of hypothyroidism). These individuals manifestations of hypothyroidism can lead to an increase in stress situations (so-called stress, transient hypothyroidism). Against this background, developing immunological failure, causing aviamost SARS.

A method for the diagnosis and prevention of frequent acute respiratory viral infections, which consists in identifying the causes frequent acute respiratory viral infections, by collecting the history and purpose of medical treatment, characterized in that in the presence of patients 3 or more symptoms out of a possible 5: dry skin, constipation, body temperature less 36,4oC, low blood pressure, tagamanent the history of the thyroid gland, diagnosed probable syndrome hypothyroidism and prescribed thyroid hormones from 25 to 100 ág L-thyroxine per day for 8 to 16 weeks.


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