Ointment for the treatment of burns


(57) Abstract:

The invention relates to the field of medicine. The ointment contains goat fat - 26,5 - to 29.5 wt.%, beef tallow - 26,5 - to 29.5 wt.%, natural wax, preferably a bee -, - 3.5 to 4.5 wt.%; egg oil, preferably made from chicken egg yolks, 5.5 to 8.5 wt.%, aromatic resin, preferably incense, - 0.3 to 0.7 wt.% and vegetable oil, preferably sunflower - the rest. Effect: provides accelerated capitalizatio burns and wounds without scar formation after treatment. 4 C.p. f-crystals.

The invention relates to medicine and can be used as a therapeutic means of external use, made in the form of medical ointments, used mainly in the treatment of burns, as well as in the treatment of purulent inflammatory lesions of the skin, pressure sores and chafing.

Known ointment for the treatment of burns, containing one part resin-ivnici softwood, one piece of fat pork interior unsalted and one part of beeswax natural (see, Z. Minecan, "a Collection of folk medicine and alternative treatments), in "TECHNEX", 1991, S. 106). In the known ointment uses of the substance is Ino washed lime water.

A disadvantage of the known ointment is the low efficiency of recovery of damage caused by the burn and the presence of scar formation at the end of the treatment process.

Closest to the technical nature of the claimed ointment is for the treatment of burns, composed of substances of vegetable and animal origin (see RF patent N 2058776, class A 61 K 9/06, op. 1996). Part of the famous ointments are fir oil, propolis, pine resin, spermaceti and the fat penguin with optimum combination of ingredients.

The disadvantages of the known ointments are not enough high therapeutic efficacy of the ointment and the need for pre-treatment of the surface, on which is applied the ointment. Using well-known ointments showed that in the treatment of approximately ten percent of patients revealed a negative effect of treatment of burn wounds. In addition, the shelf life of well-known ointments limited and its production are scarce materials, such as casulaty hydrogenated fat and the fat penguin.

The objective of the invention is to increase the effectiveness of treatment due to the acceleration of epithelialization of superficial burns while increasing retention ointment.

The solution of the th and animal origin, which contains goat fat, natural wax, egg oil, aromatic resin and vegetable oil in the following ratio, wt.%: goat fat 26,5 - 29,5, beef tallow 26,5 - 29,5, natural wax 3,5 - 4,5, egg oil 5,5 - 8,5, aromatic resin 0,3 - 0,7, vegetable oil - else; preferably: natural wax to make as beeswax; egg oil produced from chicken egg yolks; aromatic resin to perform in the form of incense; vegetable oil to run in the form of sunflower oil, ointment consisting of goat fat, beef fat, beeswax, egg oil, made from chicken egg yolks, incense and sunflower oil.

A new set of components forming part of the claimed ointment, provides increased healing, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties ointments due to the use of substances exclusively of natural origin. The claimed ointment has a high regenerative properties and when it is used there are no side effects.

As ointment bases in the claimed medicinal preparation included vegetable oil, preferably in the form of sunflower oil, and natural wax is new, stearic and linelevel acid, 19% protein, 26.5% of carbohydrates, about 2% of phytin and 1.5% of tannins. In addition to sunflower oil, can also be used olive, soybean, peach oil. In addition, the composition of the base of the claimed ointment included natural waxes, such as spermaceti, or lanolin. It is preferable to use beeswax, which performs the function of the structure-forming and film-forming component. In addition, beeswax has a high medicinal properties due to the content of ester milasinovic alcohol and palmitic acid, as well as free acids - neoceratodus, arotinolol, montenovo, milesaway and other beeswax in the presence of triglycerides contained in vegetable oil, helps release in burn or purulent wound oxidation of oxygen, which favors antibacterial gentle action ointments and active tissue healing. In addition, the presence of natural wax carotene and vitamin a inhibits the growth of several pathogens with antibiotic effect, which accelerates the process of wound healing. The presence of a wax-oil-basics provides high ductility ointments and increased penetrating ways is fat (in approximately equal numbers) and egg oil, preferably made of the yolks of eggs.

Goat fat and beef - natural products secreted from adipose tissue of goats and cows. The main components of these fat - triacylglyceride single layer of higher fatty acids. In addition, the composition of each of these fats include cholesterol, phosphatides, vitamins A, D, E and G, which stimulate the immune system, contributing to rapid regeneration and epithelialization tissue. Experiments have allowed to establish that it is the combination of goat fat from beef fat introduced into the composition of ointments in approximately equal weight amounts, produces the maximum therapeutic effect: healing of the affected areas of the skin.

As a therapeutic component in the claimed ointment is also used egg oil, which is produced by known techniques (see "operating procedure for selection of egg oil N 04-28 01, 20.07.78). Preferably egg oil made of the yolks of eggs. Egg oil contains water, proteins, lipids, fats, minerals and vitamins. Egg oil has a slightly acidic pH, which positively affects the tissue, while egg oil shows what it has various selection of microelements, including phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, iron and other Egg oil provides additional flexibility ointments and contributes to increased permeability of drug substances in the tissue. In addition, egg oil prevents scar formation on the surface of wounds during the healing process.

In the composition of ointments entered aromatic resin, which can be obtained from plants of the genus Boswellia. It is preferable to use frankincense is an aromatic resin obtained from incisions root of the frankincense tree. The presence of incense in the composition of ointments provides the improvement of sanitary and hygienic properties of the ointment when it is used, as is achieved by the suppression of unpleasant odors and create a pleasant aroma in the vicinity of the patient. In addition, frankincense, functions both as a preservative, helping to increase the shelf life stated ointment.

The experiments allowed to determine the optimum content of the components forming part of the claimed ointment, to ensure its maximum effectiveness. So, the content of goat fat or beef fat content should be in the range of 26.5 - of 29.5 wt.%. When the content of goat fat or beef fat less than 26.5 wt.% observed is jariego fat, in excess of 29.5 wt.%, was the gelling ointment, which resulted in a decrease in the uniformity of distribution of the ointment on the wound. A reduction in the content of the natural wax to values less than 3.5 wt.% or increase its content of more than 4.5 wt.% leads to deterioration of ductility ointment, which causes the inconvenience of its use. The content of egg oil should be selected in the range 5.5 to 8.5 wt.%, because when the content of egg oil less than 5.5 wt. % will not be achieved the complete elimination of scars on the surface zajavlenij Russian Academy of Sciences, and the content of egg oil over 8.5 wt.% impractical, as this was not observed to further increase the effectiveness of the ointment. The aromatic content of the resin should be selected in the range of 0.3-0.7 wt.%, because when the content of aromatic resin is less than 0.3 wt.% sharply reduced desodorante properties ointments, and when the content of the aromatic resin over 0.7 wt.% does not exceed a further increase retention ointment, which is provided by the preservative - aromatic resin. In all experiments it was found that the vegetable oil in the ointment within 23,3 - 37,7 wt.% ensured consistency of the ointment. The vegetable oil to the vegetable oil over 37,7 wt.% observed excessive oiliness and stickiness ointment.

Prepare the ointment in the following way. Pre-melt goat fat and beef tallow and filter every one of them through a double layer of cheesecloth. Then in the enameled ware download sample 275 g goat fat 275 g beef fat, 35 g of beeswax and add 345 g of sunflower oil and 5 grams of incense. All this mass is brought to a boil and while stirring it added 65 g egg oil, made from chicken egg yolks. After cooling to room temperature the ointment Packed in glass or porcelain jars and sealed them.

The resulting ointment for the treatment of burns is a homogeneous composition of a light brown color with a pleasant, characteristic of incense smell.

The prepared ointment plastic, has a high therapeutic quality and stability, and also features the complete harmlessness. Biological value and quality of the ointment does not depend on its shelf life. When stored in a cool shaded place, for example on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator, the shelf life of creams is a few years (at least five years).

The results of applying the claimed ointment in the clinic are illustrated by the following examples (for example, treatment with Pasa water of the hand and the ventral surface of the body. Trauma household. The total area of the damaged surface 350 cm2. Was wrapped up in bandages - layer of ointment with a thickness of 1 mm was applied to cotton fabric, while the ointment is in contact with the wound surface. Every 24 hours the bandage changed: removed particles of skin and pus and cleared areas was applied a new layer of ointment. After 12 days. the burn was completely salpetersaure without any consequences-scars, etc.

Example 2. The patient, aged 24 years. The explosion of the autoclave were amazed boiling water to the face, neck, hands and chest piece. The total area of the lesion 950 cm2. Burn of third degree. A day after the defeat began the process of treatment with the use of the claimed ointment according to the technology specified in the previous example. Complete healing to 17 days, with identified Mature connective tissue and normal full-layer epithelium.

Example 3. Patient M., aged 27 years. Boiling condensed milk were amazed face, neck brush both hands. The total area of the affected skin surface 560 cm2. After 3 h after the defeat began treatment with the use of the claimed ointment according to the technology described in example 1. Complete recovery without any burn marks were observed after 9 days.

Note the 2 h after the defeat began the process of treatment with the use of the claimed ointment. Complete wound healing was observed after 11 days.

Example 5. Patient Z., age 50 years. Purulent lesions of the skin with total area of 13 cm2. On all affected areas were overlapped bandage layer thickness of the claimed ointment 1.5 mm, which is in contact with the surfaces of wounds. Every 24 h were changing the dressing. Bacteriologically after 7 days. all wounds were beaten almost sterile. On day 11. the wound was completely filled pink granulation and areas of fibroabrasive and marked edge epithelialization. At 21 days. came complete recovery - identified Mature connective tissue and normal full-layer epithelium. It should be noted that in the process of treatment was not observed intoxication, and change bandages passed painlessly as headbands with the claimed ointment does not stick to the wound surface and freely removed.

In addition, the claimed ointment has been used successfully in the treatment of bedsores, preventing the formation of edema, as well as to eliminate chafing, for example, in young children.

The claimed ointment provides fast capitalizatio burns and wounds without scar formation after treatment. The ointment is harmless and does not have irritable on the Yat only components made from substances of vegetable and animal origin. In the process of treatment with the use of the claimed ointment is not required operable intervention. The claimed ointment has a high shelf life less than five years. In the composition of ointments are widely-used, non-deficient materials, and because the ointment easy to manufacture, it can be widely used in stationary and field conditions.

1. Ointment for the treatment of burns, composed of substances of animal and vegetable origin, characterized in that as substances of animal origin it contains goat fat, beef fat, egg oil, natural wax, and as substances of vegetable origin aromatic resin and vegetable oil in the following ratio, wt.%:

Goat fat - 26,5 - 29,5

Beef tallow - 26,5 - 29,5

Egg oil - 5,5 - 8,5

Natural wax - 3,5 - 4,5

Aromatic resin - 0,3 - 0,7

Vegetable oil - Rest

2. Ointment under item 1, characterized in that as a natural wax contains beeswax.

3. Ointment under item 1 or 2, characterized in that egg oil it contains butter yolks of eggs.

4. Ointment under item 1, or 2, or 3, ex is, trichomania the fact that as vegetable oils it contains sunflower oil.


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