The method of securing thin materials


(57) Abstract:

The invention relates to methods for securing thin materials used in the field of protected ground, in particular in the construction of greenhouses for growing vegetables. The proposed three movable fastening film coating on the frame of a greenhouse. In the base sentence is filler made of hard or soft material, covered by a thin material (film) attached fishing line to the loop or elastic band. Screw you can attach the filler to the base of the greenhouse that allows you to easily change the mounting point and the tension of the film without damaging it. 1 C.p. f-crystals, 5 Il.

The invention relates to methods for securing thin materials used in the field of protected ground, in particular to the construction of greenhouses for growing vegetables.

In modern practice widely used individual film greenhouses covered with one /two/ layer, fixed on a frame of aluminum, galvanized steel profile or wood glue elements.

The method of attaching the film to the metal frame round shape is made using curly brackets and rubber gaskets. /Cm. the procedure of attaching the film to the metal profile frame is made by means of wire, you pull on the frame arches before full compression of the canvas. The lower free ends that are not attached to the frame, sprinkled earth /ibid, S. 30-31/.

However, the way the film can be attached only to a special frame profile /Spros/, and covered with earth to the ends of the film dirty which reduces its light transparency, and with repeated use, it needs cleaning. Therefore used the method of attaching the film is special.

The most common way of attaching the film is Gvozdeva way of attaching planks to frames of film greenhouses using bars. /Cm. ibid, s 33/.

However, this method of attaching the film leads to damage to the film, to great expenditure of time for Assembly and disassembly and requires a certain rigidity of the frame greenhouses. This method of attaching the film also is not universal.

The closest way by the number of similar features is the method of fastening the stocking with the female fastener.

Female clasp for stocking contains the belt, rubber band, strap and rubber reeds with a thickening at the end in the form of a circle/buttons. /Cm. "Concise encyclopedia of the household", so 1, STI "TSB", M, 1959, between the bracket and the thickening /Puhovichi/. Constant voltage thin material /fabric/ is due to the tension of the rubber bands.

However, this method of securing thin materials are suitable only for certain conditions, for example for fixing the short edge of the thin material within the length of the brackets and tabs.

The task of the inventive method of mounting a thin material included the reduction of heat loss due to leaks used methods of fixing thin material and the possibility of its reuse without damage.

Significant differences of the proposed method of attachment:

filler covered with thin material;

filler attached fishing line, rubber band or screw;

the versatility of the filler.

The technical result of the proposed use of the attachment method:

the possibility of using more simple means of fastening the filler /scaffold, gum and screw/;

the use of different fillers as both solid and soft materials.

The drawings depict various ways of fastening thin material and options for their use.

In Fig. 1, 2 and 3 shows the fastening of thin mA is the Rial.

In Fig. 5 shows a General view of film greenhouse.

At callout B shows the method of fastening thin material /type 1/, shown in Fig. 1.

At callout D shows the method of fastening thin material /type 2/, shown in Fig. 2.

The top shows a cross-section of film greenhouse.

At callout B shows how to use mount /type 1/, shown in Fig. 1.

At callout D shows the mounting method /type 3/, shown in Fig. 3.

Means of securing thin materials.

Type 1. Thin material, such as film 1, fits filler 2 /hard or soft body/, Fig. 1. The narrow section of the film 1 drag line 3, at end of which has an eyelet 4.

Type 2. Thin material, such as plastic film 1, fits the filler /solid/ 2, which by means of a screw /screw/ 5 and the washer 6 is fixed, for example, to a wooden base 7. /Fig. 2/. The narrow section of the film drag a rubber ring 7.

Type 3. Thin material, such as plastic film 1, fits filler 2/ hard or soft body/. The narrow section of the film drag a rubber ring 7. This type of mounting is suitable for with the scoi strength material.

As a solid filler can be used bone from accounts, pebbles, metal or plastic tube, acorn, Bob and other items.

As a soft filler can be used fabric, wool, plastic film and other similar materials.

The option of using the proposed method of attaching the thin material.

The construction of the film greenhouses contains, for example, wooden base 8, on which is installed an arched frame 9, tied ridge beam 10. The frame may be made of pipes /metal or polymer/, from metal strip or of vines. At the ends of the frame 9 delivered two cross stay 11.

The sequence of the fixing film.

Initially, the cap 8 is fixed the end of the film with the application of the method /type 2/, then it is stretched on the frame 9, and the edges of the film should cover frame 9 and by using method /type 1/ Fig. 1 to gain a foothold in the braces 11.

Then the same method is fixed film on the second side of the greenhouse.

After this is fixed, the top film which edges on the ends should hang down about 250-300 mm

The fixing film should get the new part of the cap 8, and then is fixed on the reel 12, the length of which is equal to the length of the cap. For mounting the reel is convenient to use the proposed method /type 3/, given that the bobbin 12 is free to rotate in the loop of the film and thereby create the necessary vertical pressing the film to the frame 9. Hanging side edges of the film clip with the help of the proposed method /type 1/, and the scaffold is fixed loop on the cap 8.

Fishing line and plastic film have certain elastic properties, which create the necessary tension to seal the greenhouse.

The proposed means of securing thin materials can be used to create temporary premises of stretched on a frame fabric.

1. Fastening of thin materials, including the consolidation of thin material with filler, which cling film and fix the fastening element, wherein the fastening element is designed as a scaffold with a noose or gum.

2. The method according to p. 1, characterized in that the filler is attached by a screw to the base of the greenhouse.


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