The method for compressing gases


(57) Abstract:

The compression method in the radial centripetal the turbomachine occurs through centripetal rotation of the gas streams around the axis of the turbomachine in the opposite direction and education on the exit of a cylindrical vortex. The compression is carried out in a long, tapering, curved channels, in which the length and width of the channel is significantly larger than its height. Cylindrical vortex at the output goes into a tapering along the axis of the cone. The invention increases the compression ratio and efficiency. 1 Il.

The invention relates to the field of mechanical engineering. There is a method of compressing gas using radial centripetal turbine (see A. M. Borysenko "Gas dynamics engine", page 151, Fig.9.1.3. g) 1962).

The disadvantages of this method are:

1) the volumetric loss and return of contamination due to the high gradients of velocity and pressure in the cross sections of the channels and the clearances between the casing and the turbine, to fix that with this method of compression is impossible, because the channels extend in the direction of reducing the radius of rotation, which in turn does not allow you to lengthen the channels for the purpose of alignment of velocity and pressure on the tee.

2) Large size, weight and complexity of geometric shapes stationary casing compared to the diameter of the rotating turbine is the main element of compression.

Object of the invention is:

1) increasing the compression ratio and efficiency.

2) reducing the weight, size and cost of manufacture.

The problem is solved due to the fact that (see drawing) long AB>>h1, B>>h1, tapering h1>h2 and curvilinear channels revolve around a fixed point "O", and the flow of gas moving in the channels from a to B, while rotating in the opposite channels direction around the same point "O" with a gradually decreasing radius from "R" point a to g at the point B and the transition into a cylindrical vortex at the exit of the channels, which in turn moves along the axis of rotation in one or two opposite directions in cone bushings with decreasing cross-sectional area towards the exit of the vortex.

Structurally, the channels formed between the curved guides 2 and the side disks 1, the latter is connected with the tapered bushing 3. Thus, the disk 1, the guides 2 and sleeve 3 fixed relative to each other and rotate together. Around the path of rotation can be located R is audacia channels.

The invention has the following new benefits:

1) the Length and shape of the channels eliminate almost completely the gradients of velocity and pressure in the cross sections. There are no gaps, because there is no stationary casing, therefore, no harmful vortices and backward contamination.

2) In the compression process included new factor that increases the amount of flow of gas is inversely proportional to the decreasing of the radius of rotation of the flow around a stationary axis in accordance with theorem of the constancy of angular momentum. Thus, the invention achieves greater compression efficiency and reduce the weight, size and complexity of the manufacturing process.

The compression method in the radial centripetal the turbomachine by the inward rotation of the gas streams around the axis of the turbomachine in the opposite direction and education on the exit of the cylindrical vortex, characterized in that the compression is carried out in a long, tapering, curved channels, in which the length and width of the channel is significantly larger than its height, and a cylindrical vortex at the output goes into a tapering along the axis of the cone.


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EFFECT: improved accuracy of measurements and simplified determination of pump cavitation characteristics.

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EFFECT: increased cavitation and power characteristics of pump.

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EFFECT: improved dimensional and mass characteristics; enhanced reliability.

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EFFECT: decreased mechanical losses.

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