The driving simulator


(57) Abstract:

The invention is used for driving training and management of the tracked vehicle. The technical result - improving the efficiency of the process of learning to drive. This is due to the fact that the driving simulator contains cabin, frame, controls movement, the right arm which is mounted button hydropneumatic, the surveillance device-driver, seat-driver, overhead projector and remote instructor. In addition, he is provided with a simulated low visibility, electrically connected with the button hydropneumatic and with control of the instructor, the device simulate low visibility is installed on the stove with the opportunity of placing before the surveillance device driver on command from a remote instructor. Device simulation of poor visibility includes motor, block, limit switches, master and slave pulleys connected by a thread, frame, made in the form of a frame with the inserted organic glass, lever, voltage Converter, containing step-down transformer, rectifier bridge and a time relay. 1 C.p. f-crystals, 2 Il.

The invention relates to tinajeros a visual image of the surrounding space, presented to the driver in the course of learning driving skills and control of tracked vehicles.

The practice of learning to drive tracked vehicles in difficult road and weather conditions showed that drivers do not have the skill of using the system hydropneumatic (gap), resulting in lower average speeds. Therefore, there is a need in the creation of the simulator, which would allow to develop appropriate skill.

Known unified kinotrailer type visas for teaching driving combat vehicles (see Learning to drive trucks on training tools. - M.: Voenizdat, 1992, S. 28 - 32), consisting of cabins, bassinet frame and having controls movement, button, mounted in the right-hand control lever rotation, the surveillance device-driver, seat-driver, overhead projector and remote instructor. The disadvantage of this simulator is that it does not mimic the conditions that hinder the visibility of the driver while driving, such as pollution output window viewing device, the rain, the fog, that does not allow the learner to develop the skills of driving in difficult road and weather condition is the increased efficiency of existing simulators for training of drivers of tracked vehicles by simulating conditions of poor visibility to achieve adequacy of simulator real tracked vehicle, and to develop student skills in the management of the tracked vehicle in difficult terrain and poor visibility.

This task is solved by introducing a known driving simulator additional devices, consisting of the following elements: inverter, motor, block, limit switches, master and slave pulleys, frames with the inserted organic glass having applied a special coating, a lever connecting the driven pulley and the frame. All of the elements of this device are fixed on a plate which in turn is mounted and fastened on the outside of the cabin of the simulator, before the surveillance device driver.

In addition, the device is connected through limit switch button to turn on the system gap, which is mounted in the right-hand control lever rotation.

The invention is illustrated in Fig.1 and 2:

Fig.1. The driving simulator. Functional block diagram of the simulator to the device simulating poor visibility;

Fig. 2. The driving simulator. Structurally-functional diagram of the device simulate poor visibility.

In Fig.1 and 2 presents:

1. Cabin reeling with the tx2">

4. Controls movement.

5. Button gap.

6. Device simulation of poor visibility.

7. The Converter.

8. Remote instructor.

9. The movie projector.

10. Plate.

11. The electric motor.

12. The leading pulley.

13. Thread.

14. The driven pulley.

15. Frame.

16. Arm.

17. Block limit switches.

Device simulation of poor visibility 6 is included in the driving simulator, the functional block diagram shown in Fig. 1, which includes: cabin with cradle and the frame 1, a seat of the driver 2, the surveillance device driver 3, controls the movement of 4 mounted in the right arm rotate button gap 5, the remote instructor 8, the projector 9 and the inverter 7 is electrically connected with the remote trainer, the projector and the gap.

The structure of the device simulate low visibility, structurally-functional diagram of which is shown in Fig. 2, includes a plate 10, is mounted on the simulator cockpit before the surveillance device driver, in which are mounted: the motor 11, the leading pulley 12, the driven pulley 14, the frame 15, Izgi 16, thread 13 connecting the driving and driven pulleys, block limit switch 17.

Inverter type FR-27 containing a step-down transformer, rectifier bridge and a time relay; motor - any, for example MN-145 (27); block limit switches, for example D-703; the driving and driven pulleys - standard; frame - made in the form of a frame with the inserted organic glass having applied a special coating, a lever connecting the driven pulley and the frame is made.

Device simulation visual environment operates in the following way:

through the transducer 7 is energized 27 on the remote instructor 8, which is designed to control the simulator and in particular a device simulation 6. On the remote control instructor has a block check error and the switch that provides the energization and deenergization voltage 27 In the device simulation. In addition, with a remote instructor voltage 27 In the button gap 5 and the projector 9.

When the supply voltage 27 V from remote instructor on device simulation 6 is sinking frame, which dropped in front of the monitor 3 driver simulates poor visibility m driving or turn gap). In the case when the driver no response has not occurred within 10 seconds, an alarm relay time, part of the General scheme of the Converter 7, turning off the power supply of the projector 9 and the operator panel 8 is fixed the error.

In that case, if the mechanic-driver correctly responded and pushed the button gap, is the closure of the circuit, the voltage 27 is supplied to the motor device simulation 10, the frame of the device rises, closes the limit switch 17 and the motor stops. On the remote instructor with light indication signal on the correct working mechanic-driver of this problem.

In the process of working out exercises on the driving simulator with an installed device simulation, the instructor can send commands to the device simulation several times, depending on the route, demonstrated educational film. This in turn will contribute to the development of certain skills with system gap when driving in poor visibility conditions.

1. The driving simulator containing the cab, frame, controls movement, the right arm which is mounted button hydropneumatically fact, which is provided with a simulated low visibility, electrically connected with the button hydropneumatic and with control of the instructor, the device simulate low visibility is installed on the stove with the opportunity of placing before the surveillance device driver on command from a remote instructor.

2. The driving simulator under item 1, characterized in that the device is simulated low visibility includes motor, block, limit switches, master and slave pulleys connected by a thread, frame, made in the form of a frame with the inserted organic glass, lever, voltage Converter, containing step-down transformer, rectifier bridge and a time relay.


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