(57) Abstract:

The invention relates to the field of engineering, specifically to the automotive industry, in particular to vehicles terrain, and can be used in a wide range of vehicles with wheeled and tracked vehicles. The objective of the invention is the creation of vehicle-terrain, combining reliability and ease of use. This task is solved by use of the frame of the vehicle, made in the form of a solid platform U-shaped cross-section, providing structural strength and protect the transmission from damage and contamination, as well as the simplification of the circuit crawler and fixtures nomination caterpillars in the vertical plane due to the installation guide rollers fixed on the platform and fastening them with the supporting rollers swivel racks and links. At least one hour or one link made telescopic or one guide rink has the ability to move along the platform. 4 C.p. f-crystals, 5 Il.

The invention relates to the field of engineering, specifically to the automotive industry, in particular for vehicles is the second balancer with pnevmokolesnymi, mounted on the suspension mechanism, guides and rollers, around an endless belt. On walking beam pivotally mounted frame in the form of a parallelogram, in which one or more hinges contain elastic sleeve in the form of an ellipse, and on the frame connected to the balancer lifting mechanism, has tracked contour. Nomination crawler by turning racks hinged frame around their axes relative to the rocker. Some design complexity provides the simplicity and reliability of such suspension.

The well-known scheme wheeled-tracked tank "Vickers" [1], contains placed on the sides of the wheel, fixed to the vehicle body, tracked progress, containing idler and rollers mounted on the crawler frame, and a device for moving the crawler relative to the wheels in a vertical plane.

The disadvantages of the known schemes are the impossibility of rapid reflow tracked the progress, significant design complexity and associated low reliability of the suspension.

Known transport device for driving on the road and be is fast in rotation by the engine, under the frame on both sides between the front and rear wheels installed additional frame used for mounting the guide wheels, which are driven from the hydraulic motors and to provide support for caterpillars. Additional frames can make vertical movement relative to the main frame for the introduction of caterpillars in contact with the ground or hanging caterpillars under the main frame. The disadvantage of such devices is their complexity.

The objective of the invention is the creation of vehicle-terrain with a simplified scheme of the auxiliary crawler mechanism, easy to maintain and operate.

This task is achieved in that frame, on which are suspended the counterbalance body, placed the power plant (internal combustion engine), drive, wheel and track the progress made in the form of a solid platform U-shaped cross-section. This design allows to compactly accommodate the wheels, track progress and to protect the transmission of the vehicle from damage and contamination, especially when riding on the road. The drive can be both single and two driven axles. In addition, to facilitate the second plane is due to the changing geometry of the frame crawler mechanism, what is achieved by the use of racks, side rails on rollers with bearing hinge, and having an actuator such as an electric motor or hydraulic cylinder, changing the angle of the uprights to the plane of the platform. Decrease or increase the area of the frame crawler offset by the introduction in the frame crawler telescopic element or the placement of one of the guide rollers can be moved parallel to the plane of the platform. In the latter case rack side rails on rollers with the corresponding extreme track rollers, are bound by additional thrust. Telescopic can be made hours or at least one of the racks, and a link connecting any two adjacent supporting the rink. For hardening advanced crawler frame rack is equipped with retainers. C in order to regulate the tension of the tracks on tracks set the tension wheel. Is the most convenient layout with two tracks located between the front and rear wheels. The drive for each track made from the propeller shaft through the PTO. Driving can be a guiding idler wheel, or one of the guide rollers.

Benchmarking is rettelse level."

In Fig. 1 shows the cross-sectional shape of the platform of the vehicle;

in Fig. 2 - General view of the vehicle (power unit and transmission are not shown);

in Fig. 3 - track course with telescopic racks in the folded and extended positions;

in Fig. 4 - the same, with telescopic link connecting two adjacent track roller in its retracted and extended positions;

in Fig. 5 - the same, a movable guide roller in its retracted and extended positions.

Vehicle all terrain provides balanced body 1, pneumocytes 2, platform 3, on which the power plant, transmission (not shown) and tracked the progress of 4, including two guide rink 5 mounted on the platform 4, the supporting rollers 6, is bonded into the frame struts 7 with tabs 8 and 9 links, caterpillar 10, envelope guides and rollers 5 and 6, the tension wheel 11.

The vehicle operates as follows. When driving on solid ground (asphalt, dry lane, and so on) vehicle (car) moves on wheels 2. At this time, tracked the progress of raised into the transport position (Fig. 2 to 5 are shown by solid lines). Send the s to the bottom of the platform 3, that allows you to use the track move without its extension, for example, when driving through deep ruts. As soon as the vehicle moves on lebanesse the ground, stand 7 additional folding frame by means of an electric motor or hydraulic cylinder rotates the axes of the guide rollers. While supporting part caterpillars 10 extends at the desired distance relative to the platform and wheels. Depending on the applied schema crawler (with one telescopic stand, with two telescopic racks, telescopic link or shifting roller guides) caterpillar contour takes the form of a triangle or trapezoid. Caterpillar 10 takes part of the weight of the load or the entire load completely. Balanced body provides comfort for passengers, and the platform bears the major burden may be further provided with a front absorbers shock loads (bumpers).

Sources of information

1. USSR author's certificate N 1754558, 15.08.92.

2. RF application N 94029158, 27.08.96.

1. Vehicle-terrain containing unloaded body suspended on a frame, on which is placed the power set is optional folding frame, including the guides and rollers, around the caterpillar, the tension wheel and a device for moving the crawler relative to the wheels in a vertical plane, characterized in that the frame of the vehicle made in the form of a solid platform U-shaped cross-section, and track rollers mounted on the platform and fastened pivotally with the corresponding extreme track rollers through the racks connected with a rotating mechanism.

2. Vehicle-terrain under item 1, characterized in that at least one hour, fastening guide rink with the appropriate extreme of the supporting roller, made telescopic.

3. Vehicle-terrain under item 1, characterized in that at least two adjacent track roller are connected by a telescopic link.

4. Vehicle-terrain under item 1, characterized in that at least one guide rink made movable in the plane of the platform of the vehicle parallel to the longitudinal axis, and a rack pivotally connected additional thrust.

5. Vehicle-terrain on PP.1 to 4.


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EFFECT: greater speed, possibility to use tracks with adequate width.

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