Machine with hydraulic connection for milling grooves drills


(57) Abstract:

The invention relates to the field of machine tools and can be used in machine tools for milling grooves drills. The chain longitudinal feed spindle headstock of the machine consists of site preparation, link configuration, node tool. As part of setting the generator is a hydraulic pulses, connected to the hydraulic stepper motor system of pipelines and pump installation. When this generator is connected with the rotation drive of the product, and a stepper motor with a node of the longitudinal feed spindle workhead. This construction reduces the intensity of the machine and increases the accuracy of the chain longitudinal feed. 1 Il.

The invention relates to the field of machine tools and can be used in the chain longitudinal feed spindle workhead for milling grooves drills.

A known machine for milling grooves drills (Kudryashov A. A. "Machine tool production". M : mechanical engineering, 1968 - S. 62-70), kinematic chain longitudinal feed spindle workhead which consists of site preparation, site tools, link settings made in the form of guitar replaceable serrated CI of the shafts, gears, helical gears. This complicates the design of the machine, increases its intensity at considerable length mechanical kinematic chain.

Known resipiratory machine with hydraulic chain longitudinal feed (Fedotenko A. A. "Kinematic structure of machine tools". M: Mechanical Engineering, 1970 - C. 148-149).

This chain consists of site preparation, site tools, link settings made in the form of a cylinder with a rotating lineup.

The technical challenge is to simplify the design of the kinematic chain of the longitudinal feed spindle workhead.

The specified technical task is achieved by the fact that the hydraulic circuit of line feed, comprising a hydraulic cylinder which is connected by piping system with nodes of feed of the workpiece and the tool further comprises a hydraulic stepping actuator, consisting of interconnected pipeline system generator hydraulic pulses connected through a drive gear driven rotation of the product and hydraulic stepper motor engaged by the lead screw longitudinal movement of spindle head Stalinka for milling grooves drills.

The circuit includes a tool 1, the workpiece 2, the spindle of which is fixed a gear wheel 3, which receives the rotation of the spool sleeve hydraulic generator pulses 4, connected to a piping system with a hydraulic stepper motor 5, kinematically associated with the lead screw 6 and carrying out a longitudinal movement of spindle head 7 product, and the working fluid to the hydraulic generator pulse is supplied by the pipe 8 from the pump unit 9.

The machine operation is carried out as follows. The tool receives the rotation from the electric motor 1 through the link settings ivthe workpiece is rotated by the motor 2 through the link settings is.

The workpiece spindle is fixed a gear wheel 3, which is driven into rotation of the spool sleeve with an estimated number of work slots generator hydraulic pulses 4, connected to a piping system with a hydraulic stepper motor 5, kinematically associated with the lead screw 6 longitudinal feed of spindle head 7 products.

Machine with hydraulic connection for milling grooves drills, characterized in that it contains side hydraulic the horseflies cylinder, generator hydraulic pulses associated with the rotation drive products, and hydraulic stepper motor associated with the node of the longitudinal feed spindle workhead.


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EFFECT: method ensures uniform loading of the tool cutting edges with increasing of its strength.

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Bit // 2612708

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EFFECT: technical result consists in drilled out material transportation optimization and natural oscillations effective suppression.

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SUBSTANCE: using the disk mill having a profile of a screw groove. The workpiece is placed in a dividing head mounted on a turntable, the workpiece is oriented relative to the mill to a predetermined angle of elevation of the screw groove and the depth of the screw groove is adjusted. Provide the position of the cutter parallel to the angle of the helix lifting by controlling the angle of rotation of the turntable about the vertical axis z, which is driven by the stepping motor with control of the machine coordinate through an additional divider. With uniform rotation of the workpiece around the vertical axis, the workpiece is coordinately moved by rotating the turntable and moving it along the X and coordinates.

EFFECT: possibility of processing screw grooves with the prescribed law of changing the pitch, increasing the processing capacity.

7 dwg

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SUBSTANCE: proposed device comprises dynamometer, computer and fuzzy controller. To up precision, said device comprises phasing unit, out-phasing unit, membership function generation unit and cutting speed transducer, to allow computing total perturbation actions. Note here that fuzzy controller is complemented with units for hardware integration connected in series. Dynamometer output is connected to first input of phasing unit. Speed transducer is connected to phasing unit second input. Phasing unit third input is connected to computer. Computer first and second inputs are connected to outputs of dynamometer and speed transducer while phasing unit fourth input is connected to membership function generation unit output. Phasing unit output is connected to input of hardware integration unit with its output connected to composition unit input. Output of the latter is connected to accumulation unit input with its output connected to out-phasing unit input. Note here that fuzzy controller output signal represents out-phasing unit output signal connected to input of actuators.

EFFECT: higher precision.

4 dwg

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SUBSTANCE: each cavity of double-way feed drive hydraulic cylinder is connected with pressure controller. Rod-free cavity of said hydraulic cylinder is connected with throttle having regulator.

EFFECT: simplified design of machine tool.

1 dwg