The signal violations stable environment


(57) Abstract:

The invention relates to alarm systems and can be used to monitor a residential area along the streets. The technical result is the elimination of external influence on the performance of the signal device when the intended effect on her and the increase in the area of surveillance. For this purpose, the device comprises receiving a television camera, the carriage with electric drive, support rollers with side disks, the system can transfer images from your camera, secondary receiving equipment with playback and image recording, conductive cables, sensors. 3 Il.

The technical solution relates to monitoring the changing situation in the area of policing in residential areas and can be used to monitor a residential area mainly along the streets as the roadway and the pedestrian from buildings.

Known technical solutions, when monitoring the changing situation on the street and the roadway is either permanent posts of representatives of law enforcement, or moving posts patrol. These methods can be seen in the streets of all the cities.

The disadvantages of takeahike to changing circumstances, if you change it outside of the monitoring zone constable or removed from the vehicle at a considerable distance from the place changes,

- the influence of weather and meteo conditions on the quality of the tracking of the observed situation,

- delay information for action and signals the change of situation,

- lack of registration changes for future restore the progress of the development of changes in the situation.

Widely known signaling devices violations stable environment in public places, which contain the receiving camera, image transfer, the secondary instrument with playback of a received image. Such signaling devices are used on all metro stations, airports and major railway stations, for example, Moscow. When the problem changes according to the signal from the operator the necessary action is taken. Exactly the same system signal devices are used in all significant banks, institutions, i.e. such signaling devices are widely known and used in security measures everywhere.

The disadvantages of such alarm devices are:

- OGRANIChENNOI impressive shows in the Polish film "VA-Bank", shown on TV 25.11.98, 1 program 21.50).

The purpose of technical solution is to eliminate these disadvantages, namely:

- the ability to observe the situation in large areas of the residential complex, mainly in the driveway and walking up to houses,

obtaining images of the environment of each part of the site through time period that captures the changing situation,

- elimination of external influence on the performance of the signal device when the intended effect on her.

The technical result is achieved that the device breaches a stable environment that includes receiving a television camera, mounted on a carriage with electric drive, with which the support rollers are connected with the side disks, the system transfer image receiving camera, secondary receiving equipment with playback and image recording, support rollers with side disks rely on conductive cables strung between the end points of the plot monitoring with sensors, the signals from which to excite the receiver mentioned carriage, while the conductive cables are equipped with tabs down, who have a thickness C of the jumpers of insulating material, as mentioned cables along their entire length closed top of the casing, which is connected with a jumper.

In the drawings presents a technical solution in the form of constructive schemes. Conventionally not shown or not revealed the technical solutions that are widely known or are not subject to the claims of this application.

In Fig. 1 presents a cross-section of the carriage on the ropes, Fig. 2 is a side view of the carriage of Fig. 3 - combined structural diagram of the signal device.

The signal device includes a support roller 1 with the side disks 2. The rollers 1 are based on conductive wires 3 with the tabs 4, located along the cables 3 and soedinenii between the self and the outer elements on the terrain inserts 5, 6 of insulating material. The rollers 1 are connected by shafts 7 with insulating inserts 8 with electric actuator 9. The drive can be one of two roller 1, which are connected by shafts 8, and the second pair of rollers is passive, and videos directly connected to the shaft of insulating material (not shown conventionally). On the shafts 8 is fixed to the carriage 10 with a video camera 11 through the insulating insert 12 and the control unit 13 with the current collector 14 on the shafts 7 (bearings mounting the carriage 10). On CT echnik sections of the cable 3. The inserts 6 is attached to the casing 17, which has cutouts 18 about the points of attachment of the cables 3 for reception by the receiver 15 of the signals from the sensors 16.

The control unit 13 includes a switch 19 of the polarity of the contacts of the electric actuator 9, and the receiver 15 includes relays for switching contacts 1P and 2P resistance R. the Power signal of the device is performed from the network via standard features: transformer 20 and the rectifier 21.

Operates a warning device as follows.

After the supply voltage on cables included 3 El. the engine 9 and the rotation through the shaft 7 and the insert 8 is transmitted to the rollers 1, the carriage 10 starts to move on the cable 3. Upon receipt of the signal from the first sensor 16 is broken contact 1P and closes the contact 2P, decreases the current in the circuit El. engine 9, reduced speed of movement of the carriage 10. When the signal from the second sensor 16 through the notch 18 actuates the switch 19, which changes the polarity of the power supply e. engine 9, the reversal and the carriage moves in the opposite direction, successively crossing the cutout 18 a signal from the sensor 16, which causes a reverse connection circuit through contact 1P, and El. the drive starts to operate at full current, because the chain with this with reverse, and the carriage moves back. The whole process of moving the carriage 10 is accompanied by the operation of the camera 11, the image transfer to the secondary apparatus to record video and sighting it on the screen. This part is a structural schematic shown with position labels, because it is not the subject of the application and is widely known.

Explanation of device alarm:

1. As sensors can be used directional beams of light from conventional light bulbs with the collimator, and the receiver uses a photocell.

2. The moving speed of the carriage must be at least re-passing the same segment of the observations in a given position of the camera, say after 1 minute. Then, at a speed of 60 km/h, the distance between the ends of the cable 3 should be about 1 km. in General, these parameters depend on the saturation plot observations.

3. To avoid shock, at the ends of the rope are two sensor 16 opposite the notches 18, and the distance between the sensors with openings is selected such that the speed after reducing the current to the motor 9 has been calculated values and possible was reverse by changing the polarity of the switch 19. The receiver 15 vyrabatyvaete reverse movement, and reverse motion requires double the signal one action: activate immediately on the maximum current, i.e., without resistance R. Therefore, both signals can be shunted by reverse course. Such actions, the simplest way can be made by the sequencer 4 position, although, of course, it is better to have just a hard program to touchless controls.

4. You can estimate the size of the moving system. Widely known for various sports disciplines, which uses miniature cameras. It is an international motor racing (formula 1, 2 and others). Transferring the part with the camera has a mass of about 0.1 kg, and dimensions of about 100 mm, the same camera used for regattas. I.e., it can be expected that the carriage with all its content will have a mass of about 1-2 kg it Should be noted that the use of cameras on mobile objects occurs with the communication system contactless manner, i.e. using antenna receiving and transmitting at speeds up to 300 km/h and a huge overload. I.e. such telkomflexi known and used in the art. Similar technical solutions can be derived and from outer space, which also receive the image information is e, and it allows you to track and fire by smoke, and assault, and other changes at the protected sites, as well as at the border.

The signal violations stable environment that includes receiving a television camera, mounted on a carriage with electric drive, with which the support rollers are connected with the side disks, the system transfer image receiving camera, secondary receiving equipment with playback and image recording, characterized in that the said support rollers are based on conductive cables strung between the end points of the plot monitoring with sensors, the signals from which to excite the receiver mentioned carriage, while the conductive cables are equipped with tabs down which have a thickness less than the diameter of the conductive wire and connected with each other and end points of the plot monitoring via jumpers of insulating material.


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