Polymer composition


(57) Abstract:

Polymer composition containing, by weight.h.: PVC 100, di-2-ethylhexylphthalate 50, pyrocatechin 1-2, has improved performance characteristics, while maintaining the required fire resistance. 1 C.p. f-crystals, 1 table.

The invention relates to the field of polymer chemistry, in particular the production of coatings of plasticized polyvinyl chloride (PVC), for example coatings for upholstery artificial leather, characterized by low inflammability.

Famous songs coatings fire-resistant artificial leather containing as flame retardants trichloroethylphosphate and trioxide of antimony. (The Handbook of artificial leather and film materials. M, Light and food industry th, 1982, S. 249. ) The disadvantage of these compositions is the presence of trichloroacetate with higher volatility, poor compatibility with PVC, in addition, it has a negative impact on the operational properties of PVC materials.

One of the most important indicators of upholstery IR is the change in hardness after heat and svetaefanova aging. For this purpose important matching décor, so you need high color fastness.

osvat and trioxide of antimony, adversely affect these performance characteristics. (N. Nikonov.N., Liventsev M. M. , Ivanov, L. S., and K.S. Minsker K. S. Improvement of formulations and manufacturing technology fire-resistant upholstery material. Sat. New in chemistry and technology of artificial leather and plastic materials for technical purposes. Yves NII PEAK, 1989. Principles Century. And. Flammability and fire resistance of polymeric materials M, Chemistry, 1976).

Known composition based on PVC, with high resistance to sweetalba aging, which is most similar to the claimed (and. C. the USSR N 1341843, class C 08 L 27/06, 15.04.91).

Known composition contains 100 may.h. PVC, 26-90 wt.h. di-2-ethylhexylphthalate and targeted supplements.

However, PVC materials of this composition does not contain antiperiodic additives, i.e., are not fire-resistant. In addition, the recipes are characterized by complexity and hence increased consumption.

The aim of the invention is to improve operational properties of the material, while maintaining the required fire resistance.

This goal is achieved using the composition of pyrocatechin (PCH) and an additional introduction to the PVC composition of the oxide BR> - decreases the change in hardness after heat and svetaefanova ageing;

increases the resistance;

- increases the oxidative stability;

- increased frost resistance.

To obtain PVC coatings used PVC TU-6602, a plasticizer di-2-ethylhexyl phthalate (DOP), pyrocatechin (PCH), zinc oxide, micaceous iron pigment.

Thermal stability was characterized by the temperature of the beginning of intensive decomposition (TN. p) which was determined by thermogravimetric method on derivatograph Q 1500 D firms IOM, the heating rate of 10 degrees/minutes Oxidation stability characterized by the duration of the induction period prior to oxidation (unit DS C 910 firm Du Pont, T=130oC).

The glass transition temperature was determined on the same instrument at a heating rate of 10 deg./minutes

To assess thermal stability of the samples was kept at a temperature of 175oC for 30 min and determined the colour change (change of color coordinates X, Y, Z) on the comparator CZ-z

The fastness was evaluated also by the change of the color coordinates of the samples after exposure for 60 min under UV irradiation window (power 14 kJ, T = 80oC, length 10 cm).

Films were obtained by mixing PVC with DOP and other additives, and maturation of pasta for 6 h carefully grinding, forming a layer of pasta and gelation at a temperature of 170oC for 15 minutes the Film was cooled and tested by appropriate methods.

The invention is illustrated by the following examples.

Example 1. The composition comprises 100 wt.h. PVC, 50 wt.h..DOP. The obtained film has performance properties specified in the table.

Examples 2-3. The composition of example 1 contains an additional 1 and 2 wt.h. pyrocatechin.

Examples 4-5. The composition of example 1 contains an additional 1 wt.h. pyrocatechin, 1 wt.h. of zinc oxide, 2 and 2.5 wt.h. micaceous iron pigment (standard concentration for pigment).

Example 6. The composition according to example 5 contains 1.5 wt.h. pyrocatechin.

Using pyrocatechin in the amount of 1-2 m h is optimal, since at lower and higher concentrations, the effect is reduced. At the optimum concentration of pyrocatechin:

- reduced Tarticle38%, i.e., increases the resistance of the material;

- increases TN. R.11% and almost no change in color of the film after heat treatment; the e svetaefanova impact (increased retention).

Because PVC films and coatings are often used in painted form, were evaluated properties of films containing the pigment.

The table shows the effect of zinc oxide on the properties of films containing the optimal number of pyrocatechin (1 and 1.5 Mac.h.).

The use of zinc oxide increases thermal stability of PVC (increasing TN. R.and the fastness of the samples decreases the change in hardness after aging. The optimal concentration of 2-2,5 m H.

Thus the resistance of the material does not deteriorate.

1. Polymer composition comprising PVC, di-2-ethylhexylphthalate and target additive, characterized in that as the target additives it contains pyrocatechin in the following ratio, wt.h:

PVC - 100

Di-2-ethylhexylphthalate - 50

Pyrocatechin - 1 - 2

2. Polymer composition under item 1, characterized in that it further contains zinc oxide in the amount of 2 - 2.5 wt.h. and a pigment in an amount of 2.5 wt.h.


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