Homeopathic drug, possess spasmolytic activity "spatial-arn"


(57) Abstract:

The invention relates to medicine and can be used as a spasmolytic drug with wide spectrum of action. The tool contains Colocynth, the magnesium phosphorica, Arnica, Cocculus and belladonna in a particular breeding. The tool increases the elasticity of blood vessels, harmonizes the activities of the autonomic nervous system, when this is achieved sustained therapeutic effect.

The invention relates to medicine and can be used as a spasmolytic drug with wide spectrum of action.

To correct a variety of pathological conditions caused by disorders of smooth muscles, are now using antispasmodic complex chemical composition.

Know the use of papaverine hydrochloride, which is prescribed for hypertension, symptomatic hypertension, angina, migraine, obliterating endarteritis, bronchial asthma, pilorospazme, cholecystitis, spastic colitis, intestinal, hepatic and renal colic.

Spasmolytic effect of the drug is that is relaxation, napi the effect is stronger, if the muscles are in spasm. However, this drug is inherent syndrome "victimize" esibizioni tissues, which leads to the fact that the spasmolytic effect is not manifested, but rather in them is obstructed blood flow.

The above remedy has a fairly broad spectrum of activity, but it has a serious contraindication, because it should be used with caution in severe heart disease, as it may cause tachycardia, hypotension, lowering blood pressure until the heart stops.

Less toxic, but more active antispasmodic action is a no-Spa. Well absorbed from the gut and subcutaneous tissue, slightly lowers blood pressure, relieves spasms of the blood vessels, cramps smooth muscles of intestines, renal and biliary colic.

However, and this drug, as described above, inherent syndrome "victimize", so great caution should be used with glaucoma, prostatic hypertrophy, particularly in ischemic heart disease. An unintended consequence of the application of shpy may be palpitations with increased heart rate, dizziness, decreased blood pressure, nauseau the most commonly recommended antispasmodics can also be attributed to galidor, which has a wide range of applications, as it has myotropic and spasmolytic effect, superior to papaverine, expands coronary vessels, increase coronary blood flow, increases circulation to a greater extent than the oxygen consumption of cardiac muscle, dilates the blood vessels in the limbs, to a lesser extent than papaverine, lowers blood pressure, calming and mestnoanesteziruyuschee action. A little toxic drug is readily absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract.

However, as in previous cases, the use of the drug may cause adverse effects like nausea, vomiting, dizziness, drowsiness, allergic reactions. When parenteral administration can cause irritation at the injection site up to thrombophlebitis.

The main contraindications, and application of galidor are severe disorders of respiration and circulation in connection with the same syndrome "victimize".

As can be seen from the above, known widely used antispasmodic have not only significant contraindications to use, but can also be a cause of drug poisoning and a source of allergic reactions [1].

The above problems do not occur when using homeopathic medicines.

Closest to the proposed decision on the assignment, technical essence and the achieved result when use is a homeopathic medicinal product "Spacsupreel" containing Colocynth D 4 (colocynthis citrullus), the magnesium phosphorica D6 (magnesium phosphorica) [6], and ammonium bromatum (ammonium bromatum), atropine sulfuricum D6 (at(chamomilla), cuprum sulfuricum D6 (cuprum sulfuricum), Aconitum D6 (aconitum).

According prescription guide, described above homeopathic medicinal product used as spazmolitichesky active drug, giving a good therapeutic effect in spasms of the smooth muscles of different Genesis and localization.

However, this drug has significant drawbacks. First of all the platitudes of his bulky, which violates one of the rules of homeopathy, which is recommended to minimize the number of drugs in medicine [7]. The increase in the number of components affects the cost of medicines, which reduces the range of consumers.

The result of the bulkiness of the recipe is the fact that it combines the substances that are recognized to be incompatible. So incompatible in one recipe are Colocynth D4 (cucumis colocynthis) and Chamomilla D3 (chamomills), Veratrum album D6 (veratrum album) and Agaricus D4 (agaricus), Chamomilla D3 (chamomilla) and Aconitum D6 (aconitum), Agaricus D4 (agaricus) and Aconitum D6 (aconitum).

Another significant disadvantage of the known recipe is that it contains highly active ingredients, such as atropine with the only means free pharmacy selling without special recipes.

Therefore, the main goal of the proposed solution is to simplify the composition of the medicinal product, while maintaining therapeutic effect. An additional goal is to reduce the cost and the expansion of the consumer.

This objective is achieved in that in a well-known homeopathic drug, possess spasmolytic activity containing Colocynth (colocynthis citrullus), the magnesium phosphorica (magnesium phosphrica), according to the invention additionally introduced Arnica (arnica montana), Cocculus (cocculus) and belladonna (belladonna), all components are taken in breeding 4 CH in the following ratio of components, g:

Colocynth (colocynthis citrullus) - 10

Magnesium phosphorica (magnesium phosphrica) - 10

Arnica (arnica montana) - 10

Cocculus (cocculus) - 10

Belladonna - 10

Alcohol 70% - Up to 5000

We offer homeopathic medicine has a strong antispasmodic action. Effective for migraines, pilorospazme, cholicistitus, spastic colitis, and intestinal, hepatic and renal colic.

As can be seen from the statement of the essence of the proposed solutions, it differs from the prototype and, therefore, is new.

The solution corresponding to the use of printzina similarity in the range of extremely small doses. Under this provision, the amount of medication should be minimal. Following this position, the ideal would be in each case to find a single drug that would be completely consistent with the symptom, nosological form and Constitution of the patient. To find such only remedy is quite difficult for one patient. Therefore, the purpose of 3 to 5 drugs in one prescription can be considered correct.

The basis of the invention the task is improving the homeopathic medicines that have antispasmodic activity containing Colocynth (colocynthis citrullus), the magnesium phosphorica (magnesium phosphorica), in which, due to the additional introduction of the Arnica (arnica montana), Cocculus (cocculus) and belladonna (belladonna) in higher dilutions, provided antispasmodic effect on smooth and striated muscles, increase the elasticity of blood vessels, harmonization of the activities of the autonomic nervous system, and due to this, when using drugs with a simpler recipe, achieved sustained therapeutic effect. The absence of toxic substances in low dilutions makes available the

The inclusion in the composition of Arnica (arnica montana), Cocculus (cocculus) and belladonna (belladonna) in higher dilutions allows relieve spasms of very different origin. The effect on the body is deeper, which is characteristic of lower dilutions.

In this case, the drugs included in the proposed composition, complement each other, enhancing the effectiveness of the antispasmodic effect on the brain vessels, peripheral, and pulmonary arteries, the vessels of the bronchi, intestines, stomach, bladder.

It should be borne in mind that we offer the drug goes well with classic therapy using antispasmodic, obtained in the synthesis of complex chemical substances. However, the use of these chemicals can be significantly reduced, which reduces the likelihood of their negative effects on the body. At the same time, we offer drug, acting on the patient, stimulates its defense mechanism that leads to the removal of the main symptoms of the disease, which manifest themselves in the form of convulsive States.

Medicines for a wide range of user who stannah means in the conventional sense. The same tool is fraught with the potential to affect a variety of diseases, in some cases acting directly on the analytic substrate, and the other through the altered reactivity of the organism. The same pathological process can influence a variety of means, not related to each other either by chemical structure or physiological properties, but related toxicodynamic. So, for Arnica leading symptoms are mental workload, heavy physical work, physical trauma history, belladonna is the propensity for high fever, Cocculus - strong weakness due to uneven strain. Drug pathogenesis of substances listed in the proposed recipe, has a wide range [8], but in this case, their combination enhances mainly their antispasmodic activity.

The nature of the proposed action of the drug suggests that its components are not antagonists, compatible and moreover do not create effect "victimize" acting on the smooth and striated muscles.

It gives the basis to enter into the practice of medicine over a wide range is applicable, as can be produced and used in medical practice without any restrictions.

Homeopathic medicine, have antispasmodic effect "Spatial-ARN" prepared as follows. 10 g of Arnica, Cocculus, Colocynth, belladonna and magnesium of phosphoricum taken in breeding 4 CH, mixed with 5950, alcohol 70%. So get these components in breeding 6 CH, i.e. higher. Then thus obtained breeding is used to produce pellets by known techniques [9]. In ready-to-use drug form, all of the above homeopathic medicines are breeding up to 6 CH. All these drugs included in the inventive card, compatible and approved for use by the order of Ministry of health of the USSR N 165 from 03.08.89 and the Ministry of health.

Example 1. Patient G., 28 years old, complaining of severe pain cramping in nature in the umbilicus, accompanied by the feeling that painful place like a tight Hoop that forces you to bend in half. Pain overtake, as a rule, when emotional stress or after eating tonic cold drinks.

the graphy, the marked increase in the size of the gall bladder), and chronic left indexitem, there oxaluria, dolichosigmoid.

To therapy, appointed by the gynecologist, added "Spatial-ARN" 6 grains 4 times a day 30 minutes before meals and at pains an additional 6 grains of re-admission after 5 to 10 minutes

After 3 weeks, the patient reported a reduction of pain attacks and their intensity, but there were frequent urination and the accompanying pain. In urine analysis found an increase in the number of cells to 20 - 22 in the field of view, the leached erythrocytes 3 - 5 in the field of view, unmodified 10 - 12 in field of view, the appearance of amorphous phosphates in sediments on the background of oxalates.

The patient is asked to change the regimen of homeopathic medicines. "Spatial-FRN assigned to receive according to the following scheme: two days take 6 pellets 4 times a day, on the third day - break for 6 weeks.

1.5 months at the reception mentioned that 2 weeks after schema changes taking homeopathic medicines are gone cramps and frequent urination, disappeared by this time also pain at the umbilicus. Echosonography showed that the liver is not increased, the iron has a regular size. Analysis of urine is close to normal, the conclusion of the gynecologist - healthy. Recommended to continue taking Spatial-ARN" twice a week for 6 grains 4 times a day for 3 months.

Example 2. Patient I., 73 years old complains of dizziness, worse when turning the head to the right, with a sharp rise from the bed, which is periodically accompanied by nausea, weakness, periodically headaches, especially after a heavy meal. Pains are changeable in nature, the relief comes after a short night's sleep.

If the examination revealed that the patient 70 years suffered an ischemic stroke in the basin of the left middle cerebral artery and is on allopathic treatment. Regularly takes nootropil, cinnarizin, aspirin. With headaches and dizziness takes papaverine with platifina, reglan, etc.

Objectively also noted that the patient of average weight, active, somewhat irritable, has pale skin, a slight intelicast eyes, breathing above the light, vesicular, muffled heart sounds, rhythmic activity, heart rate 80 beats/min, BP 150/100 mm RT. Art., abdomen moderately swollen, sensitive to palpation in the right upper quadrant, liver +1 cm for sceinic 3 times a day 30 minutes before meals for 1 month.

Months later, the patient noted a decrease bloating, headaches, worry less and are associated with food intake, there are fewer dizziness, but the nausea disappeared. Objective data without changes.

Asked to accept Spatial-ARN" to 6 grains 3 times a day 30 minutes before meals a day for 2.5 - 3 months.

After 2.5 months on reception at the doctor homeopath noted that the patient had disappeared headaches and dizziness, decreased irritability, bloating no, the chair is more regular. In the objective status also noted that muffled heart sounds, rhythmic activity, heart rate 76 beats/min, BP 135/90 mm RT. senior abdomen soft, liver +0.5 cm at the expense of the left lobe.

The patient is asked to continue to take "Spatial-ARN" 6 grains 3 times a day 30 minutes before meals 2 times per week.

As can be seen from the above, the use of "Spatial-ARN" to relieve symptoms of various disorders through comprehensive antispasmodic effect on the musculature of several bodies at the same time. This homeopathic medicine is well combined with allopathic and other drugs, no side effects and has no protivotoka is ASEE Colocynth (colocynthis citrullus), magnesium phosphorica (magnesium phosphorica), characterized in that it further comprises Arnica (arnica montana), Cocculus (cocculus) and belladonna (belladonna), and alcohol, all components are taken in breeding 4 CH with the following component ratio, g:

Colocynth (colocynthys citrullys) - 10

Magnesium phosphorica (magnesium phosphorica) - 10

Arnica (arnica montana) - 10

Cocculus (cocculus) - 10

Belladonna - 10

Alcohol 70% - Up To 5000


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