Wheeled vehicle


(57) Abstract:

The invention relates to wheeled forestry machines, frame design which allows the use in the manufacture of a fully assembled power unit of the tractor. For this frame (2) of the machine containing the longitudinal side members (3 and 4) with holes in the walls made from the top shelf, includes appropriate to cut the flanges (12) with the base platform (13) securing the power module (1). Support platform (13) is perpendicular to the attachment surface, and reinforcing the nodes located in the area of the cut, consist of two uprights rigidly fixed to the walls of the side members, with the holes located on the top shelf of the spar, strut bushings and tightening rack bolt with nut. Racks can be made U-shaped section, with their outer shelf form the attachment surface for attaching the flange (12). 2 C.p. f-crystals, 3 ill.

The invention relates to vehicles, particularly wheeled forestry machines.

Known wheel forestry tractor, a frame which contains the United transverse relationship to the longitudinal spars with cutouts in the walls, vypolneniiu (and.with. USSR N 984915, B 62 D 21/02).

Closest to the proposed technical solution wheeled vehicles (application Germany N 2743418, B 62 D 21/00), according to which the frame includes longitudinal side members with openings in the walls made from the bottom shelf, and matching neck flanges with a support platform for mounting bridge power module, as well as amplifying host in place of the cut of the spar.

A disadvantage of the known solutions is the fact that the implementation of the spars with a cutout in the wall from the bottom shelf to allow Assembly and disassembly of the power module (engine, transmission and axle) in the collection, but only separately.

The basis of the invention is to create a vehicle designed for forestry work using the power module wheeled tractor.

According to the invention to achieve the main goal is the implementation of a frame containing the longitudinal spars with cutouts in the walls from the top shelf, corresponding to the cutout in the side member flanges with the reference area, located perpendicular to the attachment surface, and a reinforcing Assembly that consists of two vertical posts rigidly sacramentoca, placed between the posts, and the trailing element. This rack can be made U-shaped section, and a locking element in the form of a bolted connection.

Compared with the prototype frame proposed vehicle differs in that the cutouts in the walls of the side members are made from the top shelf, a platform mounting the power module located on the flanges perpendicular to the attachment face of the flange, and reinforcing the site consists of two rigidly mounted perpendicular to the wall side member uprights with holes located above the upper shear webs, spacers installed between the posts, and a closing element in the form of bolt connection, tightening the rack.

In Fig. 1 shows a General view of the front frame of the vehicle of Fig. 2 - section a-a in Fig. 1, in Fig. 3 - section b-b In Fig. 2.

Vehicle includes power module 1, for example from the tractor Belarus MTZ-80, and the front frame 2, which includes the side members 3 and 4 are interconnected by means of cross ties 5. The spars are made in the form of interconnected vertical walls 6 of the upper and lower shelves 7 and 8, respectively, having a box-shaped secessionism node. Amplifying the site includes welded to the spar 9 hours, having a U-shaped cross section and covering the top shelf. When this outer shelf 10 both racks form the attachment surface, to which the bolt 11 is fastened to the flange 12 with the base platform 13. In enclosures with holes 14, which installed a bolt 15 and a nut 16. This screwed contracted hours 9 through the spacer 17.

When the frill of the machine with the frame removed, the flanges 12, the bolts 15 and sleeve 17 and install the power unit of the tractor Assembly on the front support 18. When this sleeve wheels are placed in the cutouts of the side members. After that installed the flanges 12 and secured by bolts 11 to the side members and the bolts 19 through the holes in the frame to the sleeves wheels, then tightened the bolt 15 of the trailing element. The dismantling of the power module in the reverse order.

1. Wheeled vehicle primarily forestry purposes, containing a power module and a frame including longitudinal side members with openings in the walls, corresponding to the notches of the flanges with the reference area for the power module and enhance the site in places cut, characterized in that Thu is on the attachment face of the flange, this enhances the site includes two fixed perpendicular to the walls of the spar racks with holes formed on the upper shelf side member located between the racks spacer and tightening rack trailing element.

2. Wheeled vehicle under item 1, characterized in that the reception amplifying unit is designed U-shaped section.

3. Wheeled vehicle under item 1, characterized in that the closing element is designed as bolted connection.


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