Device for producing granules


(57) Abstract:

The device relates to mechanisms for processing clay with subsequent granulation. The technical result - the device allows you to prepare a raw material to obtain granules with subsequent granulation. The device consists of two discs coaxially rotating forming the cage with your fingers. At the edges of the disks installed ring 3 with an adjustable gap. 1 Il.

The invention relates to mechanisms for processing clay with subsequent granulation, the device can be used in other industries for processing of plastic materials in order to obtain granules.

Question pellet production in the ceramic industry is not resolved at the appropriate level. The use of perforated rollers, belt presses, allows to obtain granules, but a large enough size and obtain granules with a diameter of 0.5-13,0 mm is mainly decided by drying and crushing the clay, followed by sieving.

The disadvantage of this method is the large dust content up to 30%, a significant variance in size, and the granules have sharp edges, which are prone to destruction in the process transactionsin way quite effectively, virtually no, or they are extremely inefficient.

Famous pocket cage mill, consisting of two discs-baskets mounted on shafts rotating in opposite directions. For drives mounted in 2-3 series of concentric circles cylindrical fingers, arranged so that each row can freely enter between the two rows of the other. The processed material is fed through the hopper to the center of the disk. During the rapid rotation (up to 1200 rpm) baskets pieces of crushed material receive blows, knocking them on the fingers of one series to the fingers of the counter number to the periphery of the disks, the result is thrown away (see Burlakov, S. fundamentals of engineering ceramics and artificial porous aggregates. -M.: Higher school, 1972). The cage mill is used for crushing coal, diatomite, and other materials having a small hardness. In the pocket disintegrator possible treatment of the clay with the aim of crushing and producing pellets, but the clay granules with natural humidity do not have simple forms and large variance in size, and also at the exit of the cage due to centrifugal forces stick and enough commersonia on the cover of the cage. As a result of these weeks ineffective.

The technical result - the device that allows you to obtain granules with a diameter of 0.5-3.0 mm, rounded, with a slight variance in diameter. This technical result is achieved in that the raw material is rolled between two rotating disks with the appropriate clearance.

The invention is illustrated in the drawing, which depicts a granulator. The pellet contains two disks 1 coaxially rotating, while at the center, they form a pocket of the cage with 2 fingers, destroying large chunks. At the edges of the discs 1 set of ring 3 with an adjustable gap 4.

Granulator operates as follows. Clay goes through the center of the disk in the cavity formed by the discs 1 and 2 fingers, due to centrifugal force 1 and force of gravity, depending on the angle of inclination of the disks to the force vector of gravity falls on the fingers 2, rotating in different directions with respect to the motion vector of the material, crushing and fall into the gap formed by the plot And where the disk surface has a curved shape that allows you to break the lumps, without clogging the space between the disks and smoothly flowing to the rings, where the clay is rolled, getting a rounded shape in a certain interval on delendam temperature range.

Practice showed the following variation in the diameter of the granules of 0.5-1 mm - 71,8%, 0.25-0.5 mm - 20,3%, less than 0.25, i.e. dust fraction - 7,83%.

Thus, the use of the proposed device will allow you to effectively obtain granules to 1.2 mm of clay plastic method, not requiring pre-treatment of the clay, which will reduce the energy intensity of the raw-material stage. And also provides undoubted convenience in the further use of the pellets, because they are rounded, and therefore will reduce dust, improve the conditions of heat treatment due to the small difference in size of the granules. The above advantages allow efficient use of pellets in the production of articles by hot pressing, as digidrirovanny additives, to carry out heating, calcination of the pellets in a fluidized bed and other

Device for producing granules, consisting of two rotating disks mounted on them with your fingers, characterized in that the edges of the disks installed ring with an adjustable gap.


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EFFECT: increased efficiency of granulator, of strength of granules and increased uniformity of granulometric composition of product.

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EFFECT: faster pelletising, higher yield of 0,75-2,5 mm-fractions, uniform shape and density, reduced moisture content.

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SUBSTANCE: method is carried out through the following consecutive steps: feeding, mixing, moistening with binder, preliminary granulation and granulation by pelletisation. The preliminary granulation step is carried out in a high-speed apparatus with mechanical activation of the initial mixture, to which the binder is added in an amount of 20-35 wt % of the total weight of the binder until establishing plastic strength of the mixture at a level of 20-30 kg/m2. The step for granulation by pelletisation is carried out by feeding microgranules obtained at the first granulation step onto the surface of a scuff plate rotating anticlockwise and at a rate higher than the critical rotation speed of the scuff plate. That step is carried out with simultaneous moistening by periodic fine spraying of the binder in amount of 4-15% of the total weight of the binder.

EFFECT: invention enables to granulate multi-component granular mixtures with particle size of 1-7 mm, and mixtures of enzymes and biologically active preparations.

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EFFECT: higher efficiency and yield, ruled out sticking to container inner wall.

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SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a device for producing multicomponent mixtures with additives of viscous fluid and can be used in food, pharmaceutical, chemical and other industries, for example for production of instant products in food industry. Mixer-granulator consists of inclined plate diameter of diameter Dtar with adjustable inclination angle to horizon, a drive to adjust rotation speed n, an activator installed perpendicular to bottom of disc in its second quarter and rotating from own drive in direction opposite to rotation of plate, blades of activator are in form of crescent-shaped blades, and 12 hour zone is fitted with a disc with size of (0.50.55) Dtar with a sharp edge. In upper part disc edge is spaced from side of plate with minimum clearance. Proposed knife and device for supply of liquid are located above plane of disc. Height of installation of disc from bottom plate sets layer thickness of scull on bottom plate by cutting with sharp cutting edge of rotating disc excess material stuck at bottom. During mixing of viscous liquid and loose components there is high degree of homogeneity and, consequently, high quality and homogeneity of size of obtained granules.

EFFECT: technical result is increased output of required size and density of fraction of granules, higher quality, faster granulation and drying of end product.

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FIELD: agriculture.

SUBSTANCE: method for producing granulated wood ash consists in pelletizing granule-forming particles while simultaneously feeding a powder component and a liquid component and subsequently drying the granules; according to the invention, as granule-forming particles, the screening of wood ash with the particle size up to 1.5 mmis used, pelletizing is carried out in a plate granulator, the plate being placed at an angle of 45-75 to the horizon, the plate rotation is carried out at a frequency of 27-29 rpm, the liquid component is represented by water, and as the powder component is represented by dry wood ash with a bulk density of 560-600 kg/m3, while the weight ratio of water/ash is maintained in the range of 0.27-0.29, the water and ash are continuously fed, allowing spontaneous rolling of wet granules over the plate flange of the plate granulator.

EFFECT: obtaining spherical granules from wood ash, with a specified particle size, having high static strength, with a high production volume and continuous equipment operation.

3 cl, 1 tbl, 1 dwg

FIELD: technological processes; chemistry.

SUBSTANCE: invention may be used for preparation of mud fluids, adsorbents and carriers, for catalysts on the basis of clays, for purification of oil products, oils, juices, and also in other areas of gel powder application. Method of gel powders preparation from bentonitic, palygorskite or kaolin clay includes preparation of clay raw materials until preset humidity and size, preliminary grinding, after which raw materials are averaged out by size of not more than 15 mm. Then drying is carried out in horizontally installed cylindrical drying drum in rotation mode and direct-flow motion of coolant flow. Drying is performed in coolant flow, which arrives with velocity of not more than 800 m3/hr, and temperature at the inlet and outlet of drying drum accordingly 140-150°C and 60-70°C with volume of raw materials supply of not more than 4-6 t/hr. Drying drum is used with length that provides temperature drop of 2.8-3.0°C/m by length. Prepared product with humidity of at least 9-10% is subjected to crushing till grain size of not more than 5 mm, powder is sifted with grain size of not more than 2.6 mm and subjected to disintegration at high-speed disintegrator with its averaging till thinness of finished product grind by means of additional grinding, and residue after sifting is subjected to additional three-stage crushing to obtain thinness of finished product grind. Process line is also suggested for method implementation.

EFFECT: increase of process efficiency and production of gel powders with high quality.

8 cl, 1 tbl, 2 ex, 1 dwg

FIELD: machine engineering.

SUBSTANCE: pretreatment of clay material carrier device comprises a frame in which the possibility of a parallel counter-rotating shafts fitted with many-sided disks on each shaft offset relative to each other to form peaks of the helical lines. Above the shaft with a gap relative set screw drives, the speed of which is less than the rotational speed of any of the shafts with discs. The apparatus also comprises a disk cleaning means including plurality of scrapers mounted on axles mounted in the supporting frame parallel to the respective shaft with the possibility of counter-rotation therewith, wherein the scrapers are spaced along each axis of the helix.

EFFECT: increased efficiency operation of the device by increasing the intensity of grinding the clay material while ensuring its qualitative removal of foreign bodies without destroying the latter.

6 cl, 4 dwg

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: device contains the drive shafts (2). The drive shafts are installed in the horizontal frame (1) at least at two levels in staggered order parallel to each other. Saw discs of at least two diameters with an alternating and a gap are mounted on the shafts. The saw discs of the corresponding diameter on adjacent shafts are arranged opposite each other. In the gaps on the shafts there are bushings with at least one tooth (5). Grates (6) are mounted between the shafts. One end of each grate is arranged in the gap between the saw discs of the top-level shaft. The other end is arranged in the gap between the corresponding saw discs of the lower-level shaft.

EFFECT: milling large frozen clay lumps for feeding into the clay preparation process line.

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