Block abankina support vehicles


(57) Abstract:

Unit support vehicles relates to mechanical engineering. The support block includes a hinge pin, which may be in the supine position on the floor of the cabin at a convenient place, even you can put under the seat, retaining bushing, drive with locking Cams, spring, lock cap. In the process block is raised to the vertical position, lower it down until it stops locking cap in drive and press on the locking key, by turning which the locking block bearing between the cap and the disk is fixed in the bottom of why there is radiatia spring and move the rod bearing down. As a result, the rod will rest on the plane Parking, and if under the rod, the plane was below the level of the wheels, the rod falls below until it stops without returning back. This vehicle more securely snaps onto the Parking lot. At the exit of the driver from the car or after discharge from the springs raise the vehicle, the rod is extended. The technical result of the invention is to lock the vehicle in the Parking lot. 4 Il.

The invention relates to transport mashinostroitelyniy foundations for sustainable fastening on the elect, but not always favorable to the plane of the ground in all sorts of weather conditions, some for sustainability uniaxial trailers, others for work on the ground as excavators, cranes, excavators and many other machines.

As a prototype can be taken the support device of the semi-trailer. (1493512, 15.07.89)

On the frame of the vehicle hinged housing supporting a drain placed between the coupling device with retractable telescopic sections and with the help of springs with the direction in the plane of the Parking lot. Violations of their attackers is available.

The aim of the invention is not only reliable stability of the vehicle on the Parking lot, but the use of the invention as anti-theft tools.

Fig. 1 is a side view (the rod in the supine position),

Fig. 2 - bearing, top view,

Fig. 3 - bearing, side view - position vertical raised,

Fig. 4 - bearing, side view - vertical position, omitted.

In the bottom of the cab is cut the hole, which is hardened on the bottom and top powerful disk 1, which introduces the hinge rod 2, it is put on the retaining sleeve 3, in which top-down internally with odvisniki down locking Cams 4, on it goes even drive to stop the spring from the bore 5, is lowered down the spring 6, the bushing is worn, the locking cap 7, and the top center is inserted into the locking key 8, which is closed to stop the disc, the lower extremity of the rod is hinged to the sleeve two beams 9 length mounting springs or to power the mounting points for the bumper also articulated sleeves 10. The design of the lock is not indicated because of the individual diversity.

The work side of the support block is the following: it is necessary to raise to the vertical position of the block support rod 11 and put it through the disk hole of the bottom of the cab to lock the locking cap in the upper disc plate, where it is the closure of the castle; to carry out pressing on the locking (locking) key and turn, it will move the retaining disk, salapoliisi in hats, the spring will be released for free pressure, the rod will acquire the potency of the downward movement, when the driver get out of the car. At this point the vehicle is not all my weight is on the wheels, and significantly on the rod. Beams play an important role guiding rod, forming a hard trihedron, opposing buckaroo in the bottom of the cab is cut the hole, covered top and bottom with powerful drives, where you can enter the hinge pin that fits the lock sleeve, it drops the disc moving down locking Cams and a disk with a hole at the center, where falls the spring, the sleeve is put on the locking cap and the top center is inserted into the locking key that is locked in the stop disc, the lower part of the rod is pivotally mounted beam, passing to the mounting springs or bumpers, where they are pivotally attached to education hard trihedron under the bottom of the vehicle.


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