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Barbecue relates to the field of catering and can be used in restaurant, cafe, mobile power point. The barbecue includes a housing, a heater, made in the form of a module with heating elements. The heating elements are 2-4 levels, each in its own vertical plane in the Central part of the oven. The last formed easily removable bottom reflector-tray, two side reflectors-doors, fitted with insulated handle, latch retention in the closed position and lock removing the side doors with a device for washing at the end of the work, and the fixed reflectors. On the reflectors fixed thermo-radiating module and are equipped with a locking system in a predetermined position by manual rotation of the skewers. The skewers are placed on both sides of the heater for two, four, and five levels, each in its own vertical plane in the isothermal zone. The heater can be used in catalytic or electric elements of cylindrical shape. 2 C.p. f-crystals, 3 ill.

The invention relates to the field of the public who CLASS="ptx2">

A device for thermo radiation processing of food products, comprising a frame on which are mounted the skewers and a pallet of fuel. The use of this device it is possible outdoors or indoors, equipped with exhaust ventilation.

A significant drawback is the presence of very long preparatory phase, when the fuel should burn out, forming a heated ash, and short working period - cool ash.

Known electrocasnice of ASV 1,0/220-1, comprising a vertical cylindrical heating chamber with a heating element located in the chamber axis and skewers around connected with electric drive. The casing is formed of two semi-cylinders on hinges connected by means of two latches of the insulation material [RF Patent N 2000732, class A 47 J 37/04, bull. N 37, 38, 1993].

The disadvantage of this system is the poor stability (the ratio of the projection area of the base to the height), which by a slight push may lead to the downfall of the device sideways. Design of fasteners assumes when opening and closing the use of both hands, which creates discomfort. The physical dimensions of latches which are spattered grease. When washing water can penetrate into the base of the device that when turned on again may cause a short circuit or a break in the case.

A device for roasting food, consisting of a body with a Central pole and two testcaseclassname it drives having a sleeve for skewers, equipped with a mechanism for turning the skewers around its axis [RF Patent N 1793897, class A 47 J 37/04, bull. N 5, 1993].

The disadvantage of this system is the large number of operations during loading and unloading of skewers, in addition, in the cooking process, heating of the skewers and spit, and, therefore, when removing from the chamber and removing the skewers possible skin burns. To access the skewer, you must perform four intermediate operations: (1) to open the door of the oven; (2) wear a glove with insulating gasket; (3) remove the Central hot spit; (4) to remove the Central skewer skewer.

Closest to the present invention is a device [Ed. St. USSR N 1237163, class A 47 J 37/4, bull. N 22, 1986] for frying food products, comprising a housing with glass Windows, inside of which is placed a heater consisting of a horizontally mounted above one dinie trochanter. The IR emitters are set so that the distance between them increases from the bottom up according to the law of increasing arithmetic progression, with the wire of each transducer has a Central straight line segment whose length is equal to 0.08 length of the radiator.

Famous barbecue has the following disadvantages: lack of system, eliminating splashing juice and fat space in front of the barbecue in the process of nomination and withdrawal of the cassette; a viewing window requires special arrangements for the workplace of the operator, as the infrared radiation has harmful effects especially on the eyes; in the cooking process, a spattering grease and juice glass; poor control over the cooking process, so as to do this the operator must bend down to the level of skewers; the presence of additional operations: insert a skewer into the cassette and the cassette to be inserted into the compartment; molded case design makes it difficult to prophylaxis (cleaning) after work.

The invention solves the problem simplify operation, enhance security, and opportunities barbecue in Autonomous conditions.

The problem is solved by the following design and barbecue. The quality is on propane-butane. The gas module is assembled from cylindrical environmentally friendly catalytic heating elements [RF Patent N 2062402, CL F 23 D 14/18, bull. N 17, 1996].

The barbecue has an easily removable module - gas and electric. In the module, the heating elements are situated one on one, two, three and four levels, each in its own vertical plane. The module is located in the Central part of the oven. The oven is a system consisting of subsystems - reflectors, flues, skewers. The oven consists of forming the frame top, front and rear reflectors and easily removable two side reflectors - doors and lower the reflector tray. System of flues and barbecue consists of flues module and flues of the oven. In a module, the ducts formed by the mutual arrangement of the heating elements in the oven chamber by the gaps between them and the side reflectors area (suction) and the top and side reflectors (evacuation zone). The area of transport formed a free space of the oven. The skewers are located on both sides of the heating elements two, three, four and five levels in the isothermal zone. Skewers supplied with the system is, what aselli and locking attikou) to remove the door. Easily removable door and trays offer convenience when washing after work. The use of balloon system allows you to use the barbecue in mobile and temporary food outlets. The use of environmentally friendly process (flameless combustion) extends barbecue by using as a convector or reflector when otstegnutt one door.

In Fig. 1 depicts a barbecue, front view; Fig. 2 - section a-a in Fig. 1; Fig. 3 shows a gas scheme thermo-radiating module.

Barbecue consists of a thermo-radiating module 1 with catalytic heating elements 2.1-2.4, side reflectors 3 and a casing 4, collected in the form of a door with a handle 5 and the latch 6. Door leave us from the body of the lock 7. The upper reflector 8 with the casing 9 is connected by screws with the reflectors 10, 11 and form a frame, which closes below the folding frame 12 attached to her legs 13 and spacers 14. The strip is set lower reflector - tray 15. On the front panel is mounted thermo-radiating module housing 16. On both sides of the module on five levels in the isothermal zone is located nests us is of the angle of rotation of the skewers 18.1-18.10. Skewers 19.1-19.10 inserted into the sleeve on the rear panel 18.1-18.10 and socket on the front panel 17.1-17.10.

The key feature of the catalytic heating element is the presence of two modes, start-up and working. The starting mode is a short (1-3 minutes) flame heating of the catalyst until the temperature of the beginning of autocatalysis (250oC). The operating mode is a flameless environmentally friendly combustion at a temperature of 500-600oC.

The main purpose barbecue is barbecue cooking. The system involves manual rotation of each skewer that brings in the process of making the element of creativity, is the operator's attention during the whole cycle, which eliminates the marriage and thus achieve high palatability of meat. The door barbecue opens with one hand, which creates comfort.

In addition to the direct purpose barbecue can be used as a heating device in the form of a convector or when otstegnutt one door in the form of a reflector. Autonomy along with environmental friendliness makes the device particularly valuable in field conditions. The use of electrical extension dopolnitelnoi skewers, the heater is made in the form of a module with 2 - 4 heating elements, wherein the elements are located on 2 - 4 levels, each in its own vertical plane in the Central part of the oven formed easily removable bottom reflector-tray, two side reflectors-doors, fitted with insulated handle, latch retention in the closed position and lock removing the side doors with a device for washing at the end of the work, and the fixed reflectors: top, front and rear, on which is mounted thermo-radiating module and are equipped with a locking system in a given hand rotation position skewers, which are arranged on both sides of the heater at two, four and five levels, each in its own vertical plane in the isothermal zone.

2. Barbecue under item 1, characterized in that the applied catalytic heating element is cylindrical in shape.

3. Barbecue under item 1, characterized in that the applied electric element has a cylindrical shape.


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EFFECT: expansion of technological possibilities of the device, creation of conditions for convenient arranging in the working chamber of various aspects of foodstuff.

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SUBSTANCE: ash pit chamber volume is increased to fuel chamber volume by dividing fuel and ash pit chambers by means of threes grates. Grids are supported by sixth row of brickwork. Brickwork protrudes inside the stove over the ash pit chamber. Hot coals from wood burnt in fuel chamber are removed and placed into the ash pit, and a chargrill-substituting device is placed into the fuel chamber. The said device is a hollow rectangular metal box with three slots at ends to rotate spitters with meat.

EFFECT: shashlik may be prepared in russian stove all year round, regardless of weather.

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EFFECT: possibility of automatic sprinkling the cooked product with fat.

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