The installation of hot water systems


(57) Abstract:

The installation of hot water systems intended for use in residential premises for hot water when you disable a centralised hot water supply. The device includes a heater in the form of a washing machine with an automatic mode of operation, temperature controller, a cold water supply pipe, storage tank hot water supply line hot water in the storage tank of hot water from the water heater. The storage tank hot water is supplied by a sensor alarm volume of water and the pipeline through which the storage tank is connected with shower mixer. The objective of the invention is the provision of hot water without additional material costs. 1 Il.

The invention relates to household appliances and can be used preferably in a residential installation for hot water supply in case of power centralized hot water.

A device for preheating water, heated for a shower using fresh and water, with the heat exchanger, which is connected with the supporting surface of tray. Halobiontic drain for the water. For placement of the heat exchanger above the base of tray channel of the heat exchanger is adapted for placement on the top side of the base of tray. The flow passing through the heat exchanger, made in the form of a channel located above the base of tray. /DE, patent 3319638, class E 03 C 1/044, 1983/.

It is also known shower unit with heat exchanger and flow heater, which comprises a heat exchanger between the water flowing from the shower tray, and fresh water in an electric flow heater and additionally heated in it. The device has a temperature sensor that sets the actual temperature of fresh water, preheated in the heat exchanger. Necessary electrical power flow heater is installed in accordance with the temperature difference between the actual temperature and the set temperature of the shower water, determined by the setting device, and in accordance with the consumption of fresh water /DE, patent 3919543, E 03 C 1/044, 1990/.

However, the known device is based on a special design of the heater, which requires additional material costs.

Ass what Itanium available home appliances, allowing for the use of the invention, and it corresponds to the criterion of industrial applicability.

The objective of the invention is solved due to the fact that the apparatus comprises a heater with a temperature controller, piping hot water, cold water supply pipe and the storage tank of hot water that a flexible hose connected to the heater and provided with a sensor alarm volume of water, and the storage tank by means of pipe is connected preferably with shower mixer and as a water heater used washing machine with automatic operation mode.

The invention is illustrated by the drawing, which shows a General view of the facility.

Installation for hot water supply contains the heater 1 in the form of a washing machine with an automatic mode, which has a button 2 /or the rotary knob/ to disable all operating modes of the machine, in addition to heat water and pump, the storage tank 3 hot water sensor alarm 4 volume of water, the cold water supply pipe 5, the hot water pipes 6 and piping hot water 7 from the storage tank in shower mixer, or for ispolzovat way.

The washing machine 1 is filled with cold water, the button 2 is disconnected from all modes, in addition to heat water and pump operation. After heating the water to a predetermined temperature activated pump washing machine and produces hot water by pipeline 6 into the storage tank 3.

Sensor alarm system water volume 4 of the storage tank 3 is set to "not completed"- washing machine continues to gain and heat the water, pour it into the storage tank, and after filling the tank with hot water sensor triggers the alarm, which, in the position of "full", it gives the command to shut off the washing machine - water flow in the washing machine and the heating is stopped, and stops the operation of the pump.

The use of hot water from the storage tank is at the discretion of the consumer or through a shower mixer, with which the pipe 7 is connected to the tank 3, or coming directly from the pipeline 7. To use the washing machine for its intended purpose, disconnect the pipe 6 and include a car on one of its modes of operation.

Installation for hot water supply, including water heater with a temperature controller, the pipeline pod is whose water which a flexible hose connected to the heater and provided with a sensor alarm volume water, with the storage tank by means of pipe is connected preferably with the shower faucet and the water heater is made in the form of a washing machine with an automatic mode of operation.


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FIELD: personal effects.

SUBSTANCE: evaporative unit for washing machine consists of a body with water storage area, heater located inside machine body to heat water and circuit breaker preventing overheating. Temperature sensor is located close to the second end of heater opposite to the first end. Sensor measures temperature at the second end of heater. According to option 2 of invention, heater is inclined so that the end area where circuit breaker in installed is above opposite end. If evaporative unit is installed in washing machine with inclination, one heater end where circuit breaker is installed is above opposite heater end.

EFFECT: prevention of inflammation and body deformation due to heater overheating.

9 cl, 12 dwg

FIELD: textile fabrics; washing.

SUBSTANCE: washing machine with steam generator that selectively supplies steam to drum contains element of washing mode selection for user selection of mode with application of steam; display device for display of the fact whether mode with steam application has been selected; control device for regulation of supply to tank or drum of such amount of steam, which corresponds to set mode, if the mode set uses steam. Washing machine in other version contains element of mode selection for user selection of washing mode; element of steam selection for user selection of steam application in selected mode; control device for control of steam generator on the basis of information about set mode from element of mode selection and signal of steam setting from element of steam selection.

EFFECT: higher convenience of washing machine usage by user and increase of washing efficiency, elimination of violations of normal operation of steam generator.

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SUBSTANCE: steam generator of washing or drying machine comprises housing to keep water intended for steam generation and separate-type water level pickup. The latter comprises common electrode assembly built in the said housing and including common electrode and common electrode mount. It comprises also the first water level electrode assembly made up of the first water level electrode and its mount. Aforesaid assembly is separated from the common electrode assembly and fitted into the housing. The common electrode assembly additionally incorporates the second water level electrode.

EFFECT: elimination of improper operation caused by connection of electrodes due to ingress of water into electrodes leadouts.

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FIELD: mechanics.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to drum-type washing machines and steam generator that facilitates linen washing and drying, eliminates folds and sterilises linen. Proposed steam generator incorporates steam-generator assembly with water feed inlet and water outlet arranged on the opposite side, and chamber arranged between aforesaid inlet and outlet. Water feed pipe communicates with water inlet and serves to feed water into aforesaid chamber. Outlet pipe communicates with the machine and serves to direct steam flow generated in aforesaid chamber. Bypass pipe communicates with water feed pipe and serves to release excess water from steam-generator assembly, if water is fed when outlet and/or outlet pipe are plugged.

EFFECT: heater serves to heat water fed through machine inlet to generate steam.

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FIELD: individual supplies.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to device for washing clothes which has a steam generator. The device prevents from excess water supply into a housing and undesired steam flow derived in the steam generator into a water delivery valve, and it also eliminate excess pressure caused by steam derived in the housing. The device preventing from supplying excess water into the housing is hollow float which moves vertically according to quantity of water delivered into the housing in order to open and close ports for water supply. The device preventing reverse steam flow derived in the housing through the port of water supply is non-return valve which allows delivering water only inside of the housing. The valve is mounted between the port of water supply and the water delivery valve. An air-release device for elimination of excess pressure caused by steam derived in the housing is a pressure-relief valve which opens to eliminate excess pressure. The air-release valve is placed in a secondary pipe deviating from a steam delivery pipe.

EFFECT: steam generator is controlled effectively thereby extending service life of the device for washing clothes and increasing the reliability.

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FIELD: heating.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to heating device of appliance with water conduit for operation on running and/or contaminated water, namely for electric household appliances, such as washing or dishwashing machine; at that, heating device has at least one heating element, and this heating element is located on or in water conduit; at that, water conduit wall has the hole in the heater zone and conductivity metre is also provided, which is installed so that it is in the zone of that hole or protrudes through the hole inside water conduit.

EFFECT: invention allows optimising the need for washing liquids owing to improved measuring devices of water and time saving.

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Washing machine // 2401346

FIELD: textile industry.

SUBSTANCE: washing machine for washing and cleaning of clothes using water comprises vessel, tank arranged in vessel, drum, which rotates inside tank and where clothes to be washed are placed, and engine, which provides for rotation of drum. Washing machine also comprises heat exchanger, which exchanges heat with engine and provides for required water for any of washing program cycles. Water shall be taken at earlier stage and is heated by means of heat generated by engine. Heat exchanger is connected to tank by one end to transfer heated water into tank in according cycle. Heat generated by engine, which puts drum in motion, is used to heat water inside heat exchanger.

EFFECT: creation of washing machine providing for energy saving, in which temperature of water for washing will be increasing as a result of heat application from motive circuit.

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FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: washing machine comprises housing accommodating steam generator arranged there inside. Said steam generator comprises water chamber. Said water chamber incorporates water heater and steam chamber to accumulate steam generated as water is heated. Vertical water chamber length exceeds horizontal length. Steam chamber horizontal length exceeds water chamber horizontal length. Hear is arranged vertically in water chamber.

EFFECT: higher operating performances, ease of steam generator mounting in washing machine.

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FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: front- and vertical-loading household washing machine comprises of perforated rotary drum; tank in-built into the body of the washing machine and containing the above drum; controlled drive for rotation of the above drum and selective controlled heating device for heating of liquid in drum. Controlled heating device contains at least one induction coil located outside of the tank. Washing machine has metal screen connected to induction coil for heating of the selected part of drum. Induction coil has specific orientation to provide maximum emission of electromagnetic field directed towards drum. Induction coil is preferably to be located in the lower part of washing machine below the tank. Washing machine is equipped with control device able to activate the above induction coil during final centrifuging stage in washing cycle and after it.

EFFECT: reduction of power consumption by washing machine.

13 cl, 2 dwg

FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: household electric appliance (1) has operating mode of textile treatment with steam. When active program of hot steam textile treatment is interrupted at least one measure will be taken to protect household electric appliance (1). Measure represents at least one warning signal to attract user's attention to hot steam inside chamber of textile treatment or steam output from chamber with textile products. Household electric appliance (1) contains control device and memory purposed for storage of at least one program of textile treatment with hot steam, at that control device can implement the method described in this invention.

EFFECT: higher safety of household appliance use.

24 cl, 3 dwg

FIELD: heating systems; liquid heating systems.

SUBSTANCE: under-ceiling non-evaporating widening tank of heating system has solid casing in form of a canister with level-metering pipe, widening space communicating with heating system and air space separated hermetically from widening space by soft membrane. Air space communicates with environmental air. Membrane is made inform of air bag. Neck of bag is withdrawn out of neck of casing and is connected hermetically with the neck. Plug provided with air hole is tightly inserted into neck of casing. Plug is fastened by screwed cap provided with air hole which is not aligned with hole in plug. Method of detecting of slow leaking of water from heating system is based upon the fact that temperature graph of the system is built in summer without heating. For the purpose values of water level in level-metering pipe of the tank at steady temperature are put along abscissa and values room temperature are put along ordinate; received calibrated curve is subject to calibration. The graph is taken as averaged temperature calibration graph and steady values of outside temperature are drawn above corresponding values of level. When taking subsequent measurements, the averaged temperature is determined again and if the value of level get lower it is assumed that water loss takes place because of leakage or evaporation of water caused by disturbance in leak-proofness of the air bag.

EFFECT: simplified design of tank; better degree of protection of membrane.

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FIELD: water supply systems.

SUBSTANCE: method comprises removing the valve from the seating threaded socket in the housing of the water tape, changing the sealing spacer in the stop valve, setting the ring collar that embraces the inlet port for water, and mounting the metal-cutting tool. The metal-cutting tool is made of spindle composed of the metal-cutting head secured in the cylindrical section with shank for connecting to a driver. The broken layers of metal are removed so that the recovered face of the ring collar is oriented perpendicular to the cylindrical surface of the seating threaded socket in the housing of the water tape. Then, the valve is mounted to the site, and the sealing spacer of the stop valve is pressed to the recovered face of the ring collar.

EFFECT: expanded functional capabilities.

15 cl, 9 dwg

FIELD: mechanics.

SUBSTANCE: water-mixing cock cartridge includes two ceramic plates adjusting temperature and flow of mixture of two liquids (F, C) entering the cartridge with various temperatures. In addition, it includes thermostatic devices made with possibility at least of automatic shutting off, at least partially, cartridge circulation (Ec) of the hottest entering liquid (C) at the inlet of plates, when mixture temperature (M) exceeds the specified threshold value (Td). At that, the above thermostatic devices include the following: hottest liquid (C) flow shutting off device restricted with cartridge at inlet of plates, and thermostatic element including temperature sensitive part located at least partially on the way of cartridge mixture (M) flow and at outlet of both plates, and movable part made with possibility of being offset relative to temperature sensitive part and moving together with shutting off device. At that, the latter is installed so that it can slide along offset direction (Z-Z) of movable part to cartridge zone restricting the flow of the hottest liquid (C) by means of sealing. Water-mixing cock is equipped with the above cartridge.

EFFECT: increasing operating safety of cock.

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FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: system has a connection to a water supply utility, at least one supply or lifting riser, at least with one branching floor pipeline and/or at least one branching circular pipeline in direction of water flow from the riser and/or the floor pipeline. The system is also equipped with a return riser, where the supply rise and/or the lifting riser and/or the floor pipeline and/or the circular pipeline end. At least one consumer is connected to the lifting riser and/or floor pipeline and/or circular pipeline. The system of pipelines forms a closed circulation pipeline from the supply riser or the lifting riser and the return riser. A device is integrated into this pipeline for cooling of flowing water, with the help of which a capability is provided for cooling, or potable or technical water is cooled to the specified temperature. The connection to the water supply network is on in direction of the flow upstream the inlet of the cooling device into the circular pipeline. A control valve, depending on the established temperature, at temperature above the specified value for water flowing via the pipeline, opens the flow to the maximum value, and if the temperature is below, it limits the flow to the minimum value.

EFFECT: compliance of water in a system with hygienic requirements.

17 cl, 15 dwg