The way to create relayed interference


(57) Abstract:

The invention relates to the field of radio communications and can be used when creating interference broadband communication systems. The method consists in the amplification of a received broadband signal with the duration of the elementary character of the SRP equal , remembering the implementation of duration T followed by multiple re-radiation. After amplification PSS rejection spectrum affected by noise and memorized the implementation distort the law of low-frequency SRP. The duration of the elementary character of the low-frequency SRPodetermine the ratio oTpwhere Tp- time search, a receiver, a broadband signal, whileochoose a multiple of the duration . The technical result consists in increasing the efficiency of action intentional interference by increasing the capacity of interference, distortion and radiation with different delays. 1 Il.

The present invention relates to the field of radio communications and can be used when creating interference broadband communication systems.

There is a method of creating relayed interference described in U.S. patent N 4228401, MKI H 04 B 7/14, which is retracage way low.

The closest in technical essence to the present invention is a method of creating a relayed interference described in U.S. patent N 4103237, MKI H 04 K 3/00.

This method consists in that the signal transmitter broadband signals take on the antenna, amplify, then memorize the implementation of a received signal of duration T after which it repeatedly re-radiate.

This signal is perceived by the receiver operating communication system as "your", it enters into a false synchronism relayed by the obstacle, losing the information transmitted.

The disadvantage of this method is low efficiency of interference.

To address this shortcoming in the method lies in the strengthening of the received broadband signal with a duration of elementary symbol pseudorandom sequence are equal , memorizing its implementation duration T followed by multiple re-emission, after the signal amplification rejection parts of the spectrum affected by noise and memorized the implementation distort the law of low-frequency SRP, the duration of elementary symbolowhich is determined from the ratiooTn

The inventive method consists in the following.

The emitted signal is received by the antenna, amplify, from the spectrum of the received signal rejection spectrum affected narrowband interference. The implementation of the "cleaned" from broadband interference signal of duration T remember and emit after manipulation of its phase [0,] by law, the low frequency of the SRP. The low-frequency parameters of the SRP is chosen on the basis of ratios:o= koTp. K is an integer, Tnthe time of the search receiver PSS. Tp= , - integer,o- = the duration of the low frequency element of the SRP, the duration element of the SRP relayed PSS.

The radiation of the distorted signal is performed with different delays.

To implement the proposed method can be used in the device shown in Fig. 1, where indicated:

1, 12 - antenna

2 - power high-frequency,

3 - block interference protection,

4 - storage device,

5 - phase arm,

6 - generator SRP,

7 - delay line,

8 - switch

9 - counter

10 - clock,

11 is an amplifier.

The device includes sequentially connection is through the n delay lines 7 is connected to n inputs of the switch 8. The output of the switch 8 via the amplifier 11 is connected to the antenna 12. Clock 10 through the meter 9 is connected with another group of n inputs of the switch 8. Generator SRP 6 is connected to a second input of the phase manipulator 5.

The input signal is received by the antenna 1, is amplified UHF 2, and then enters the protection block 3, which is a comb of narrow-band channels containing the filter and the detection device interference.

Paths that are experiencing interference, locked, resulting in rejections spectrum of the broadband signal affected by interference. Cleared from the interference signal is supplied to the storage device 4, which is memorized its implementation duration T. Memorized implementation is read from the storage device 4 and manipulated in phase in phase arm 5 according to the law of low-frequency SRP generated by the generator 6 SRP. The distorted signal through the delay line 71...7nand the switch 8 is supplied to the power amplifier 11, and then is radiated by the antenna 12. The switch 8 is controlled by the counter 9, which counts the ticks of the clock 10.

The switch 8 can be performed on the chip 564 CP1. ZAPADNOGO of signal compression", "Technology communications", vol. 4 series "the Technique of radio", 1982

Block protection from interference can be performed as described in U.S. patent N 3986679, H 04 B 1/10, 1976, or as the article Bocca O. F. "Optimal filter characteristics of protection blocks from focusing on the spectrum of interference", "communications Equipment", series "Technique of radio communication", 1987, vol. 4.

Let us prove the goal.

Let the working transmitter and the transmitter interfering equidistant from the receiver system. Suppose that for synchronization of the receiver at the entrance of his decisive scheme, the signal-to-noise ratio should be no more than 10 dB. Operating the transmitter and the transmitter interference have the same power, the signal-to-noise emitted by the transmitter at the input of the decisive scheme in the absence of noise is 15 dB.

Let the catchment area operates narrowband interference in 1000 times the power of the useful signal. This interference will be weakened in former times in the broadband signal, where B is the base of the wideband signal. In the receiving device is provided with a normal mode synchronization and data reception.

In the transmitter interference when the signal drops to 1000-fold due to the redistribution of power amplifier in favor of stronger interference.

Thus, the signal-to-noise ratio (h) for the relayed interference at the input of the final scheme will be

h = +15 dB to 30 dB << 10 dB

When this synchronization interference becomes impossible.

When using the proposed method a part of the spectrum, jammed registereda. With all the power of the power amplifier is spent on the re-emission of only the useful signal, and the power loss due to rejectee range will be F/f = 1/B part (where F is the width of the spectrum of the narrowband interference, f - width of the spectrum of broadband noise). When B = 103power loss due to rejectee is 1/1000-second part, i.e., when using the proposed method in the case of the powerful impact of narrowband interference signal-to-noise ratio for the relayed interference will be h 14 dB > 10 dB. The method involves repeated the implementation of the re-radiation signal. In the case when the transmitted short message, the re-radiation free from interference of implementation can lead to the opposite effect - bringing transmitter interference necessary information to the receiver PSS.

To increase the efficiency of interference assumes the introduction of phase manipulation re-radiated by law discocactus the(2)

Tp= (3)


,k are integers. In the General case k.

Relations (1) and (2) ensure implementation of the terms of the synchronization of the receiver PSS for the interference; the ratio of (3) - distortion received by the receiver PSS information.

The radiation of the distorted signal with different delay values increases the likelihood synchronization of a receiver for the relayed interference in cases where the receiver is fixed to the values of the phase reference signal, which is detected action relayed interference with subsequent exclusion of them from the search. In this manner, operation of the receiver, the probability of false synchronization for the relayed interference with the radiation of the distorted signal at n values of the delay is determined by the ratio:

Pn= 1 -(1 - Po)n< / BR>

Po- the probability of synchronization for interference emission interference with one delay value,

n is the number of delays.

Let Po= 0,5; n - 5. Then P5= 1 - (1 - 0,5)5= 1 - 0,03 = 0,97. P5>> Po.

Thus, the proposed procedure on signal improves the efficiency of the intentional actions of polowie for synchronization for the interference and reception distorted pseudo law of realization of the signal.

The way to create relayed interference resulted in strengthening of the received broadband signal with a duration of elementary character , memorizing its implementation with subsequent repeated his re-radiation, characterized in that after amplification of the received broadband signal and before remembering its implementation rejection parts of the spectrum affected by noise before multiple reradiation memorized implementation purified from broadband interference signal manipulate phase [0,] by law, the low-frequency pseudo-random sequence, the duration of elementary symbol o is determined from the ratio oTpwhere Tpthe time of the search receiver the wideband signal, withochoose a multiple of the duration .m


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