Bike rack


(57) Abstract:

The Bicycle comprises a drive mechanism including a drive sprocket mounted on the shaft. At each end of the shaft fortified gear hub clutch interacting with the crown that jams on the hub using a spring-loaded rollers (balls), each of which stoparic crown on the hub. Sealed gear rim with the crown when moving the rack down, last, circling the toothed rim of the clutch, causes the rotation of the shaft with a fortified it with a drive sprocket, transmitting force to the sprocket drive wheel of a Bicycle. When the movement of the rack under the action of its spring upward rake is in its original position. The result is improved efficiency of the bike. 1 C.p. f-crystals, 7 Il.

The invention relates to personal individual vehicles travel on unpaved dirt and highways.

Widely known for bikes with a muscular foot drive. The prototype is krugobaikalny bike with wheel brake device, two running wheels, gear.

Known bike, containing the wheels, frame, leading and videosi clutch, the pedals are made with the possibility of the reciprocating motion and the brake mechanism.

To achieve the invention significant technical result, i.e. a continuous, transfer effort of the muscles of the lower limbs of the person at the drive mechanism for the movement of the bike rack forward, the Bicycle includes a frame, wheels, a steering wheel, driving and driven sprockets, interacting with endless sleeve-roller chain. These details inherent in existing rental, analogs and prototype. The proposed bike comes with a second drive mechanism and spring-loaded toothed racks, each of which is installed in the guide with the possibility of reciprocating motion, attached to a cross beam mounted on the frame, each of the rails has a spring-loaded stopper move, at one end of each rail installed the pedal, and each drive mechanism is made of a toothed rim associated with placed inside the sleeve, having a crown gear and a hub fixed on the shaft sprocket and between the gear hub and the crown placed spring-loaded rollers or balls with liners, each of which is made with a capability is concerned with the rack, the chain covering the driving and driven sprockets are made with rubber-roller, and includes a brake pedal mounted on the hinge can be rotated interlocked with the spring-loaded foot for engagement with the stub-roller chain.

In Fig. 1 presents the kinetic scheme of the bike with muscle-power mechanism, Fig. 2 marked the brake device of the Bicycle of Fig. 3 marked muscle-power node bike (side view), Fig. 4 - same (top view) of Fig. 5 shows a plot (chart) muscular power transmission presents rack-pedal bike in the running image of Fig. 6 - the same existing krokodilieho bike - prototype and widely known rental analogues of Fig. 7 shows the overlay graph plots the existing prototype bike on the chart-plot of the proposed bike rack. When you overlay one chart to another, it is obvious that the work of one revolution of the bike two times more than the bike prototype. In Fig. 5, 6 and 7 denote: F and F1- efforts on the pedal, respectively rack-pedal and krugobaikalka rental. S and S1- the path traversed 180o360o

Device description bike rack. Driven sprocket 1 sprocket wheel 2 under the action of the gear-brake sleeve 3 receives the rotation from the drive sprocket 4, interacting with endless sleeve-roller chain 5, fastened to the shaft 6 spline or key (not shown), receives the rotation from the clutch comprising a toothed wheel 7, each of which is fastened to the shaft 6 at its end. The hub 7 is periodically receives rotation from the crown 8 by means of spring-loaded rollers (balls) 9 liners 10, each of which is mounted with the possibility of covering the inner side of the crown 8. Crown 8 from the outside is bonded with a toothed rim 11, which interacts with a spring-loaded toothed rail 12 with the spring loaded stopper 13, limiting the progress of the rail down with a reciprocating motion in a vertical plane in the roller rails 14, each of which is attached to the cross beam 15, fastened to the frame 16. Move the rail up limits its spring.

Described drive mechanism is provided that is authorized by 19 foot with guides her moustache 20.

Work bike is that when the pressure of the foot on one pedal spring slats 12, the bike is in motion due to begonia crown 8 to the right (on the diagram) around the toothed wheel 7. Spring-loaded rollers (balls) 9, each of which gets jammed (stoparic) gear hub 7 and bonded with it the shaft 6, come during rotation to the right. The sprocket 4, interacting with the stub-roller chain 5, rotates the sprocket 1 sprocket wheel 2 bike, alternating between the left rail on the right. The bike picks up speed. Each rail 12, when he reached the spring limiter 13, under the action of its spring returns to its original position, while the second rail will make a working stroke and so on. Braking of the bike performed by pressing the foot brake pedal 18 down, the spring-loaded presser foot 19 is supported by its spring until the beginning of braking, its hooks included in the intervals of stub links roller chain directed moustache 20. The tension of the lower branches of the sleeve roller chain to the right (under the scheme) is included in the operation of the braking mechanism of the sleeve 3, and the leading wheel will be braked.

1. Bike, containing the wheels, frame, wheel, lead, mounted on the shaft,Noah mechanism, having a clutch, and the pedal is made with the possibility of reciprocating movement, and a brake mechanism, characterized in that it has a second drive mechanism and spring-loaded toothed racks, each of which is installed in the guide with the possibility of reciprocating motion up and down is attached to the cross beam and fastened to the frame of the roller guides on each of these rails has a spring-loaded stopper move, each rail installed the pedal, each drive mechanism is made of a toothed rim that is associated with the clutch, having a crown gear and a hub mounted on the shaft sprocket, and between the gear hub and the crown placed spring-loaded rollers or balls with inserts, each of which is made with the possibility of covering the inner side of the crown, which from the outside is connected with a toothed rim, communicate with the corresponding toothed spring-loaded rail with the chain, interacting with leading and driven sprockets made with rubber-roller.

2. Bike under item 1, characterized in that the brake mechanism includes a brake pedal mounted on the ball with vozmojnostyami mustache.


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