System security and surveillance


(57) Abstract:

The invention relates to protective means, in particular to the protection systems that use videosredtube, and can be used to prevent unauthorized access to protected objects. The technical result is the extension of functionality through implementation of conservation residential premises. The essence of the invention is that the security system and surveillance includes modems, the processing unit and the switching unit, and the first modem is connected via a shared communication line and the second modem unit of the information processing and display, on each protected object contains a sensor unit, the alarm unit, the unit video block of execution units, a unit combining the video data and the display unit, the sensor unit is connected to the alarm unit, the output of which is connected to the power actuator and the switching unit, is connected to the first modem and blocks combining video, the outputs are connected to respective blocks of the display, and inputs connected to certain blocks of video surveillance. 1 Il.

The invention relates to security with the be used to prevent unauthorized access to protected (controlled) objects, for example, residential apartments.

Known alarm devices (and. C. the USSR N 1348881, CL G 08 B 23/00, 1986; N 774361, CL G 08 B 13/196, 1990). These devices do not allow real-time monitoring of protected objects.

Famous television monitor. C. the USSR N 1690217, CL N 04 N 7/18, 1988; N 1699013, CL N 04 N 7/18, 1989). These devices are not adapted for the protection of premises and does not allow us to process the received video information.

Known security system and surveillance, containing sensors, blocks, CCTV (cameras), modems, collective communication network, for example, telephone, tools, data processing, data display, remote control and actuating devices (patent UK N 2258579, CL N 04 N 7/12, G 08 B 13/18, publ. 1993). In this case, the sensor signals the information from the blocks of video surveillance via modems and collective communication network is transmitted to the means of processing and displaying information located on separately located control panel. In turn, the signals from that remote trigger actuating devices on the object of protection (automatic locks, alarm, activate the lighting is s.

To eliminate this drawback in the system, security and surveillance, containing modems and block information processing and display, and the first modem is connected via a shared communication line and the second modem unit of the information processing and display, and containing on each protected object sensor unit, the alarm unit, the unit of observation and unit of execution units, entered switching unit, and each protected object is contained unit combining the video data and the display unit, the sensor unit is connected to the alarm unit, the output of which is connected to the power actuators, to the display unit and the switching unit, connected to the first modem and blocks combining video information whose outputs are connected to respective blocks of the display, and inputs connected to certain blocks of the video.

Thus, the technical result of the invention is the expansion of the scope of the system, because it can be directly used to protect residential areas with the opportunity to observe directly from such premises.

The drawing shows a functional diagram of the security system and the signaling 2, the surveillance unit 3, block actuators 4, and modems 5, 6, a processing unit and a display 7, a collective communication line 8 (for example, telephone - urban ATS), the switching unit 9 and is introduced on each protected object block combining video information 10 and the display unit 11. In the system for each protected object is put blocks transmission 12 and receive 13 audio signals. They can be installed separately or mounted directly on the housing unit 3.

Consider the example of application of the system within one entrance of a house.

On the entrance doors of all the apartments entrance set blocks CCTV 3, block 3 used the video-eye (camera) Converter 14 15 signal and the low-frequency amplifier with microphone 16.

Similar blocks CCTV 3 are installed on the front door and the porch on the second floor overlooking the courtyard (using node 16 is not required).

The signals from blocks 3 are received at blocks combining video 10 installed in each apartment. Signals can be transferred to the blocks 17 through a coaxial cable collective TV antenna.Yeri entrance, from unit 3 installed in the stairwell on the third floor level, unit 3 mounted on the front door of the apartment and unit 3 mounted on the landing floor. Unit 10 combines the signals coming from different sources in a multicast signal, similarly to the way it performs similar to the unit described in U.S. patent N 5485221, CL 348/563, published. 16.01.96.

Information from all the blocks 10 arrives at the inputs of the switching unit 9, which provides the alarm signal from unit 2 or on call from unit 7 communication between the subscriber who submitted the alarm, and remote monitoring of the installed unit 7. The block 9 is made with the possibility of selecting the necessary number of phone lines that are currently free for rapid transmission of information via the modem 5. Then the signal through the communication line 8 and the modem 6 is supplied to the processing unit and the display 7. However, the modem 6 and unit 7 can be mounted unit (not shown) to provide the necessary number of empty lines for operative connection block 7.

In block 7, which is the computer located at the remote monitoring, recording, printing handling the message. After this service, engaged in the maintenance of remote surveillance on the received data, decide on specific actions.

The principle of operation of unit 2 is as follows. If the front door of the apartment within range of the respective sensor 1 causes the object (person) and after pressing the call is delayed there for a certain (adjustable) time, the sensor 1 is triggered and the unit 2 outputs a signal to the alarm unit 9, which, operating, establishes a connection with the block 7. Simultaneously, the unit 2 sends a signal to the unit actuators 4, and as actuators used the VCR in the apartment in a hidden place, which is the write data from the corresponding block 3 within a certain time, for example one minute, then in the absence of a signal from the block 2 the recorder goes into the standby mode. As the actuators are also used TV or other playback equipment, for example, a music centre, which is enabled by a signal from block 2 to the playback mode for a certain time, for example five minutes, to simulate the presence of the owner in the apartment during his press standby. If the owner is in the apartment block 2 is disabled and the alarm is not triggered. Thus, for example, after receiving a call at the door, the host can turn on the TV, which is used as the imaging unit 11. If this is the same TV, working in different modes, can be used as an actuating device (block 4) and the display unit 11. On the TV screen displays the incoming block 10 a few frames (the view from the door entrance, view from the third floor of the courtyard, the view from the front door to the apartment and the view from the landing floor). Optionally, in dialog mode, the host can talk to the object (person) in front of the entrance door to the apartment, the connection with which ensure the blocks 12 and 13. In case of danger can be dialed phone remote monitoring, that will be an alarm. As the alarm may sound and the doorbell followed by an unauthorized attempt to open the door. In this case, operate the entire system.

Changing the location of blocks signaling and blocks actuators, it is possible to ensure the protection of various objects.

The use of systems and information and creating a database with subsequent regular updates, and also allows you to monitor not only with a specific remotely remote control, but also directly from the apartment (with the object of observation). This gives the possibility to use the system in standalone mode (as "electronic videostorage").

Wide application of this system will allow to effectively deal with such things as burglary and theft other protected sites (warehouses, shops, garages and other).

The implementation of the system it is advisable to be phased.

The first step is to set up on the entrance doors of apartments and other places of protected objects of blocks of video surveillance in order to provide video surveillance and two-way communication mode communication dialog (using the system in standalone mode "electronic videostorage").

At the second stage - after the installation of a sufficient number of subscribers for the power of one PBX must be installed additional blocks of video surveillance with the subsequent unification of all subscribers in a single system.

System security and surveillance, containing modems and block information processing and display, and the first modem is connected through a collective line St is the sensor unit, the alarm unit, the unit of observation and unit of execution units, characterized in that the system switching unit made with the possibility of selection of free phone lines for rapid transmission of information via the first modem, and each protected object is contained unit combining the video data and the display unit, designed for recording, analysis, information processing, comparing it with the information data Bank and database creation with its subsequent update, while the sensor unit is connected to the alarm unit, intended for the issuance of an alarm, to regulate the time of operation of the unit actuators and their transition to the standby mode for simulating the presence of the owner in the apartment, the output of the alarm unit is connected to the power actuator and the switching unit, is connected to the first modem and blocks combining video information whose outputs are connected to respective blocks of the display, and inputs connected to certain blocks of video surveillance.


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EFFECT: provision of device and method to allow a portable wireless communication device to receive callbacks in limited operation mode.

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EFFECT: delivering emergency alert messages while saving on equipment.

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EFFECT: immediate notification of mobile terminals receiving separate data and in hibernation state on information on emergency situations.

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SUBSTANCE: mobile communication system is suggested. In the suggested system, base station transmits information on emergencies in multiple mobile terminals. Information on emergencies is transmitted by means of paging (PAGING TYPE1), included in paging control channel (PCCH) to mobile terminals being in disabled state, in CELL-PCH state and in URAPCH state. Information on emergencies is transmitted via dedicated control channel (DCCH) to mobile terminal which receives individual data.

EFFECT: timely transmission of emergency information to all mobile terminals registered in base station and controlled by it.

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