Power hydraulic vacuum installation


(57) Abstract:

The plant is designed to produce electricity, heat and other useful energy. The system includes a pressure device designed in the form of columns, guide for rise of the working fluid with the outlet nozzle of the accelerator before the booster stage impeller of the turbine. The turbine is located in the housing, connected to the vacuum unit, made in the form of two-way piston pump driven by compressed gas. This turbine is connected to the actuator, for example the generator, through polysayevo gearbox and flywheel. This installation allows to obtain a useful form of energy environmentally friendly way. 3 Il.

The invention relates to power engineering and manufacture of turbines and can be used for clean energy conversion, for example, electrical, thermal or other useful form.

Known turbine hydroelectric power plants, working from the effects of falling masses of water flow. Water velocity is the initial indicator to determine the power hydroelectric power plants.

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Such hydropower plants represent a complex of expensive facilities and equipment, environmental damage, as they require the flooding of land.

The closest analogue of the invention is a vacuum hydroelectric containing pressure device guideline (pipeline) for lifting the working fluid (water), body, connected to the vacuum Assembly, turbine wheel connected with the actuating mechanism, such as a generator, and an auxiliary start-regulating and control equipment (see RF patent N 2005199 C1, class F 03 B 13/06, 1993).

However, this vacuum hydroelectric power plant requires water and does not provide the ecological purity of the energy transformation process, as the working fluid (water) participates in open-loop process.

The objective of the invention is the reduction of environmental damage and the cost of energy for domestic and industrial needs.

The specified technical and economic results achieved by the fact that the power hydraulic vacuum system includes a discharge device with a guide for the rise of the working fluid, a housing connected to vacuum the auxiliary start-regulating and control equipment, this turbine wheel is equipped with upper stage, and a guide - nozzle accelerator and vacuum unit made in the form of two-way piston pump driven by compressed gas, the pressure device is in the form of columns, and the actuator (electric generator) connected to the impeller of the turbine through a gearbox and flywheel.

In Fig. 1 shows a section of casing installation and vacuum unit with auxiliary pastoralism and control equipment of Fig. 2 is a top view of the housing and the turbine; Fig. 3 - General view of the housing with the pressure column.

Power hydraulic vacuum system includes:

- working body 1 - neutral solution with the addition of fine suspended insoluble particles of sea water;

reverse guide 2 with nozzle accelerator 2A;

- the blade 3 of the impeller;

- impeller 4;

- guide upper blade 5;

- accelerating the working turbine 6 (step);

- workers (upper) weight 7 - Fig.1, zone V (not shown);

the vacuum unit 8 - vacuum pump with vacuum receiver; the two-way piston pump with a cylinder of compressed air;

- emergency (control) CNY mechanism with the camshaft; the valve system, the units can be both manual and remote control;

- operating shaft 11 of the reduction gear;

valve 12 level control of the working of the accelerating mass, can be manual or remote control;

the flywheel 13 common purpose, can be used for mounting clutch with mounted actuator (generator, gearbox, gear shaft PTO);

- jelly receiving device 14 to the neck with a three-way valve manual or remote control;

- pressure column 15 - volume and height of the level of the working fluid must exceed the volume and level in the enclosure;

- the Executive unit 16 is shown in Fig. 1,2,3 not shown;

the gear shafts 17 PTO - Fig. 1,2,3 not shown;

- case 18 - design and construction may be modified without violating the concept and direct purpose;

a pressure gauge 19 is a device for analytical control of the level of the working fluid in the sump housing 18;

channel 20 to communicate with the atmosphere of the gear case (copon) and monitoring the level of grease in it (the probe);

- water gauge glass 21,21 and two three-way valves for visual monitoring of the levels of the working fluid;

- 22 gauge - a device.

II - zone control.

III,IV - zones of the working dilution.

V - zone pressure of the working fluid.

VI - zone lubrication of the gearbox.

VII - zone atmospheric pressure.

a, a', a" - cranes control.

To control the level of the working fluid.

Power hydraulic vacuum installation operates as follows.

Pre make preparations to start in the following sequence:

1. Opening the valve "and" the air from the tank is fed to pneumoconiotic 10. Valves "a" and "a'", are set to the open position. Safety valve "R. K." open.

2. Through aspic receiving device 14 is filling the internal cavities of the housing 18 and the pressure of the column (the valve 12 is open) a solution of a working body 1 to mark It on the gauge glass 21A.

3. When you open the valve device 14 is closed "R. K. and crane control "and". By turning the knob of the remote control 10 pneumatological is supplied compressed air in zone I of the vacuum unit 8. Moving to the left, the piston in zone II creates a vacuum in zone III pressure column 15, which raises the level of the working body 1 to the level of "K" on the gauge glass 21. The valve 12 and the crane "and" zakryvateli 21A when open "R. K." and "a'" after the return of the piston of the vacuum unit 8 to the original position using the remote control 10.

5. Close the inlet valve receiving device 14 and "R. K.". Using the remote control 10, a vacuum in zone IV of the housing 18. At the start of the rotation of the flywheel 13 opens the valve "a" on the column 15 to balance the vacuum in it and the housing 18 and at the same time opens the valve 12. Controlling the air supply using the remote control 10, the vacuum in the column 15 and the casing 18 (communicating vessels) was adjusted to the calculated value, then close valves "a" and "a'", installation in the work.

The working body 1 along the guide 2 rises, increases its speed in the nozzle-accelerator 2A. The guide 2 is advisable to make several and place them evenly around the circumference of the housing 18.

After exposure to the working of the booster turbine (stage 6) the working body 1 under the influence of its own weight falls on the upper blade 5, and then on the blades 3 of the impeller 4, not having rigid connection with upper level 6, but rigidly connected through the pinion gear with the operational shaft 11 increases the speed reducer, which, rotating the flywheel 13, transmits the force to the actuator, for example an electric generator (not shown), which generates electricity for consumers. Olzovanija in a vicious cycle.

The installation can be used on a floating means and stationary with a fence of a working body of open water that will more effectively on the coast.

Power hydraulic vacuum installation comprising a discharge device with a guide for the rise of a working body, the body is connected to the vacuum Assembly, turbine wheel connected with the actuating mechanism, such as a generator, and an auxiliary start-regulating and control equipment, characterized in that the turbine wheel provided with a booster stage, and directing the nozzle of the accelerator, while the discharge device made in the form of columns, and the actuator is connected to the impeller of the turbine through a gearbox.


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