Continuous miner s. l. zagorsk for horizontal and inclined mine workings


(57) Abstract:

The invention is intended for carrying out horizontal and inclined mine workings. The harvester includes advancing and expanding drilling authorities, the loading device, the transporting auger and conveyor destroyed the breed. Submission of the combine to the bottom spacer is-walking mechanism, one of the pillars of which is the auger tube located in the housing ahead of the drill body. This arrangement of nodes combine avoids tastybaby transporting auger at his work. 1 Il.

The invention relates to mining machines.

The inventive processor for carrying out horizontal and inclined mine workings include advanced and expanding drilling authorities, loading devices, auger conveyor, motor, gearbox and spacer-shifting mechanism, a support which is a pipe.

Known harvester with the listed nodes, in which the feed mechanism and the auger separate, as a consequence, the diameter of the auger is very limited - tastybaby its inevitable [1].

The purpose of the invention is the elimination of this drawback.

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The drawing shows a General view of the harvester.

The engine 1 through the gear 2 with the shaft 3 rotates advanced rig 4 and loading 5 bodies. Buckets 6 latest scoop rock, separated from the array, with soil development and unload it through the window 7 on the screw 8. He mounted on the said shaft and enclosed in a pipe 9. The pipe is attached to the housing, it has spacer elements 10 of the feed mechanism. Liquid or air is blown to them and to drill the body for the hoses 11 and 12 are placed in grooves on the pipe.

Expanding the body 13 is made in the form of a cross mounted on the hollow shaft 14, which comes out of the gearbox. Breed, sacebeautle with soil rotary loader 15 with buckets 16. The discharge occurs through a window 17 on the conveyor 18. The gearbox and engine are based on the skis 19 through a spacer 20.

Continuous miner for horizontal and inclined mine workings, including advanced and extends drill bodies with rotary musevini porters, auger, conveyor, motor, gear, spacer-walking mechanism with hydraulic or pneumatic hoses, characterized in that the tube of the auger is used as the Foundation of the spacer elements of the mechanism is


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FIELD: mining industry, particularly for performing horizontal and inclined excavations by drilling-and-blasting method.

SUBSTANCE: robot device comprises rock detaching and loading systems having mobile tracked loader and suspended drilling equipment. The device includes manipulation system having platform and manipulator and system providing necessary rock grading. System providing necessary rock grading comprises digital photographic camera, microprocessor image analyzing means and suspended replaceable percussion-cut equipment. The suspended equipment is mounted on platform secured to manipulator arranged on frame which is connected to track undercarriage. Digital photographic camera is secured to manipulator in parallel to suspended equipment axis. To perform control of drives microprocessor means linked with microprocessor image analyzing means through parallel data transmission register are used.

EFFECT: improved capacity, increased operational rate and level of automation, increased safety of drilling-and-blasting excavation performing.

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SUBSTANCE: method includes directing breaking hits along layer structure of salt massif. For this executing tool of machine is provided with necessary number of chisels, directed along layer structure of salt massif, chisels are rigidly held in parallel to layers and direction of hit is changes concurrently for all chisels by rotation of machine, reciprocal movement is applied to chisels in the way to make breaking hits in direction of salt massif along layer structure. Due to destruction of salt massif in direction of layer structure, above-lying pieces are broken off, and in a way to minimally damage layers themselves, and break off large pieces of massif without over-pulverization of ore.

EFFECT: higher speed of operation, higher efficiency.

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SUBSTANCE: method involves performing preparation drilling operations along with well flushing in mine ground with the use of several hollow rods provided with cutting crowns; anchoring tunneling machines by fastening thereof to well walls with the use of spring-piston mechanisms provided with anchoring means and connected to hollow rods so that tunneling machine fastening is carried out without rod removal from wells; cutting new ledge after hollow rod removal from well; fixing anchoring member during ledge cutting after hollow rod removal by applying tension to hollow rod in the absence of water pressure in it. Anchoring member is detached from well wall by moving rod to face simultaneously with supplying pressurized water to the rod before hollow rod removal. Spring-piston mechanism acts on anchoring member in direction transversal to well wall. Then the rod is removed from well and the tunneling machine is moved for distance equal to ledge width and tunneling machine fixation operations are repeated.

EFFECT: increased reliability of temporary tunneling machine anchoring during excavation operation performing.

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SUBSTANCE: drive device for rotary tool, which operates with oscillation loading, has drive housing, load-carrying sleeve installed with possibility of being rotated in drive housing, drive shaft installed with possibility of being rotated in load-carrying sleeve, carrier of the tool for receiving processing tools, and oscillation excitation device for creating oscillation loading of carrier of the tool. Oscillation excitation device for each carrier of the tool has at least two intermediate shafts which by means of eccentric parts are attached to carriers of the tools and made with possibility of synchronous actuation.

EFFECT: improving support and sealing of drive shaft and load-carrying sleeve, increasing service life of drive devices.

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SUBSTANCE: The invention relates to mining, in particular, to sinking machine for excavation. The sinking machine comprises a hull, a working element, running gear, and a chain-linked conveyor. The hull is assembled from two parts with a ball joint hydraulic connection and jack-supported by blocks o tank and vehicle wheels. Each block has its own hydraulic drive. The working element comprises four rotors, two on large carrier and two on small carrier. The rotors rotate in different directions and are fitted with blades or roller bits. The rotor of one carrier rotate in one direction while the rotor of the second carrier rotation in the opposite direction, their rotation axis is inclined in different directions to ensure twisting in, like a corkscrew, into the working face during continuous feeding controlled by synchrodrives. The sinking machine can be fitted with manipulators with perforation drills. The form the arch shape of the bottomhole the large carrier rotors can move back and forth along the carrier sleeves using hydrocylinders controlled by tracers and verge millers.

EFFECT: increased productivity and excavation speed.

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SUBSTANCE: invention relates to mining. A complex comprises a receiving wedge part with a loading module, a hopper for exploding and loading, an unloading scraper part, a self-movement mechanism, a pump station, a control panel, a hydraulic manipulator with a drilling machine on a portal trolley moving along a loader column, a safety support made of safety shields and stands, moving along guides at hopper boards with the help of sliding carriages. At the same time safety shields have two sections, the front section is hingedly attached to the rear section, and is made as capable of turning down by means of two hydraulic cylinders, arranged under safety shields, at the same time the front section is lowered before blasting and lifted afterwards from a panel of complex control.

EFFECT: improved design of a tunnelling exploding-loading complex.

4 dwg

FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: complex comprises a receiving wedge part with a loading module, a hopper for exploding and loading, an unloading scraper part, a self-movement mechanism, a pump station, a control panel, a hydraulic manipulator with a drilling machine on a portal trolley moving along a loader column, a safety support moving along guides at hopper boards with the help of sliding carriages. At the same time the inner part of guides at boards of the hopper for exploding and loading is arranged in the form of a geared rack, and wheels of sliding carriages of the safety support - in the form of geared wheels moving along the rack, besides, movement to geared wheels is transferred from electric drives installed inside sliding carriages, and their supply is provided by electric cables wound onto drums installed in a tail part of the hopper for exploding and loading and having a mechanism of automatic winding making it possible to pull a cable from a drum as sliding carriages move along the hopper to the bottomhole, and to wind the cable back onto the drum as sliding carriages move away from the bottomhole.

EFFECT: improved design of a tunnelling exploding-loading complex, reduced labour intensiveness and higher efficiency of tunnelling works.

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FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: method includes the following stages. Installation of a structure inside or tightly with an underground mine, so that the structure provides for reactive forces when pushing a cutting head in direction of the material by means of a series of rigid materials fixed on the structure, which i arranged so that series of rigid elements may be fixed to it simultaneously at least in two directions, so that parts of tunnel branches could be formed in at least two appropriate directions, of the underground mine designed for transportation of people, mechanisms and extracted material. Formation of multiple parts of tunnel branches entering the material. Formation of the first part of the tunnel branch with the help of a cutting head and a series of rigid elements in the first direction, and afterwards formation of the second part of the tunnel branch in the second direction. During formation of the second part of the tunnel branch, movement of rigid elements from the part of the first tunnel into the part of the second tunnel branch for extension of the series of rigid elements in the part of the second tunnel branch.

EFFECT: application of the method considerably reduces costs, makes it possible to considerably increase speed of tunnelling and increases efficiency of production.

21 cl, 10 dwg

FIELD: oil and gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: heading set of equipment includes heading machine with actuator device fixed at it by timberer with hold-down beam and spacing cylinders. Turning shaft at hold-down beam is equipped with turning mechanism at the machine conveyor. Manipulators are equipped with drilling and anchoring tools with permanent anchorage. Hold-down beam is equipped with sliding telescopes; manipulators with permanent fixtures are fixed at sliding telescopes of the hold-down beam. Turning shaft is made as load lifting telescopic boom with lifting and spacing cylinders. Hold-down beam at carry does not protrude beyond machine dimensions.

EFFECT: improving reliability of timberer, reducing errors at erection of permanent anchorage, increasing mobility and expanding scope of application both with minimum and maximum draft size.

5 cl, 3 dwg

Tunnelling machine // 2499888

FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: tunnelling machine includes a frame with caterpillar trucks, a tray, an actuating element with a telescope, a conveyor, a buffer device, and a control panel, which are fixed on it. With that, the machine frame is provided with a telescopic pushing device with a power cylinder and a buffer with a support cylinder and brackets for fixation of support beams with holes for anchor bolts and an installation place of anchor posts into the mine working roof. Extension value of an extensible part of the pushing device is divisible by the value of telescope of the actuating element and mine working support pitch. The control panel of the telescopic pushing device is combined with the machine control panel and interconnected with the machine operation. Besides, the machine buffer devices can be equipped with a telescopic part and combined along the machine frame axis in the pusher housing with an axial partition wall. The telescopic pushing device can be made in the form of telescopic cylinders using support beams with holes for anchoring to mine working ground, thus compensating the divergence of planes in support places of the machine caterpillar trucks and its support beams to the mine working ground.

EFFECT: enlarging scope of application of tunnelling machines with caterpillar movement as to inclination angles of the mine working; improving operating reliability of the machine and its mobility and compactness.

9 cl, 4 dwg