Tools for impact on biologically active points and reflex zones "astrohall and stromelysin"


(57) Abstract:

The invention relates to medicine, namely to biotechnology, Microbiology and reflexology. The essence of the invention lies in the fact that the proposed two drugs, representing a biomass producer strain 365 Antarctic black yeast Nadsoniella nigra var. hesuelica. When exposed to drugs provide an analgesic effect. 2 C.p. f-crystals.

The invention relates to biotechnology and medicine, namely acupuncture, reflexology, and can be used in production - with the help of the Antarctic microorganism - producer - and the use of unique contactless means for acupuncture therapy, in particular, clinical acupuncture analgesia and contactless point massage of reflex zones.

It is known that acupuncture reflexology is an ancient method, the roots of which go back to the stone age. Ancient medicine of India and China, Tibet and Mongolia has accumulated rich experience in the treatment of many diseases using therapeutic effects on acupuncture points, otherwise known biologically active points - BAT.

There are many ways therapeutic effects on atochia the injection of medication acupuncture with the use of hammers with tufts of needles, Aero-ion massage, acting in close contact with the skin Bolotnaya tools, hardware exposure to electric, magnetic field, by a laser beam.

Known means of producing these effects: all kinds of needles, sticks, fingers, cigarettes, syringes with medications, metal plates, fixtures and fittings, electrical, magnetic fields, laser beams, air ions, and so on (Gabaa luvsan. Essays methods of Oriental reflexology. - Novosibirsk: Nauka, 1980; Tareeva D. M. a Manual of acupuncture. - M.: Medicine, 1980, 1980; Portnow F., Electro-acupuncture. - Riga: zinatne, 1997; Ivanov Century. And. Management of health. The use of General, acupressure and acupressure in medical practice. - M. : Agraph, 1996).

But not known to either the organisms or substances and their solutions, which would have had a powerful impact on the BAHT and reflexogenic zones of the contactless via air and water pollution, through metals, rocks, crystals and druses of minerals, not to mention glass, plastics, fabrics, wood, paper, etc.

It is this ability to have an effect on the acupuncture points (pain, mastromarino", source which is producing strains 365 - natural Antarctic strain of black yeast Nadsoniella nigre var. hesuelica. The strain is known, as described earlier (Lyakh, C. P. , Ruban E. L. Antarctic black yeast Nadsoniella nigra var. hesuelica. Characterization and identification of strain 365.- WPI. An SSSR, ser. Biol. , 1970, No. 4, S. 581. It is also known that he is a producer of highly active melaninogenica anticancer drug "Stromelysin" (EN N 2069696, C 12 P 17/10, 96 g)

New found useful properties of strain 365 and its products, i.e. above mesland effect, were not previously known and is not described in the literature.

The advantages and technical effects of the invention consist in the identification of unique tools for impact on BAT and reflexogenic zones with new properties, namely: in the application of melaninogenica products, drugs "Astrohall and Stromelysin" produced by the natural strain 365 Antarctic black yeast Nadsoniella nigra var hesuelica as a means for influencing the BAT, moreover, generally in the detection of the existence of natural objects such remote activity, called by us mesland effect. It is known that microbial physiology in General, and melanin Nadsoniella var. hesuelica CCA is alanine. - M. : Nauka, 1972; Lyakh, C. P. Microbial melaninogenica and its functions. - M.: Nauka, 1981), but even they had no reason to believe the presence of the detected activity, although the Antarctic origin strain 365 Nadsoniella nigra var. hesuelica gave him not only a high resistance to adverse conditions of its historical homeland in their extreme expression, but also large potential persistent and active resistance to the influence of many other fatal factors, and a significant part of the resistance cells Nadsoniella nigra var. hesuelica can with certainty associated with existence in their cell walls, on the border with the outside world, the black pigment melanin.

It is known that the Antarctic flora, delivered in extreme natural conditions, has developed an apparently unique (each in its own way) mechanisms and substances that ensure their survival and vital activity in such a harsh environment as Antarctica (Lyakh, C. P. Adaptation of microorganisms to low temperatures. - M.: Nauka, 1976). These substances and microorganisms are of great interest for the pharmaceutical industry (Bacterial biomass Antarctica was farmacevtska observation of the action of drugs, the producer of which is a strain 365, was accidentally discovered mesland effect wore analgesic in nature. "Stromelysin" easily took off the heavy pain of the trigeminal nerve, while at the bottom of the "penicillin" bottle, contact points carried through the air and glass. Later the drug, "Astraila" repeated the effect on dental pain. Thus, trigeminal neuralgia and toothache was first discovered and tested the impact of Astronomy" and "Astromania" as a means of clinical acupuncture analgesia - melaniemelanie. It is striking that the dry biomass of the strain 365 grown in 1967, on a dense nutrient medium also showed high activity at the point of the BAT through the air, water, metals, rocks, and everything else.

Methods iGlobalMedia, electroacupuncture analgesia known and effective (see above, and also: Acupuncture. Under the General editorship Hoang Bao Tu, La Quang NAP. - M.: Medicine, 1988), but require fixtures, equipment, highly skilled professionals, sometimes injure the skin, nerves, blood vessels, can be painful and certainly not enough available for self - help and mutual aid. As the primary sedative in the form of vials, Trubacheva and Stromelysin" can easily be consumed by any person at least a simple effect on pain points or crippled place.

Some of the advantages melaniemelanie, which can be easily detected, the following: simplicity and accessibility of the method, the possibility of providing emergency care for pain syndromes; if there are schemes of points or reflex zones on which to act, people will be able to alleviate their suffering; analgesic effect quickly and clearly, and the duration of absence of the disappeared of pain can be very significant. It should be noted the absence of traumatic skin actions, because everything happens contactless excluded and drug Allergy, often inherent medicinal analgesics.

Professionals can work with products professionally.

It was observed that most strongly mesland-effect is that if the point or zone of impact with the edge of the vial, with cone capsules or angle of the pyramid, possibly due to the concentration of some unknown energy or radiation that comes from drugs "Astrohall and Stromelysin". Suitable drugs for search BAHT and for diagnostic purposes and for treatment (restore energy flow along the meridians), in particular, on the spine (the effect of "Woe is improves health, this effect of "burning point" with time waning. Using these drugs can also change the state of nervous excitation or inhibition, and so on scope of application of the drug still may not be marked.

Both drugs act on the pain and Meridian points not only through air and glass, but also through water, metal, stone slabs and crystals, minerals, and subjective feelings change depending on the nature of the underlying material. Very sharp, extremely painful effect was detected while sharing a bottle with "Astroplanner" and Druze dark quartz (Morion), omitted above the point Hae-GU left hand pointing down one of the crystals up to the numbness of the hand and "current" under the shovel.

Can be illustrated by the following specific examples of the action of drugs produced Nadsoniella nigra var. hesuelica, as a means of acupuncture melanotropin.

Example 1. Test B. 1938 R. an attack of acute dental pain for 1.5 hours was Used the drug, "Astraila", contactless, over reflexogenic zone points SJ-Guan (7E) and tin Gong 19IG. Less than a minute later, the pain stopped.

Test 2, middle aged, pain in perennou Cheng-Jane 42VC in the center of the chin-lip furrows. The pain quickly disappeared.

Example 2. Pilot C. 1912 R., sensitive point Hae-GU 4GI on the left is a sore arm. When the non-contact effect of crystals "Astromania" solution, biomass and she felt the sharp passing "current" to the shoulder under the shoulder, in the other hand. The same effect, but through the water layer 2-1,5 cm seemed to her much softer, but just as strong. The action on the pressure points of the hand and wrist joint pain in them for a long time disappeared. Interestingly, the right hand, relatively healthy, and gave much weaker sense or they are not felt at all. Sick (she was 85 years old) learned also to myself to shoot night headache, affecting point in the supraorbital area, brow, nose wings (Ying Xiang 20GI) and near the ear (er-men 21TR).

Example 3. Patient S. 1936 R. Secondary trigeminal neuralgia II branch (primary disease - osteoarthritis of the temporomandibular joint). In the event of a severe pain with hyperesthesia and hyperalgesia, which, having arisen, usually lasted from 1.5 to 2 hours almost continuously, bringing the bottle with crystals, and even better with an aqueous solution to the firing points and contactless circular massage cheeks with 30-40 completely eliminated the pain, to the diversified actions. Disease duration - 1994

Example 4. Patient N. Herpes "twitch" on the lower lip. 5-minute exposure time of the drug, "Astraila" over sensitive point was sufficient to herpes "is not poured out":

Receiving the drug, "Astraila".

"Astraila" is essentially melaninogenica biomass of strain 365. Culture can be grown in different ways - in liquid and on solid media. In liquid medium, for example, such composition, g/l: K2HPO4- 0,1; CaCl2- 0,03; MgSO4- 0,05; MaCl - a 0,05 with glucose or saccharose - 2%, sodium citrate and 0.5%, liquid yeast autolysate - 1% at pH 3.5-3 during the week under conditions of aeration and mixing, for example, on a rocking chair. To grow the biomass can and apparatus for aeration and stirring, if cultivation is carried out in a thin layer of fluid with sufficient natural aeration. Culture grows very well on solid nutrient media, especially on wort-agar, with the use of a plastic or similar filters gaskets between the environment and culture in which the strain grows well and easily with them is washed away. Without filters the culture partially embedded in the environment and removed bad. Extremely economical consumption p is th same environment with additional moistening the surface. Biomass grown on such filters can be used in two ways. Filters with culture, removed from Petri dishes or other devices, folded in several layers, rolled into a tube and placed in tubes of appropriate size, sterilized and sealed. This form of the drug, "Astraila" very convenient for massage of reflex zones or just sick of the locations in a large area. In another case, the culture is washed off with the filter and then processed as liquid culture; separated by centrifugation, washed, sterilized and dried or first dried and then sterilized. Use in the form of dried biomass, enclosed in glass or plastic vials, pharmaceutical tubes, ampoules and the like. It should be noted that as the drug "Astraila" can also be used biomass remaining after extraction from her "Astromania", because no effort is unable to extract the active principle - the melanin completely: even repeatedly autoclaved with alkali biomass remains dark brown. In this case, it may be a kind of waste-free production of both drugs at once.

Receiving the drug, "Astraila".+- and Na+- salt by dissolving, respectively, at 0.5 N. KOH or NaOH, dialyzed in distilled water and drying in any way.

Finished Stromelysin" represents black crystals with a bright shimmering Shine (for convenience of packing can grind to a powder) or aqueous solutions. The main physico-chemical properties of melanin pigment, which is the basis of the drug "Stromelysin", described by us previously (Lyakh, C. P., Ruban E. L. Microbial physiology. - M.: Nauka, 1972, S. 97 - 104).

It should be emphasized that the natural Antarctic strain of black yeast Nadsoniella nigra var. hesuelica - 365 is neo osdate on BAT and reflexogenic zones - drugs "Astrohall and Stromelysin".

Working with culture strain (biotechnology) and with drugs safe for personnel. The lack of toxicity of biomass and melanin has been proven on the test object ciliates Tetrahymena pyriformis and in mice, and one of the authors S. P. Order.

Thus, from the comparison with the known means of the same purposes, namely: with the means of influence on acupuncture points BAHT and reflex zones, the first of which appeared in at least the third Millennium BC and were natural and very easy to use, it is necessary that the drugs "Astrohall and Stromelysin", appeared at the threshold of the third Millennium A.D., also represent a natural and very easy to use tools now contactless impacts on these points and areas designed for the new branch of acupuncture therapy - melanotropin, and their natural source - producing strains of 365 Antarctic black yeast Nadsoniella nigra var. hesuelica has no natural prototypes, since no creature, no matter the current detected by the way, we call it mesland-effects are not known and are not described in literature.

1. The use of chalk is ca, as a means to influence on biologically active points and reflex zones.

2. Application melaninogenica product produced by the natural strain 365 Antarctic black yeast Nadsoniella nigra var. hesuelica under item 1, characterized in that use biomass producer strain 365 Antarctic black yeast Nadsoniella nigra var. hesuelica.

3. Application melaninogenica product produced by the natural strain 365 Antarctic black yeast Nadsoniella nigra var. hesuelica under item 1, characterized in that use dedicated biomass producer strain 365 Antarctic black yeast Nadsoniella nigra var. hesuelica black pigment melanin in the form of crystals and/or water solutions.


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