System mobile phone payment method with the terminal equipment of the mobile telephone station and a system for implementing the method


(57) Abstract:

The invention relates to a system and method of use of the mobile stations, working with the cards, especially using the service card subscriber identity module (SI M-block) containing the SIM card digital mobile telephone network (GSM network), it is preferable for the various systems of e-services that require effective protection of the transmitted data. 3 S. p. and 7 C.p. f-crystals, 3 ill.

The invention relates to a system and method involving the use of working with the cards of the mobile stations, in particular the use of the service cards subscriber identity module (SIM block) digital mobile telephone network (GSM network) is intended for services that require effective data protection.

In existing systems using cards telecommunication networks are used for Autonomous or nonautonomous message transfer (transaction). Significant problems create costs for development and maintenance of card systems and fixed costs for telecommunications, as well as variable costs for communications service providers, such as shops, banks. In existing systems, 's behalf, taxi, hotel), because otherwise, split the cost of communication would require a costly or inconvenient for the consumer systems.

An important issue is the prevention of illicit trafficking and criminal use of electronic services. This situation occurs when the card is in the hands of the offender or when the card is used for unauthorized services (on the card there is no floor or the limit of the card has been exceeded). An important issue is also preventing forgery of service cards and sessions of e-services. The problem, for example, fake ID A-number when using the services of a public network, where A is the number used to verify access rights to the services at this fake ID A-number allows you to use the service for illegal purposes.

A significant problem occurs also when controlling access to various services related to the same service card. Currently, for each service provider separately provides for expensive technical devices to manage various services assigned ka is tion (transactions) of the various participants in coordination with the actions on the card, for example, in the case of trading operations - transfer of the purchase amount and payment card Central system store from a separate paragraph, the Bank of the payer, recipient's Bank, and so on, Various banks and credit card companies have their own security system.

Existing phone banks provide various rooms telephones and voice-calling for the payment of debts and making inquiries about the account. When, for example, is called Telebank, the computer determines the frequency of the DTMF speech signals available via the telephone network, the Central platform speech applications (CVAP) is responsible, and the caller speaks with CVAP, pressing certain keys specified predetermined program.

By attaching system of card reading by phone phone calls can be paid by credit card. In U.S. patent 5144649 describes how to use the phone with a credit card. The phone can only be used the first bearer of the credit card. Date credit card number is read from the credit card and installed local authenticity credit cards through processing date credit kartoch make or receive call recorded using your phone. Authenticity can be checked in the call, and, if the requested amount exceeds the credit limit, this method allows you to cancel the call.

In the application EP 409417 also describes the process of charging for calls using terminal-specific data services that have a card reader for credit cards. The way to use credit cards using the telephone connection local database, memory, and programming embedded computing means connected with the phone to provide call processing. According to this method, the user enters the credit card number after dialing the desired number, the date is written locally, after checking the powers of the card and in case of positive result immediately establishes the call. The line is monitored during the call. Card number, phone number, date, time and duration of connection locally registered. This information is fed into the main computer. In the above methods credit cards are paid only calls.

The system and method provided by the invention, provide preferred restitutive with the invention requires initializing SIM-block service card every time to require a code personal identification number (PIN), send requests to the service number, requiring effective protection of the data from the main station of the GSM network, continues through a private network all the way to the service provider (for example, Bank credit), searching by ID A-number in the service request database services the database, which is necessary for the user to which the user has a predetermined right in accordance with the list of databases, description of services, associated with ID A-number in the database of services in which, for example, the account number of the user corresponds to the identifiers A - and B-numbers and, in addition, to service management service center, for access rights management services, the corresponding A - and B-numbers and re-organization of services.

An important advantage of the present invention are the ability to use a European SIM card GSM system or a card of the appropriate system for the application of editors of various cards, the ability to reduce and share the cost of telecommunication services related to maintenance and equipment, thanks to comntittee user GSM-network providers. This invention also provides a solution that allows to set prices of transactions using a communication card system directly by the user or a third party, which is a direct benefit to the service provider from using the GSM network and block the SIM card in the system. This invention has solved the issue of reliable prevention of illicit trafficking and criminal use of communication services, and secure processing identification A-number in the service request.

Transaction payment can be protected online, thus preventing the use of stolen and counterfeit cards immediately when the requested computer will be informed. The date of the transaction is simultaneously transferred to the payer and buyer. The same terminal equipment can also be used as a mobile phone by downloading the service card of the mobile communication network. Thus, payments can be made across the network connection.

Various services can be assigned to a user number GSM-card defined in the SIM block (block a subscriber identity). The cost of telecommunications-related use is installed with the card, described or network associated with the customer's database, i.e., AUP (profile A-a user), on which the searched data in accordance with ANI identifier (A number) of the subscriber, or in the service card containing the SIM block.

Thanks identification, carried out in local or mobile telephone network, a GSM card adapted for different transactions that require effective protection of data that require user identification. The most important applications are banking service cards, such as credit and cash cards, insurance cards, customer loyalty cards, hotel cards, passenger, etc.

This invention provides a reliable local user identification GSM or corresponding network at query time, various services (for example, the account in two different banks). This invention also provides reliable management of various services associated with the same service card and/or ID A-number.

Under the network refers to the combination of transmission channels, and communication between two or more users to transfer inventions or data.

system, corresponding to the invention; Fig. 3 - system that includes elements from the terminal equipment and data to a Central computer.

In Fig. 1 shows a known system for payment of taxes or to request information about the account on the phone. In this system there is no recognition of A ID-number. Telephone communication is carried out via the telephone network of General use 17, which does not provide reliable identification ID is A number in the request. The application 18 of the PIN code necessary to protect the identity of the customer in the application. In principle, the phone can be used by any person. ID A-number cannot be reliably used in applications requiring a high degree of data protection for user identification, for example, payments: if this connection is valid without the use of a PIN-code service card 2, then any person may unlawfully to use the service. Application form 18 must be loaded for query user code and password.

In Fig. 2 presents a system of moveable phone, made in accordance with the invention. Here is the link for the transmission of voice and/or data is carried out by connecting the terminal equipment 1 is Arenzano PIN code to establish a link. In applications that require reliable data protection, connection of the mobile telephone station to a corresponding application system is carried out through a dedicated network 6 and the system identifier is reported A number of subscriber who applies for the rights of the user and for implementing user access to the service. Using the information part of the service card 2 placed in the target device (terminal) system, the user device locally identified at site 5; is connected through a dedicated network 6 to the service provider and the identity provider identifies the user's rights to use the services.

The system consists of terminal equipment (DTE) 1, which is connected through the telephone network to the Central computer of the service provider containing the system of payment. The invention is aimed at creating a payment system that contains the target device 1 of the mobile telephone network, which may be linked to unit 2 identifies the subscriber, contains the data for the subscriber identity and the privacy of radioterapia, and which are considered in Oconee. The mobile station 1 is connected with prionopidae by stations in the mobile network, for example with the base station 3. The controller 16 base stations controls the operation of one or more base stations 3. From the controller or the base station is associated with the mobile station and then with the telecommunication networks 6.

In accordance with the invention requests a predetermined number are routed to the appropriate network 6 associated with the mobile station. During the handshake, the subscriber is identified in the center of the up 5 and he is entitled to make a call. The centre contains recognition mentioned in the GSM-system secret keys identification of mobile subscribers that are used to ensure reliable data protection to prevent abuse and to support the secrecy of radiotraffic. The network may be a telephone network (PSTN), which is well-known, but in accordance with the invention for applications requiring reliable data protection is selected, the assigned network 6. Information, such as payment amount, as well as data for the identification of A - and B-subscribers are transmitted in a telephone call.

For communication danug), which is connected to the node B control service system that contains information about user-accessible services. Controls and monitoring are important to ensure access to services of the service provider, for example, when the speech requests a semi-automatic program 9a call management, intended for use by the operator coordinator parcels calls 2 working with the periphery in the form of a personal computer or microcomputer local area network, or the system's automated telephone service 9b, for example Periphonics VPS or IBM Direct Talk/6000, or other micro - or minicomputer systems designed for speech processing and requests for data, such as system 9c services integrated processing data, for communication by the communication node 7 with service provider.

In application systems for speech processing telephony service system comprises a PBX with outgoing and incoming calls (RAWH) 10, such as Meridian, the data adapter 11 associated with RASH, such as the Meridian line for switching A - and B-numbers for conversational sessions and session data, the automatic control system calls 12, for example Meridian ACD possible network RAUH 13, is in the main computer 15.

Terminal equipment for data processing can be set, for example, in the cash register, where the customer puts their own payment (service) card in the terminal equipment, i.e. the reader of the cards GSM phone. In the above-mentioned method of payment transactions by the cardholder based on the standard SIM card and a GSM network, in accordance with which the SIM card in the card reader device GSM terminal equipment reserve equipment based on the user's SIM card. Personal transaction of the cardholder is observed by the operator of the network to a GSM terminal. The payer enters the identification number of your card in the terminal. After acceptance of an identification number entered by the payer terminal GSM network connects to the GSM network if the system allows it. The payer selects the sender of the transaction, such as Bank, credit card company, based on this information, the call is sent to the paying system of the sender. After establishing a connection through a dedicated network 6 subsystem paying system of the sender asks for the amount that must be paid, and asks the payer to confirm the amount. After confirmed lousy GSM network, gives the customer a receipt of registration of the transaction and records the transaction in the cash list.

In this system, the same call to communicate with the paying system of the recipient, for the simultaneous protection of validity of the card and to communicate with the operator, to determine the tax for the use of the phone.

This system provides free services through the network, as the payer of each transaction in the GSM system can be defined so that the tax imposed by the recipient or other party, when used in a GSM network rooms free service, collective call, etc.

In principle, a computer system based on the GSM terminal that contains a local database, memory, and software providing the periphery required for invoicing and registration of cash. The identity of the publisher of the card, i.e., a service provider, such as a store, Bank, may be on the letterhead of the SIM card. The SIM card can, if necessary, be fitted with a magnetic stripe and embossed pattern on the card. The SIM card or the chip can be programmed and modified so that after placing the card in teuu the system of administration of payment.

Due to the requirements for effective data protection in the banking and applied paying systems communication last through the GSM network, is performed by connecting the mobile station MSC 4 to the dedicated network 6. Dedicated network 6 includes, for example, connectors Nx2 Mbit/s using a dedicated network 6 aims to prevent illegal use of services that are currently possible through the use of the telephone network of General use.

When banking customer of the Bank puts Bank service card, containing the SIM block in the terminal GSM network. While banking using the telephone as a terminal, you can use the standard GSM phone. For banking services, using the data processing terminal may be a microcomputer and a banking service program associated with a GSM phone. In this case, sufficient memory and software tools for data processing and transmission of information in the data terminal or connected to it by a commonly known method. To the terminal, such as a serial interface Motorola Micro Tac-phone can be connected to the microcomputer (funds which are by calling the non-banking number, on the basis of which the search in the database of services associated with a number of the customer, i.e., the profile of services to the customer (AUP = A user profile, account number/(s) of the user and information about the available banking services. From the accounts associated with AUP customer funds may be forwarded to other accounts, taxes may be paid or taxes contained in the tax basket associated with the AUP can be accepted or rejected. Tax basket is a system in which the parties, invoicing, send your material for billing, under which taxpayers can accept or reject payments addressed to them.

In the applied system of banking services, the customer places his card in the device, contained in the terminal GSM network. The customer enters their PIN. Terminal GSM network provides local PIN verification in accordance with GSM standards. If the PIN code is correct, the customer can communicate with the Bank. If an incorrect PIN code, the customer can retry a limited number of times in accordance with the SIM, GSM-network. SIM block runs for banking and payment requests in the state in which always requires a PIN. After previse further opening requires the use of so-called PUG-code which is longer than the PIN. If the connection attempt is correct, the customer selects the number of banking services. Based on A customer number available for customer services are searched in the database of the customer. The customer gets access to your banking Affairs by telephone or through a home computer and then terminates the connection.

When paying by payment card card payer is entered in the terminal payment data and the cashier enters the code of the sender, select the payer (Bank, credit card company, and so on), and the payment amount. The payer enters their PIN. As described above, checks, after which, based on A customer ID, account (Bank account, credit account, or the like) that must be paid, is searched for in a database maintained by the operator or by the sender. After the transaction paying the system sends to the seller the subsequent confirmation number to register the transaction and to issue the check. Confirmed transaction is credited to the account of the seller with regard to the paid amount. If the account does not have the necessary amount or if the transaction cannot be approved for other reasons, paying system pusillanimity line with the cash system, reader and so on , as well as the above reader SIM card and the target device is a GSM network.

The main service center operates as a service center card service system, in which the control of various service providers associated with the service cards and/or ID A-number, and in which customers are using their IDs A-number can modify their profile services (AUP), simply and reliably carry out various transactions. The main service center is 9a semiautomatic or automatic telephone 9b system, or a system of integrated data processing and transmission 9c (system service data using the computer) that implements the telecommunications customer with available service.

The invention has been described above with reference to one of the preferred forms of exercise that do not impose, however, no restrictions. At the same time within the invention defined in the claims which are valid for any modification.

1. System mobile phone, designed for communication for the transmission of voice and/or data from konechno artificials using information part service card, entered in the terminal equipment system, and communication is performed via a mobile telephone station via the selected network service provider and an identifier is used to determine the rights of service users for use of the service.

2. The system under item 1, wherein the service card contains the SIM block SIM card GSM network and SIM card when identification is initialized to the request input of the identification number of the user PIN service card.

3. The system under item 1 or 2, characterized in that to prevent abuse in banking, payment, or other applications requiring efficient data protection, connections for the transmission of voice or data in the GSM network are carried out from the mobile station via the selected network.

4. System according to any one of paragraphs.1 to 3, characterized in that together with the aforementioned local user identity and connections from the mobile station via the selected network service system ID And number of the user is used to verify access rights of the user for the service.

5. System according to any one of paragraphs.1 to 4, characterized in that podvysotskii list contained in the mobile telephone station.

6. System according to any one of paragraphs.1 to 5, characterized in that the connection of the private network through the node switching services and site management services with different service user, which is registered, for example, in database systems, controlled by the operator to associate the user with the desired service system.

7. Payment method with the terminal equipment of the mobile telephone station associated with the phone card that allows the user to make a phone call, providing communication with a mobile station, by means of which provide access to the services of the service provider, wherein the reserve equipment based on the user data contained in the SIM card by placing the SIM card reader GSM terminal, enter the identification number of the card in the terminal equipment, carry out the communication terminal GSM-network GSM-network after confirming the entered identification number, chosen by the sender of the transaction service provider, cause paying system of the sender form a connection with paying sistemazioni room, give the escrow account to the customer, record the transaction in the terminal of the seller and pay system, tax time communication over the phone and interrupt the connection.

8. The method according to p. 7, wherein the stateful rights of the holder of the card to use a computer service provider and, in the case of a positive result, check the amount that must be paid with the card, and, if necessary, acknowledge the receipt of payment.

9. The method according to p. 7 or 8, characterized in that the identifier As-number matches the account number.

10. Payment system containing the network to communicate through the switch-node and node management services in accordance with service provided to the subscriber controls and management to access the services of the service provider, characterized in that it contains terminal equipment of the mobile station, the identification block of the subscriber with the ability to communicate with terminal equipment and containing identification data of the subscriber and data, ensuring the secrecy of the radio, read in the terminal equipment for use by mobile stations operating with cards, prieler base station to control one or more base stations, through which communication with the mobile station for communication between the telephone network and mobile station.


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