Towing device


(57) Abstract:

Towing device is intended for use in towing devices, vehicles, hitches, ropes. The invention will ensure the rigidity of the coupling and remove the assaults on the tractor towed object. The towing device includes a control unit 5, which is connected to the towing device, the entire length of which the flexible rod 1 is wearing a tight shell 3, filled with electrorheological suspension. After applying voltage to the electrode 4 C of the control unit suspension "seizes", giving the rigidity of the coupling. 1 Il.

The invention relates to vehicles and can mainly be used when creating a towing device, hitches, ropes.

A significant increase in road traffic accidents vehicle accidents requires currently reliable towing devices, hitches, ropes.

Known analog - towing device (ed. St. N 459364) containing two flexible rod, pivotally interconnected by means of earrings, flexible rod throughout the length of the wearing of the elastic ring, pre-compressed tension nuts.

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However, when the towing device as coupler do not provide sufficient rigidity of the hitch does not resolve the movement of the towed object on the truck and also increases the weight of the hitch.

The purpose of the invention is the provision of substantial rigidity of the coupling, eliminating movement (raids) on the tractor towed object and reducing the weight of the hitch.

The goal is that the towing device comprises a sealed envelope, along the entire length mounted on a flexible traction control unit, the electrode groups with means of connection to a control unit located at a distance from one another on the flexible rods towing device or sealed envelope, electrorheological suspension (electroviscous), with a large fixing force when voltage is applied to the electrodes it "seizes" and fixes the flexible rod, relative to the hermetic shell (U.S. patent N 3253200 and ed. St. N 546079), located between the hermetic shell and a flexible shaft towing device.

The circuit of the invention shown in the drawing .

Towing device comprises a flexible rod 1, the hinge with the wife at some distance from one another, the electrodes 4, groups with means of connection to a control unit 5, which in turn is connected with a source of electric current.

The proposed device operates as follows.

During towing, depending on what it is necessary to firmly fix the hitch (tow device) or to leave the flexible coupling, the control unit receives the signal on the electrodes connected in turn via the control unit with a source of electric current. After applying voltage to the electrodes Electrovaya suspension "seizes" and fixes the flexible rod relative to the hermetic shell.

Thus, the invention provides rigidity hitch and eliminates attacks towed object on the tractor.

Distinctive features of the invention are:

the presence of the constructive elements (electrodes, sealed the envelope, electrorheological (Electrovaya) suspension control unit);

there is a relationship between elements (the control unit is connected with the electrodes, between the hermetic shell and a flexible shaft-Electrovaya suspension).

Towing device towing vehicle containing two flexible rod, pivotally interconnected Peremoga object, flexible traction throughout their length wearing a sealed envelope filled electrorheological suspension, and on the inner surface of the shells are electrodes connected to a power source via the control unit.


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