Refrigerating device


(57) Abstract:

The invention relates to a refrigerating device intended for storage of frozen or refrigerated products. Under the refrigerating compartment is the compartment for kimchi fermentation at low or at high temperature or for storing kimchi at a constant temperature cooling. The Department for kimchi has the cooler and the heater and provided with a means for removal of moisture. The presence of this Department contributes to the fact that kimchi retains its own flavor for a long time. 6 C.p. f-crystals. 4 Il.

The invention relates to a refrigerating device with an insulated compartment for storing kimchi, which is located between the cooling compartment and the storage compartment for vegetables, and the Department for kimchi will help to make the fermentation and at low and high temperatures will help to keep the salty kimchi with circulating chilled air and will help to absorb the protruding by condensation in the storage compartment kimchi, thereby improving the efficiency and increasing the period within which may be stored kimchi.

Conventional refrigeration device is used to store different is for a long time. This refrigerator has two cooling section, one of which is a division of direct cooling, i.e., the evaporator is used during the cooling cycle, is installed on the storage of food and the effect of direct heat exchange.

Another type of cooling section is cooled with an indirect, i.e., the evaporator is mounted inside the ventilation channel, which is separated from the evaporator, and the air by the evaporator is used as the heat transfer media, and then the air enters the heat exchange compartment food storage by using a fan.

Above the fridge usually consists of the freezer compartment and the refrigeration compartment located below the freezer compartment.

In addition, the cooling section has a separate space, the temperature of which differs from the temperature of the main part of the refrigeration compartment and is called "the place of storage of vegetables" or "cooling compartment for storage of meat etc, at a temperature of about 1oC. In this place foods can be stored separately depending on storage conditions.

On the front surface and the slight pressure from the beginning to the axis, that products can be placed in or removed from office.

In the above-described conventional refrigerator place for separately stored products is only the freezing compartment and the refrigerating compartment. This place is so small that the user wants to store food in fresh condition cannot be satisfied.

In order to solve the problem, was constructed at the present time a refrigerating device having a large number of individual offices.

In the fridge increased amount of storage space for you to store products in accordance with the temperature range corresponding to the individual requirements of a particular product and exceeding work with the door in a convenient operation. Typical common refrigerator with separate office, disclosed in U.S. patent N 3638717, F 25 B 29/00, 1972

The fridge gets the advantage after the expansion of storage capacity and ease of manipulation door. However, there remains a problem in relation to different products capable of fermentation, such as kimchi can be stored together with other products in the same place.

Kimchi is a dish made from various vegetables, preparation, the AET to ferment at room temperature until the present smell of kimchi. Saline kimchi is then placed for storage in the refrigerator.

Because kimchi is usually prepared in a large and abundant, it requires a large storage space. Because the products stored near the kimchi packaging, placed or removed from the refrigerator, they come into contact with the kimchi packaging.

In particular, at a time when kimchi starts to wander, kimchi a strange smell, which is then mixed with the cooled air, which circulates in the Department. The problem is that products often begin to smell bad.

In addition, if the door is opened in order to put or remove the products, the smell evaporates from the Department of the refrigerator, thereby causing the user discomfort. Moreover, a relatively large access door must be opened to remove the relatively small amount of food and therefore takes a lot of cold air, causing the efficiency of the refrigerator is reduced.

In order to correct the above inconvenience, a typical refrigerator has a separate compartment, which is disclosed in U.S. patent N 5228499, F 25 B 29/00, 1993

In the refrigerator of the Department is the internal medicine, in order to accommodate products that need to begin to ferment.

If you want to save the products, the cold air produced by the evaporator, which is passed between the freezer compartment and separate compartment, and then the air is directed into the selected compartment through the valve.

However, all this is inconvenient due to the fact that the inner part of the volume of the selected branch is reduced because of the location within this branch of the fan and heater.

Another disadvantage is that since the heater is placed in a space of limited volume, there is a temperature difference between the space in front of the heater and away from the heater. This difference causes an uneven temperature distribution within the selected Department.

Moreover, in the selected branch of the highest temperature is near freezing compartment, cooled to very low temperatures. Refrigerator compartment whose temperature less than the temperature of the selected branch, more than the temperature of the freezer compartment is on the opposite side of the selected branch, opposite the adjacent borosilicate between branches increases, and the effectiveness of conservation products is reduced.

The present invention is the task of creating a refrigerator, which is easily and substantially solves the above described problems of the refrigerator in which the separation efficiency in creating the conditions for fermentation and storage reaches its highest level, that kimchi can be stored with a natural taste for a long time, in which moisture condensation, which appeared in the Department of kimchi, is displayed outside of the refrigerator in order to preserve the freshness of the smell in the Department for kimchi.

This is achieved by the fact that according to the invention, the refrigerator has a refrigerating compartment, a freezing compartment, an evaporator mounted in the freezer compartment to supply air heat exchange and in the freezing compartment and the refrigerating compartment, and in a dedicated compartment for kimchi, which is located under the freezer for fermenting kimchi stored in the last compartment and at low and at high temperatures, and to store saline kimchi at a constant cold temperature.

In addition, the storage compartment kimchi has a front open box, which is cooler, which is in Perek the same refrigerator is equipped with a device to drain, with the help of which any moisture acting on the inner surface wall in contact with the evaporator is directed to the bottom surface of the compartment and comes out of the fridge.

Fixture drain has a pallet on which you are installing the storage compartment kimchi and gutter runs along the perimeter of the pallet in order to collect drain water, and the chute consists of a front part and a rear part and the rear part of the trench is sloped to allow water is drained by gravity directly to the front part and the front part of the chute has an outlet for withdrawal of collected water from the storage compartment kimchi.

In Fig. 1 shows the cross section as an example implementation of the present invention, in which the storage compartment for the included kimchi in the fridge: Fig. 2 given an enlarged isometric image of the storage compartment kimchi, made in accordance with the present invention; Fig. 3 shows the cross section of the storage compartment kimchi, is shown in Fig. 2; Fig. 4 provides an enlarged scale a section on line A, carried out in Fig. 3.

In Fig. 1 shows a refrigerator having a compartment for linic has a freezer compartment 1, refrigerator compartment 2 compartment 3 for storing kimchi and vegetable compartment 4, which are arranged one below the other, respectively.

The freezing compartment 1 and the refrigerating compartment 2 have doors 1A, 2A front compartments 1, 2, respectively. Each door 1A, 2A rotates on the hinge along the vertical axis, located on two sides of each Department. Division 3 for storing kimchi has a door 3A, which rotates the front along the bottom horizontal angle door 3A. The vegetable compartment 4 is provided door 4A which is in front of the joint so that it forms part of the frame 41 for vegetables, moved forward or backward.

In addition, the first partition wall 5 is located between the freezing compartment 1 and the refrigerating compartment 2, the second partition wall 6 is located between the refrigerating compartment 2 and part 3 for storing kimchi, and the third partition wall 7 has between compartment 3 for storing kimchi and vegetable compartment 4.

This design allows to reduce the heat transfer between branches 1, 2, 3 and 4. Behind the rear wall of the freezer compartment 1 compartment is heat transfer, which includes the evaporator 81 and the fan 82. Compartment heat transfer 8 has a connection with the freezing compartment 1 and the freezing compartment 1, while the remainder of the air flow passes through the inner channel 9 in the refrigeration compartment 2 under the control of thermocenter 9A.

The inner channel 9 is connected with the first subchannel 91, which is located in the rear wall of the compartment 3 to store kimchi in and out of the vegetable compartment 4. The second subchannel 92 begins in the third partition wall 7, which is used for the circulation of air between the compartment 4 for storing vegetables and refrigerating compartment 2.

In the upper part, next to the freezer compartment 1 of the first partition 5, there is an air channel 11, the air from the freezer compartment 1 is sent back to the Department of the heat transfer 8. Adjacent to the refrigerating compartment 2 in the lower part of the first partition 5 has an air channel 20, the air from the refrigerating compartment 2 is directed back into the compartment heat transfer 8.

The first and second compressors 101, 102 have a compartment 10 for the installation of electric motors, which is located at the bottom rear part of the compartment 4 for storing vegetables.

The first compressor 101 is connected to the evaporator 81, located in the heat exchange compartment 8, while the second compressor 102 is connected to the evaporator 31 Otdelenia part of which is open, as shown in Fig. 2 and 3. The frame 33 has a rectangular shape, the rear part of which is located at the front of the casing C with the interior of the deep.

Case C is equipped with a heater 32 and the cooler 31. The heater 32 has a lower heating plate 321L and the upper heating plate 321U, each of which is perpendicular to the outer portion 321A, passing along the outer edge of the heating plates 321U, 321L, and including the front part of the heating plates 321U, 321L and the heating coil 322 located on the outer surface of the housing zigzag curve.

With this design the air in the compartment 3 is forcibly circulates up and down to eliminate a temperature difference in the compartment 3 for storing kimchi.

The vertical portion 321A is mounted on the inner surface of the cooler 31 by screws 323. The upper and lower edge surfaces of the second wall 6 and the upper surface of the third wall 7 respectively form a space 32A for isolation.

The cooler 31 is cooling bar 311, which is placed in the right wall, left wall and the back wall. The cooler 31 in addition equipped with a cooling pipe 312 located on the outside on top of the drawing), which already is connected to the second compressor 102 and the second capacitor (not shown).

When this pipeline design any temperature in the compartment 3 for storing kimchi excluded heating plate 321.

In addition, the pallet 331 is provided in each half of the lower heating plate 321L, protruding. The groove 332 is formed in the outer part 332A of the heating plate 321L, which covers the whole of each tray 331. The groove 332 is sloped to drain water that appear on the inner surface of the cooler 31 which passes by gravity through the drain hole 334. The drain water 334 made in the groove of the rear part of the lower heating plate 321L.

Flowing water passes through a hole 334 to drain water in the drain hose 335, and then in the bath for evaporation (not shown). Is depicted in Fig. 2 and 4, the discharge water, washing the surface 333, slipping into the edge between the pallet 331 and chute 332, and the edge between the groove 322 and the outer part 332A.

The principle of operation of the refrigerator containing compartment for storing kimchi, described above, will now be explained with reference to the attached drawings.

Elec is Kim pressure and passed through the evaporator and capillary pipe, which is not shown in the drawings, in order to switch to a low-temperature liquid refrigerant under low pressure.

Then the liquid flows inside the evaporator 81 and thus air is admitted into the interior of the heat exchange compartment 8, is used for heat transfer in contact with the evaporator and, therefore, must return the cooled air. Air flow is blown into the freezing compartment 1 fan 82, where it cools the products located in the freezer compartment 1.

After that, the air flows back into the heat exchange compartment 8 through the air duct 11. Besides, the rest of the remaining exhaust air from the heat exchange compartment 8, enters the main channel 9.

Some of the air passing through the main channel 9, is given directly in the refrigeration compartment 2 through the subchannel 91, 92 to ensure that the products placed in the vegetable compartment 4, contained in the cold.

Therefore, the entire volume of air in the fridge, comes back in heat exchange compartment 8 in order to continue this cycle.

Next, the process of fermentation and storage of kimchi in accordance with the present invention will be explained in the following oblizyvaetsya in division 3. As soon as you close the door 3A, pressed temperature increase or temperature decrease (not shown) in accordance with the desired condition of fermentation, and then the control section (not shown) the signal is sent to fermentation.

On command from the control part of the equipment supply voltage is supplied to the heating coil 322, which is located on the outer surface of each heating plate 321L, 321L. As soon as the plate 321 is heated, the heat from the plate is transferred entirely into the air in the compartment 3 for storing kimchi.

The warm air in this compartment then constantly involved in the process of fermentation of kimchi. The heat emitted from the plate, rarely is passed to the second partition 7 from isolation space 32A.

When completed, the fermentation of kimchi according to commands received from the control part of the equipment, the operation of the heater 32 is stopped, and the second compressor 102 is then launched.

When the second compressor 102 low-temperature refrigerant under low pressure is output through the second evaporator and capillary tubing, which is not shown in the drawing. The refrigerant is then sent to trubor the attachment 3 for storing kimchi exchanges heat with the refrigerant, and then fermented kimchi is cooled directly cooled by the air.

As a result of this kimchi is stored in compartment 3 directly using cooled air evaporation in the air in the compartment 3 precipitate due to the temperature difference between air and refrigerant, 31.

Condensation flows down to the lower heating plate 321L and sent to drain water, wetting the surface 333 that reaches the trench 332. Chute 332 causes the drain water in the drain hole 334 and drain water through the drain hole 334 flows into the drain hose 335 and reaches tubs for water evaporation (not shown).

In the above-described refrigerator compartment for storage of kimchi, because the heater is located on the entire outer surface of the upper plate and the lower plate, kimchi stored in the Department, can evenly to begin to ferment. As the cooling piping is located on the outer surface of the cooler, the saline kimchi can also be stored in a compartment to store kimchi in a state of constant cooling.

In addition, since the heater and the cooling piping is mounted on the outer surface of the storage compartment is a compartment for kimchi smooths out the temperature differences in the branches, side-by-side, thereby reducing the amount of heat transferred and increasing the efficiency of the storage equipment.

In addition, the moisture condensation, which is formed in the Department of kimchi, is going to drain outside of the refrigerator, thereby preserving kimchi in a fresh state for a long time.

The above-described construction of the storage compartment kimchi can be used in addition to the Department store kimchi either as a freezer or refrigerator compartment using a selective choice of temperatures.

In addition, the storage compartment kimchi can be used as a refrigeration unit or Department store wine, holding the temperature at a constant level minus 1oC.

1. Refrigeration device comprising a refrigerating compartment, the freezer compartment located above the refrigerating compartment evaporator, located in the freezer compartment and is arranged to supply air for heat exchange as in the freezing compartment and the refrigerating compartment, characterized in that it contains a compartment for fermenting kimchi either at low or at high temperature, DLNA under refrigeration compartment.

2. The device under item 1, characterized in that Department kimchi has a housing with an open front part.

3. The device according to p. 2, characterized in that Department kimchi is cooler, which is adjacent to the first side wall of the casing, and a heater, which is adjacent to the remaining portion of the casing wall.

4. The device according to p. 3, characterized in that the heater is installed at the wall has a vertical portion, which forms a barrier, which prevents heat transfer.

5. The device according to p. 3, characterized in that the cooler is located on the side and rear walls, and the heater is located on the upper and lower walls.

6. The device according to p. 3, characterized in that the moisture acting on the inner plate wall parts which come into contact with the cooler goes to the bottom surface of the body, and then it is excreted to the outside of the refrigeration device.

7. The device according to p. 6, characterized in that the housing includes a tray, which must be located in the storage compartment kimchi and gutter runs along the perimeter of the pallet in order to collect water descent vehicle what is used, and this trough has a first part and a second part, the latter part has a tilt, citabria lander water to drain from the storage compartment kimchi.


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