Device for cleaning products


(57) Abstract:

The invention is intended for cleaning items using liquids in the field of ultrasonic vibrations. The device includes a tank for washing fluid, placed in it the bubbler output supersonic nozzles provided with means for supplying it gas. 3 C.p. f-crystals, 3 ill.

The invention relates to equipment for cleaning products using washing liquids in the field of acoustic oscillations.

A device for cleaning products containing the tank for washing fluid, and electromagnetic means for creating vibrations and heating the liquid.

A disadvantage of this device is the high energy consumption associated with low efficiency of energy conversion of electrical current into the energy fluctuations.

The technical result of the invention is to reduce energy consumption.

This result is achieved by the fact that the device for cleaning products containing a bath of washing liquid and a tool for generating vibrations according to the invention a tool for generating oscillations made in the form placed in the bath bubbler having a weekend supersonic nozzle and communicated with through the possible energy to the energy of ultrasonic oscillations at least 50 times.

In a preferred embodiment, the inputs in the bubbler nozzle swirler installed.

This allows to further reduce energy intensity by increasing the power of the generated oscillations at a constant Energobud.

In another preferred embodiment, between the means for supplying gas and bubbler installed pulsator.

This leads to the achievement of the same result for a similar reason.

The last preferred embodiment of the present invention is provided for installation between the means for supplying gas and bubbler heater.

This allows for clearance of goods at controlled temperature, expanding the technological capabilities of the device, this is achieved efficiency of heat transfer is higher than the closest analogue.

In Fig. 1 shows a diagram of the device of Fig. 2 and 3 show embodiments of the nozzles of the bubbler.

Device for cleaning products contains 1 bath for washing liquid placed in it bubbler 2 connected with 3 gas supply directly, or through the pulsator 4 and/or the heater 5. The outlet of the bubbler 2 made in the form of STV purified product is placed in the bath 1, filled with washing liquid, and means 3 creates a gas bubbler 2. In nozzles 6 gas reaches a supersonic speed and output of them creates turbulent breakdown, accompanied by the formation and collapse of cavitation cavities, especially when pulse mode feed gas that is generated in the presence of the pulsator 4. In the presence of the swirler 7 supersonic swirling gas flows at some distance from the exit nozzle 6 retain the barrel-shaped form and create a regular jumps seals in units of barrels to crushing on a separate bubbles. Efficiency of energy conversion into energy of ultrasonic vibrations in such a way to create them according to the calculation and experimental data validation reaches 40-60%, while the creation of acoustic oscillations using high-frequency current does not exceed 1,5%.

If necessary, heat the washing liquid, in particular when cleaning metal products from oils in alkaline solution prior to plating or wash in soapy water, milk jars, between the tool 3 gas supply and bubbler 2 is advisable to install the heater 5. In this case, the gas is used as coolant. In the process field of ultrasonic oscillations of the gas reaches equilibrium temperature, that is completely transmits the resulting quantity of heat of the liquid. This is confirmed by theoretical calculation, under which a characteristic of the process of the contact phase Reynolds numbers in the range from 100 to 1000 averaged over time in the number of Nusselt reach values of 15-20. At the same time, it should be noted that the dissipative heat in the electromagnetic vibrators are transmitted washer fluid a maximum of 45%.

Under the action of ultrasonic vibrations to the liquid in the cleaning products be self-oscillations, the frequency of which depends on the physical properties of the products, in particular on the density and elastic modulus. Pollution, as a rule, differ sharply on these parameters from the material of the purified product, therefore, is the detachment of contaminants from the products due to desinfecte natural vibrations of their mating surfaces. This leads to an increase in the rate of separation of the impurities is higher than the value determined by the solubility of the contaminant in the used washing liquid with regard to the acceleration of mass transfer in the field of ultrasonic vibrations. It should be noted that from the surface are removed even pollution, is not soluble in the used washing idcol in hot water is flushing mineral oils and scale.

Thus, the proposed device allows to reduce the energy intensity of cleaning products, increase productivity and quality of treatment, to make cleaning under controlled temperature conditions.

1. Device for cleaning products containing a bath of washing liquid and a tool for generating oscillations, characterized in that the means for creating vibrations made in the form placed in the bath bubbler having a weekend supersonic nozzle and communicated with means for supplying gas.

2. The device under item 1, characterized in that the entrances to the bubbler nozzle swirler installed.

3. The device under item 1 or 2, characterized in that the means for supplying gas and bubbler installed pulsator.

4. Device according to any one of paragraphs.1 to 3, characterized in that the means for supplying gas and bubbler installed heater.


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EFFECT: expanded functional capabilities.

3 dwg

FIELD: mechanical engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to cleaning of metal parts from contamination in water alkaline solutions with application of ultrasound, in particular, to cleaning metal parts of bearings. Proposed method includes washing of parts in five baths of ultrasonic complex: in first bath containing degreasing water solution with MC-15 or MC-37 detergent, concentration of 20-25 g/l at temperature of solution within 60 and 70°C, in second bath with application of ultrasound in detergent TCM ("Gremlos B"), concentration of 20-30 g/l at temperature of 45-55°C, in third bath with application of ultrasound in not tap running water at temperature of 45-55°C, in fourth bath in cold tap running water, and in fifth bath in cold running distilled water with subsequent drying with hot air.

EFFECT: simplified method of cleaning , reduced labor input, increased labor productivity and improved quality of cleaning, reduced cost of cleaning.

FIELD: electronics.

SUBSTANCE: device has discharging and charging cassettes mounted on the base, two mechanism for step moving of the cassettes, mechanism for vertical movement of plates from the discharging cassette, mechanism for horizontal movement of the plates provided with a grip, and unit for cleaning the plates. The grip of the mechanism of the horizontal movement is made of a holder provided with two rollers having round grooves with V-shaped entrance. The distance between the outer diameters of the rollers is greater than the width of the carriers. The stop is mounted below the line that passes through the axes of the rollers of the holder so that its axis of symmetry is in coincidence with the axis of symmetry of the vertical groove on the plate carriers, and the axes of symmetry of the roller grooves and the stop are in the same plane.

EFFECT: improved quality of cleaning.

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SUBSTANCE: apparatus includes acoustic system, elastic time-lag member system, movable sleeve, union nut, detachable boss. Acoustic system includes ultrasound irradiator with working tip in its end, magnetostriction transducer, concentrator and changeable resonance wave guides at end side of concentrator. Magnetostriction transducer connected with concentrator, system of elastic time-lag members and changeable sleeve are mounted in housing. System of elastic time-lag members is made with possibility of controlling effort for pressing ultrasound irradiator to treated surface. Said system includes secured to end of magnetostriction transducer and designed for full inner reflection of energy of ultrasound irradiator, spring arranged along lengthwise axis of acoustic system and shaped cover plate with insulation springy member. Movable sleeve is adjoined with acoustic system and it is arranged at side opposite relative to elastic time-lag member system of magnetostriction transducer. Union nut is arranged on outer end side of housing at side of elastic time-lag member system. Detachable boss is arranged on outer side of housing and it is designed for securing apparatus to machine tool in stationary operation mode. Changeable resonance wave-guides are used for providing necessary oscillating shifts and stresses transmitted to treated surface depending upon manufacturing process demands. Hydraulic collars are arranged on movable sleeve. Elastic time-lag member system includes in addition piston, bolt coupled with piston and arranged along lengthwise axis of acoustic system, seals arranged between housing and lateral walls of piston for providing fluid-tightness of housing. Ultrasound irradiator is mounted on end of one of changeable resonance wave-guides, its working tip is changeable and it has different shape depending upon demands of manufacturing process. Spring of elastic time-lag member system is changeable, its geometry size and material are selected according to demands of manufacturing process.

EFFECT: enlarged manufacturing possibilities, improved operational reliability of apparatus.

1 dwg

Ultrasonic plant // 2286216

FIELD: plants for ultrasonic cleaning and treatment of suspensions in powerful acoustic fields; devices for dissolving, emulsifying and dispersing; devices for transmission of mechanical vibrations with use of magneto-striction effect.

SUBSTANCE: proposed plant includes ultrasonic rod-type magneto-striction transducer, working chamber made in form of metal cylindrical tube and acoustic waveguide whose radiating end is tightly connected to lower part of cylindrical tube by means of elastic sealing ring; receiving end face of this waveguide is acoustically and rigidly connected with radiating surface of rod-type ultrasonic transducer. Plant is additionally provided with circular magneto-striction radiator whose magnetic circuit is rigidly pressed on working chamber tube. Proposed plant forms two-frequency acoustic field in liquid medium being treated, thus enhancing intensity of technological process.

EFFECT: enhanced intensification of technological process with no impairment of final product quality.

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SUBSTANCE: method is realized with use of magnetostriction converters in exciting windings of which bursts of power current pulses are generated by means of pairs of switching units while providing detection of emergency mode and forming signal inhibiting feed of control signal to control inlets of switching units. Magnetization current is supplied from DC magnetization source to exciting windings before generation and after termination of burst of power current pulses. Apparatus for performing the method includes magnetostriction converters having in each exciting winding switching capacitor; control circuit in the form of setting generator; supply-line filter; full-wave rectifier connected with outlets of filter; accumulation capacitor whose positive terminal is connected with plus terminal of rectifier and whose negative terminal is connected with minus terminal of rectifier; detector of short circuiting current whose one terminal is connected with minus terminal of accumulation capacitor and whose other terminal is connected with pickup for measuring electric current of power current pulses; power switching transistors. Each magnetostriction converter includes one exciting winding connected between pairs of power switching transistors through insulation capacitor; pickup for measuring current of power current pulses having fixed resistor and variable resistor and connected at one side with common bus and at other side with common sources of power switching units; connected with inlet of control circuit mean outlet terminal of variable resistor of said pickup; DC magnetization source whose outlets through chokes are connected with exciting windings of magnetostriction converters and whose inlets are connected with outlets of accumulation capacitor.

EFFECT: enhanced effectiveness of using magnetostriction converter, lowered energy consumption, increased intensity of ultrasonic oscillation in aggregate, improved efficiency of cleaning it.

4 cl, 5 dwg

FIELD: processes for ultrasonic cleaning of surfaces of equipment such as extrusion heads, draw plates and so on from burned-on polymer, possibly in any branches of industry.

SUBSTANCE: method comprises steps of preparing cleaning liquid, namely at first preparing solution of acetic acid with acetic acid concentration in range 5 - 7% and the adding 2 - 3 g of chalk per 1 liter of prepared solution; cleaning desired object with use of prepared liquid at temperature 45 - 65°C for 50 - 75 min at frequency of ultrasound oscillations 33 - 35 kHz; neutralizing liquid by means of sodium carbonate solution with concentration 0.1 mol/l; washing objects in flow-through water and drying them.

EFFECT: intensified lowered-cost process for high-quality cleaning of objects from burned-on polymer without damaging surfaces of equipment, possibility for multiple use of prepared cleaning liquid at reduced labor consumption.

2 ex