Control method aerogasdynamic processes when developing a suite of coal seams


(57) Abstract:

Control method aerogasdynamic processes the development of a Suite of coal seams. The essence of the invention: preparation of a mine field carry provedenie trunks, field drifts, intermediate crosscuts, split furnaces, and the seam - sided excavation fields to an array wing of the mine and contravene outgoing gas stream in the wing of a mine field, wastewater treatment works in the excavation field regarding revealing generation and the mining wing of the mine, carrying out simultaneously the notch okrokvertskhov pillars. 1 Il.

The invention relates to the mining industry and can be used in the development of contiguous coal seams.

There is a method of developing a flat and inclined seams of minerals [1]

The method involves performing in the center of a mine field the main haulage and conveyor drifts, holding them inclined workings in the fall and revolt of the reservoir, excavation tracks and simultaneous development in bremerhave and slope parts of a mine field by means of longwall mining in the same direction. The main haulage drift are under IMI inclined workings, and the main conveyor and excavation drifts are in a broken line, and the refinement of the formation of minerals in bremerhave and parts of the slope leading to the transition treatment faces inclined workings.

There is also known a method of controlling the emission in the development of the Suite of layers [2]

The essence of this method lies in the fact that you are doing training the extraction field conducting ventilation, haulage and vozduhootvod openings, the exhaust gas-air mixture from the goaf through the drainage production, traversed by the underlying layer, and the de-aeration production, with drainage development on the underlying layer are on the flank of the extraction field, and drainage elaborate drainage wells are drilled rising and mounting the camera each post excavation of the overlying layers, and the use of drainage generation as an emergency exit in drainage development pave the de-aeration pipe from the drainage wells to generate the de-aeration.

The disadvantage of this invention is that the direction of the treatment of generation of a one-way excavation field does not coincide with the direction of the gas outlet of expression is of Christianity (the concentration of the remaining coal) and deformed pillars, that negatively on the issues of endogenous fire risk.

The present invention eliminates this disadvantage.

The new method is illustrated in the drawing, which shows a schematic diagram of its implementation, where: 1 air shaft, 2 security pillar; 3 boundary of the coal pillar; 4 pleboy drift haulage horizon; 5 - the border security kalokairinou pillar; 7 main roadway; 8 workspace stope; 9 chest stope; 10 vent drift; 11 intermediate crosscut ventilation horizon; 12 field drift ventilation horizon; 13 vozduhovydajushchemu trunk; 14 direction stope in a one-sided excavation field; 15 stope; 16 coloquially pillar; 17 constant insulating structures on the intermediate Kerslake ventilation horizon; 18 - constant insulating structures on the intermediate Kerslake haulage horizon; 19 decreasing in the process of cleaning works of the coal pillar.

The method is implemented as follows.

Intake barrel 1, usually held in the middle (along strike) of a mine field, dividing it respectively into two wings. For protection with the thief on each wing of a mine field is carried out in the supine side to haulage horizon field drift 4, which at a certain distance from the shaft 1 along strike construct intermediate crosscut 5-a, 5-B, 5-In, etc. within the security pillar with its borders 6. The distance between crosscuts choose from a condition subsequent working of coal seams unilateral excavation fields. In this interim crosscut reveal only one independent ventilation in relation to the group (gang) of contiguous layers.

With each intermediate Kerslake on the length of the one-way extraction field are the main passage 7 to the border security pillar 3 or 6. This roadway connects with the workings of the ventilation split horizon oven, which is being converted into the working space 8 stope 9.

The vent passage 10 is passed from the corresponding intermediate Kerslake 11-a, 11-B, 11-B, etc. which are joined useful roadway 12 with flanking vozduhovydajushchem barrel 13, causing, respectively, flanking the scheme airing wing of the mine.

It should be noted that there may be Central ventilation scheme wing of the mine, when vozduhovydajushchemu the barrel 13 is a cross-section (transverse to the stretch of contiguous layers) with the intake stoleriu (for example, 5-B) increases the mined-out area 15 in the excavation field by moving stope 9 to cislago.

Favorable scheme opening contiguous layers with field drifts 4 and 12, located in lying side suites, lets not support intermediate crosscut 5-a, 5-B, 5-and 11-a, 11-B, 11-b on the two horizons, respectively practicing security pillars 16 within their borders 6.

Fresh air from the main passage 7, getting into the working space 8 stope 9, causes in the developed space 15 controlled area ventilation minimum size. Outgoing air here seeks the shortest path to get to the vent passage 10, snuggling up to his chest stope 9 due to the direction of the outgoing jet in the direction of the flank vozduhovydajushchemu shaft 13.

When using the Central scheme airing wing of the mine will be constantly ensured uncontrolled air flow in the plane of the layer from the working space 8 through the collapsed and deformed rocks out space 15 in the direction of the Central vozduhovydajushchemu shaft 13. Even leave the security pillar 16 small, but constant size when setting the constant is of rizontal will not provide duties due to permanent deformation and fracture it, because it is on the border of the two worked-out areas 15. In this case, this pillar will be a source of spontaneous combustion of coal due to its intensive oxidation.

In the proposed technological scheme of mine, we have introduced an additional third and fourth signs.

Direct mining wing of a mine field relative to the main air shaft 1 is characterized by the sequential transition unilateral extraction of the fields on the new intermediate crosscuts (for example, 5-A; 5-B; 5-b and so on ). From the presented data (Fig.1) it is clear that the first excavation field of corsega 5-And already tested and sewage treatment works are currently in the second one-way excavation field of corsega 5-B.

The seam unilateral extraction fields to an array wing of the mine, i.e. towards the uncovered portion 19 of each layer. Thus, the developed space 15 of each of the extraction field is increased, and a large uncovered part of his 19 is reduced accordingly.

Management gassing when developing a Suite of coal seams is carried out as follows.

The removal of methane from only the minimum area of ventilation vyrabotala slaughter. Outside this zone goaf will (by eliminating the uncontrollable currents of air to accumulate methane, creating an inert environment to prevent spontaneous combustion of coal.

The essence of the invention is as follows.

Take the unilateral option of the preparation of the extraction field testing them in an array wing of the mine. This determines the location of the intermediate crosscuts on haulage and ventilation levels and also the desired direction cleaning work in the mining field for revealing the workings.

A gradual transition unilateral extraction of the fields on the new intermediate crosscut while ensuring contravenes requires direct mining wing of a mine field and flank laying vozduhovydajushchemu trunk.

Descending order of testing of contiguous layers in the Suite (at the inception of field drifts in the supine side it allows you to refuse the protection of the intermediate crosscut coal pillars. The direction of the outgoing air stream to an array wing of the mine provides constant pressure her to the uncovered part of the wing, and, consequently, the minimum GS is mi when developing a Suite of coal seams, including the preparation of a mine field holding trunks, field drifts, split furnaces, the seam with the exhaust gas mixture, characterized in that the de-aeration barrel carried out on the flank of the wing of a mine field, form the extraction field of the midterm crosscuts, the seam produce unilateral extraction fields and sewage treatment works on the intermediate Kerslake to an array wing of the mine contravene outgoing gas stream in the wing shaft and the order of testing with simultaneous excavation okrokvertskhov pillars.


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EFFECT: higher precision, higher speed of operation.

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SUBSTANCE: method includes erection of rows of main platforms along bed length in staggered order with length equal or divisible by step value for support displacement, and placing filling material thereon. Along length of main platforms between ceiling and bed soil post support is mounted, upon which filling material is fed. After that between main platforms additional platforms are erected with wedge supporting, and main platforms are rotated counter-clockwise towards pneumatic support and it is displaced for one drive step. During that filling material, while lowering, unwedges wedge support between ceiling and bed soil and forms artificial supports. After that additional platforms are rotated counter-clockwise towards pneumatic support. After movement of cleaning face for two drive steps operations for constructing artificial supports are repeated. Distance between main platforms along bed fall line are selected from mathematical expression.

EFFECT: higher efficiency.

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EFFECT: higher intensiveness, higher reliability.

3 dwg

FIELD: mining industry.

SUBSTANCE: method includes preparation of slanted extraction fields, driving transport drifts, driving ventilation drifts for upper extraction field and use of transport drift of upper extraction field as ventilation during preparation of lower extraction field, driving two chambers through block in parallel to transport drift. Lower chamber is driven with advance relatively to transport drift and to upper chamber and with slant, providing for free flow of water from transport drift and both chambers. Transport drift is periodically filled with breakthroughs to upper chamber, which is by breakthroughs connected to lower chamber. Width of lower chamber is set in accordance to condition of placement of working tool of technological extraction complex therein, and width of upper chamber - from condition of placement of rock therein which is product from driving of transport drift. Transport drift and both chambers are driven with straight preparation and extraction order of extraction fields, using solid system of extraction fields extraction.

EFFECT: higher intensiveness of operation.

3 dwg

FIELD: mining industry.

SUBSTANCE: method includes driving mines, drilling saturation wells along mineral resource, pressurization thereof by pressurizing means, feeding of softening reagent under pressure and saturation of mineral resource massif. Additionally saturation wells are drilled at bed ceiling, pressurized and softening reagent is pumped therein with 1-2 day exposure after forcing of reagent into mineral resource massif. Well along ceiling are placed at an angle so that distance from pressurizing means location to line of contact of ceiling to mineral resource was not less than saturation radius, and distance between wells was not less than 2-3 saturation radiuses. Between saturation wells along bed ceiling additionally drilled are wells for explosive substance charges with slant for 15-20 degrees greater, than slant of saturation wells, while the distance between saturation wells in this case is increased to 3-4 saturation radiuses. For prior processing of mineral resource by softening reagent a mine is driven in front of cleaning operations front, from which on both sides along mineral resource bed wells are drilled for feeding softening reagent therein, and after end of processing and removal of pressurizing means mine is equipped with degassing pipes.

EFFECT: higher efficiency and higher safety.

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FIELD: mining industry.

SUBSTANCE: method includes drilling a system of hydraulically connected wells, directed and horizontal, cased and not cased along coal bed. Hydrodynamic and fire effect on coal bed is performed through these. Gassing and degassing processes for coal bed are performed serially via a system of hydraulically connected wells. In that case degassing process is performed by thermal treatment of channels of coal by counter-flow displacement of burning source after combustion of coal bed in one of wells. Then neutral gas is forced into system of hydraulically connected wells, ignited zone is quenched and coal methane is extracted from several wells, equipped for degassing. Gassing process is performed via repeated combustion through specially drilled vertical well and forcing flow into directed cased wells. Formed combustible gas is drained through directed non-cased wells in direction by normal lines from horizontal transverse well.

EFFECT: higher efficiency.

1 dwg

FIELD: mining industry.

SUBSTANCE: method includes separating bed on levels by driving level drifts, driving sublevel drifts, separating levels on sublevels, extraction of mineral resource in sublevels by hydraulic monitors, transporting caved-in enveloping rocks to extracted space of lower sublevels. Extraction of bed is performed without leaving of any coal blocks between extracted spaces of adjacent levels. During extraction of lower sublevel, adjacent to upper boundary of even lower level, extracted space is filled within limits of current sublevel with empty rocks, while slanting height of backfill massif is taken to be greater than 0.6 horizontal bed massiveness. Slanting height of lower sublevel is taken to be greater than slanting height of backfill massif.

EFFECT: higher personnel safety, higher efficiency, lower costs.

1 dwg

FIELD: mining industry.

SUBSTANCE: method includes driving mines in front of cleaning face, processing ceiling and mineral resource by softening agents and extraction of it by cleaning combines with additional removal of mineral resource from below the ceiling. In massif below the ceiling shafts and mines are driven at maximal distance on basis of capabilities of used drilling equipment, not allowing during drilling fro processing massif below ceiling deviation from it until contact with surface by face-adjacent ceiling, supported by cleaning combine support, and distance between following driven mines is doubled, which mines are necessary for displacement of drilling equipment and equipment for feeding softening agent into wells. After finishing its pumping these wells and mines are used through connections in shafts with removing pipeline for extracting methane and degassing mineral resources. Stack of mineral resource unprocessed by softening agent has value of no more than one-two steps of extraction of coal bands along whole length of cleaning face, and the very removal of mineral resources from massif is performed in portions along whole length of mineral resource no more than 2-3 thicknesses f cutting bands of mineral resource. Device for cutting massif includes sections of mechanized support, containing base, connected to spreader posts, extending executive tool. Combine support on the side of cave-in between back posts has wedge-shaped cutting posts, hydraulically connected to back posts. Cutting posts are provided with individual means for controlling feed and draining of hydraulic liquid. Cutting posts have devices, forming in case of their spreading vibration of hydraulic liquid sent to them.

EFFECT: higher efficiency, higher personnel safety.

2 cl, 3 dwg