Agricultural complex


(57) Abstract:

Agricultural complex (SCC) refers to agricultural activities. SCK is a multi-component complex, performed at least on three levels, with accommodation on the lower ground level novodobrianka in the form of a digester with gas holder, at the second level housed the livestock Department, and the third level contains vegetable Department in the form of winter rack greenhouses, with all levels of the complex are connected at least through a single lift. Agricultural consumer cooperation collective farm is supplied by a branch of mushroom cultivation xylem rocks, Department for growing hydroponic green fodder (HGF), as well as offices for the production of fertilizers (including organic waste) and for the production of organo-mineral substrate. Technologically and directly connected executed livestock - feed mill and digester, Department of HGF - mill, gribovodcheskogo compartment with feed and separation of the production of the substrate, Department of animal - vegetable compartment, and the gas tank novodobrianka Department - technological branches of the complex. topics of the air-gas exchange which in turn is equipped with biofilters. The proposed SCC helps to ensure waste reduction complex and the optimal structure of technological linkages, to improve the efficiency of the complex, increasing the range of the marketed agricultural production and improve its quality and reduce capital costs and the cost of agricultural products. 5 Il.

The invention relates to agricultural activity, and includes departments: animal, vegetable, processing of agricultural products.

Known diversified agricultural systems, including the specified branch.

This multidisciplinary selhoztehnika represent different combinations of freestanding industrial buildings (premises) on the territory of the industrial zone, which involves significant capital costs, costs of production and consequently high cost of production [6]

Also known multistory monoblock mono-industrial agricultural systems, for example, for growing and fattening of young cattle and pigs [1] Each floor of the facility is performed as a separate barn or with the sa hosted drives manure.

Known multi-storey livestock building [2] the essence of which is that the elements of the floors of multi-storey buildings completed in the trays for manure removal and with a bias towards the sewer drain.

You know the building for the animals [3] the Essence of the invention: an appropriate relative placement areas for cows and calves.

Known and winter modular soilless greenhouse with the appropriate life-support systems of plants, involving significant capital expenditures, working capital and high cost of production [4]

You know the invention of tower greenhouse [5]

Based on the analysis of patent and scientific and technical information on the relevant classification headings for the previous period, i.e. on 15.12.95 as the closest analogue accepted agricultural production area [1] including animal and vegetable complexes.

The basic requirements for agricultural complexes are:

functional feasibility, i.e. the maximum degree of satisfaction with the functional and technological, technical and economic requirements;

moves to full satisfaction of the basic technological and technical requirements.

Technical solution closest analogue involves a large area of the territory of the industrial zone, large capital investments and operating costs.

The aim of the invention is the relative reduction in the area of development of industrial zones, reducing capital and operating costs, provision of non-waste production and expand the range of products of agricultural complex.

This is achieved by the fact that agricultural complex (SCC), including the Department of livestock newsopinion and vegetable growing and processing of agricultural products made in monoblock form complex and at least on three levels, with level I posted Novozapolyarny Department of animal husbandry, II livestock division, III main branch.

SCK is supplied with the corresponding departments of the vegetable growing hydroponic green fodder (HGF), wood-destroying fungi species, as well as offices for the production of fertilizers and organic substrate. While livestock Department made technologically communicating with branches premixes preparation and awesomium production of organo-mineral substrate. Novozapolyarny made in the form of digester with gas holder, and the latter in turn is associated with communications wiring with technological branches of the complex. Vegetable Department is equipped with the corresponding racks for growing vegetables and a life-support system. Department of vegetable performed communicating through channels with forced systems vozduhozabora, and the TV is equipped with biofilters.

Department of agricultural processing and other related departments are placed at levels in accordance with the technological and economic feasibility.

In Fig. 1-5 shows an example of space-planning decisions waste monoblock diversified agricultural complex (BMMSC).

In Fig. 1 depicts a complex, lateral projection, and Fig. 2 facade; Fig. 3 layout of the technological departments of level I of Fig. 4 layout of the technological departments of level II of Fig. 5 layout of the technological departments of level III, where the alphabetic symbols marked units BMCHK, and numerals technological flows and communication.

This marked separation as about what their processing plant agricultural products;

D Department of newsobama and receive organic waste from other departments and their processing;

E Department of livestock product processing Department;

F warehouse animal feed and raw materials;

G Department of premixes preparation and production of green fodder;

H Department of livestock;

K administrative Department;

L Department of vegetable.

Traffic and communication.

Figure 1 shows the flows at III levels, at least one forklift, between the branches of F-G-B-A-L raw materials, products;

Figure 2 flows F-G raw food;

3 traffic B-A mushroom substrate production and mineral fertilizers;

4 traffic A-L organic substrate;

5 traffic B-G comodamente (mushroom substrate);

6 traffic B-C vegetable and mushroom products;

7 traffic G-H feed, including comodamente;

8 traffic L-C vegetable products;

9 traffic H-D manure;

10 traffic L-D organic waste;

11 air L-H;

12 traffic H-E livestock products.

The activity of the complex is provided by feeding (F) and cordobesas (B) to the Department (G), which is the hedgehog is Otdelenia mushroom (B), preparation of substrate (a) and vegetable (L) having served respectively raw materials, seeds, fertilizers, etc.

Grown mushrooms and vegetables served in a branch processing (C). Organo-mineral substrates by having served in the Department of horticulture (L) or free exercise.

Livestock products is served in a branch of the processing (E). All organic waste from offices (L and H) are submitted to the Department (D) for processing in the digester. The gas obtained in the digester, used in the technology and consumer needs.

In vegetable departments, such as hydroponic rack, use and flameless (catalytic gas burners, allowing heat and carbon dioxide (CO2) vegetation.

Vegetable (L) and livestock (H) the Department made communicating through channels (11) with forced air systems gas exchange (O2, CO2and heat), and the TV is equipped with biofilters.

In General the technological cycle of complex waste each production components are produced in other countries, increasing the effect of the overall economic activity of animals and component of the organo-mineral substrate rack hydroponic systems.

Waste animal and vegetable production after treatment in the digester are a supplier of energy methane gas and organic decontaminated manure, which in terms of the group NPK (nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium), respectively 3,2-0.55 to 1.5% of the total dry weight of manure.

Production (cultivation) of vegetables in the proposed multi monoblock agricultural complex involves the use of a substrate own production, fertilizers, carbon dioxide and energy of methane gas.

Presents diversified monoblock waste agricultural complexes (MBSCC) implies a relative reduction of the levels of capital and operating costs by reducing the volume of construction works, reducing the length of engineering networks and communications, as well as through the provision of non-waste production.

Moreover, significantly reduced the area under production area and increases the range of agricultural products MBCHK.

Agricultural complex, including vegetable Department, livestock Department newsopinion and feed and separation processing selhozmash for growing hydroponic green fodder, for the production of fertilizers and production of organic substrate and is made in monoblock at least three levels, and Novozapolyarny made in the form of digester with gas holder, and on the lower ground level is placed digester with gas holder, at the second level of the livestock Department, on the third level of the vegetable Department, and all levels of the complex are connected by at least one lifting the vehicle, while the livestock Department technologically communicated with the feed, digester and vegetable division, Department for growing hydroponic green fodder to feed livestock Department, and gribovodcheskogo compartment with feed livestock Department and with the Department for the production of the substrate.


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EFFECT: increased stiffness and insulation properties of storage barrier elements.

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EFFECT: proposed device and method provide the most complete use of sunlight and artificial light for light and colour stimulation of plants, prevent ingress into interior of the greenhouse of pests, dust and rainwater, which enables to provide high quality plant products.

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EFFECT: process of expanding of the farm with an increase in the number of animals is simplified, the process of manufacture of products is simplified.

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