Antianemic and growth-stimulating drug for animals "gambit m"


(57) Abstract:

Use: cattle breeding and fur farming. The inventive drug "Gambit-M" consists of the following components, wt.%: disodium or dikalova salt Ethylenediamine-N,N'-dinternal acid 15-25; iron (III) 3,0-5,0; manganese (II) 0,5-2,5; copper (II) 0,25-0,5; cobalt (II) 0.1 to 0.3; zinc (II) 0.1 to 1.5; water - the rest. The use of the drug in the recommended doses eliminates the deficiency of trace elements in the body, helps to normalize the metabolism, improving the reproductive abilities of females, stimulates the growth of animals. 5 table.

The invention relates to animal breeding and fur farming and can be used for the prevention and treatment of iron deficiency anemia and enhance the growth of fur-bearing animals, farm and domestic animals, as well as to maintain the microelemental composition of the feed.

Known means for the prevention of anemia in burrows containing iron complex diethylenetriaminepentaacetic acids (ed.St. USSR N 959315 class. A 61 K 31/295, 1982). The product does not contain other trace elements needed by the body, and not effective enough.

Closest to the invention by the technical somnos the class. A 61 K 31/295, 31/30, 1991).

The drug Gambit" consists of the following components, wt% disodium salt Ethylenediamine-N,N'-dinternal acid 17 23; iron (III) 3,4 4,6; copper (II) 0,34 0,46; cobalt (II) 0,17 0,23; zinc (II) 0,17 0,23; water - the rest. This drug is administered to the holes in the feed at a daily dose of iron, equal to 2.5 to 3.5 mg/head. The drug Gambit" get THE 22-46 (radlinski pilot plant), 1992.

However, the drug Gambit" not contains manganese, which reduces the effect when used for other farm animals, in particular pigs and birds.

The task of the invention, a drug with optimal ratios of trace elements.

For task preparation on the basis of a complex of iron, copper, cobalt and zinc disodium or Pikalevo salt Ethylenediamine-N, N'-dinternal acid additionally contains manganese in the following ratio, wt%

Disodium or dikalova salt Ethylenediamine-N,N'- dinternal acid - 15 of 25

Iron (III) 3,0 5,0

Manganese (II) 0,5 2,5

Copper (II) 0,25 0,5

Cobalt (II) 0,1 0,3

Zinc (II) 0,1 1,5

Water the Rest

The drug Gambit-M get in enameled reactor by means of interaction is (TU 22-46) and calculated the number of solutions of salts of iron (III), copper (II), manganese (II), cobalt (II) and zinc (II). In the synthesis of drug use sodium or potassium alkali. As salts of trace elements is used, as a rule, they chloride or sulfate salt. For example, it is possible to use the following salts: FeCl36H2O, Fe2(SO4)39H2O, CuSO45H2O, CuCl22H2O, CoCl26H2O, CoSO47H2O, ZnCl2, ZnSO47H2O, MnCl24H2O, MnSO45H2A. Acceptable use and anhydrous salts of these metals. Analyses alkaline salt Ethylenediamine-N, N'- dinternal acid is carried out by the method (TU 22-46). Iron in the composition of the drug determine the complex metric titration with sulfosalicylic acid. Zinc, manganese, copper and cobalt determined using atomic absorption spectrophotometer "Saturn" according to GOST 15150-69. The drug is produced in aqueous solution, representing a dark brown liquid (pH 6 to 8, the mass fraction of iron 3 5%). Gambit-M infinitely soluble in water and insoluble in organic solvents. The solution should be stored in glass or plastic bottles. Store in containers made of ferrous metals or aluminum inadmissible because Yety (dark brown pasta, solution pH 6 8, ferrum 5 7%) or powder (powder brown, pH 6 8, ferrum 7 9%). The drug is in the form of paste or powder is very hygroscopic, so it's kept in an airtight container.

Acute toxicity and maximum tolerated dose of the drug for white rats was determined according to the methodological guidance on the determination of the toxic properties of drugs used in veterinary medicine and animal husbandry, approved by the Ministry of health of the USSR, agricultural Sciences, BS Gosagroprom USSR. Tolerable upper intake amounted to 12500 mg/kg W.m. approximately 210 times higher than the recommended effective dose. LD5023750 mg/kg According to the accepted classification of the drug belongs to slightly toxic.

Before entering the food or feed product for the best homogenization is diluted with water 3 to 5 times and thoroughly mixed with the feed. When steaming feed the drug is added directly to the feed and mixed. Gambit-M not exposed to thermal decomposition in terms of steaming feed.

The efficacy of the drug "Gambit-M for different animals can be illustrated by the following examples.

The impact of drugs on the body of chickens was evaluated hematological studies 10, 20, 30, 45 and 60 days of their lives, as well as on the energy growth of the Chicks and their preservation for 65 days. (PL. 1).

From table. 1 shows that the use of semovita-M has a significant stimulatory effect on haematopoiesis chickens. Daily giving semovita-M contributes to 45 days of age increased levels of hemoglobin, number of erythrocytes and hematocrite number on average 15 to 20% compared to control, regardless of the form used drug. Gambit-M in all cases gives a better effect than gambit. Gambit-M had a positive effect on the reduction zabolevaemosti determining the effectiveness of semovita-M (powder, pasta, solution) in the prevention of nutritional anaemia in piglets and its influence on the growth energy in comparison with ferroaluminum and semovita.

Were formed six experimental groups of pigs weeks of age on the principle of analogues. The first group received gambit (powder) per 1 kg W. M 4.0 mg iron; 0.4 mg of copper; 0.2 mg of zinc and 0.2 mg of cobalt. The second group received gambit-M (powder) of 4.0 mg iron; 2.0 mg of manganese; 0.4 mg of copper; 0.4 mg of zinc and 0.1 mg of cobalt. The third group received gambit-M in paste form, and the fourth in the form of a solution in a dosage of the second group. The fifth group received feroglobin. Feroglobin pigs were injected with 3 days of age in the ear region in a dose of 2 ml (150 mg of iron). The sixth group served as a control.

Drugs Gambit and Gambit-M was given with food to pigs with weeks of age through day 10 times. Blood examination was carried out on 3, 10, 21 and 26 days of life. The most severe anemia observed at 3 weeks of age, so in the table. 2 shows the hematological indices of pigs of this age. The growth rate was determined by live weight of piglets at weaning from sows in 26 days.

From table. 2 shows that gambit-M has some advantage is anyone's actions. Gambit-M retains a sufficiently high efficiency in the prevention of anemia in piglets, regardless of the form of its manufacture. There is a positive impact of semovita-M on growth rate of piglets. Animals receiving gambit-M, 26 days of age had reached a live weight 6.00 kg, while the analogues of age who received gambit, on average, weighed 5,74 kg Control group was lost during lactation on average 0.38 kg per Piglet.

Example 3. Experiments on the influence of semovita-M on the fertility of sows. The drug was administered in the diet of animals is based on 400 mg of iron per head per day through day 10 times, during their preparation for mating. While there is an increase in productive esemenyeket replacement gilts. Guinea pigs come in the hunt and were inseminated in the first two decades of the month. Sows of the control group, not receiving gambit-M, the process of insemination was stretched and over 20% of the animals was covered again.

The use of semovita-M contributed to the reduction of the gestation period in the experimental groups 1.4 2.0 days, obtaining 1,6 3,4 viable pig more, the increase of live weight of the nest at farrowing 2.6 5.0 kg crowninshield functions sows in intensive technology.

Example 4. Study of the effectiveness of the drug in comparison with semovita and ferroaluminum were performed on lambs. According to the principle analogues was picked five groups of lambs in 5 days of age. The first group served as control, the second group was drinking the solution semovita based on 1 kg W. M 3.0 mg iron; 0.3 mg copper; 0.15 mg of zinc; About 15 mg of cobalt. The third group was drinking gambit-M based 3.0 mg iron; 0.6 mg of manganese, 0.3 copper; 0.3 mg of zinc and 0.15 mg of cobalt. The drugs were drinking animals every other day, 10 times. Before giving the drug was diluted in boiled water 1: 2. The fourth group once were injected with in the upper third of the neck 3 ml feroglobin (225 mg of iron). Comparative effectiveness of drugs was determined by hematological indices and energy growth of lambs. The results are presented in table. 3 and 4.

The data table. 3 and 4 show improvement in hematological parameters and increases in body weight in lambs using semovita-M compared with the control group and the fourth group (feroglobin). Compared with the control after 60 days increased hemoglobin 0.9 g% of body weight by 10% which indicates Antianemic action of the drug and the influence on the energy growth of the animals.

A control group of mink (young females of the 1st year of use) received gambit based on 18 kg W. M 2.0 mg iron; 0.2 mg of copper; 0.1 mg of zinc and 0.1 mg of cobalt. Animals of the experimental group received gambit-M based 2.0 mg iron; 1.0 mg of manganese; 0.2 mg of copper; 0.1 mg of zinc and 0.1 mg of cobalt.

The inclusion of forage of these drugs was carried out daily, pre-diluting it 10 times for a more uniform distribution in the stern.

Throughout the experiment, the experimental animals were clinically healthy, well-eaten food, deviations in their behavior compared to the control was not found. Cases of diseases and deaths of animals treated with the drug were observed. It should be noted a good clinical state of a female after menenia. The mating, pregnancy and weenie animals developed normally. The results of vosproizvodimosti females are presented in table. 5.

As follows from the data table. 5, the percentage of successfully selivshihsya mothers receiving gambit-M, on nkow the main female 19.4% Using semovita-M reduces the number protestovavshix, dysfunctional birth and aborted females.

Thus, the use of semovita-M in farming and animal husbandry eliminates the deficiency of trace elements in the body, helps to normalize the metabolism, improving the reproductive abilities of females.

The drug also helps to normalize erythropoiesis and increase energy growth in animals.

It is advisable to use gambit-M as a trace element feed additives in animal breeding and fur farming to create a balanced mineral feed.

Antianemic and growth-stimulating drug for animals, comprising a complex of iron, copper, cobalt, zinc disodium or Pikalevo salt Ethylenediamine-N, N'-dinternal acid and water, characterized in that it further contains manganese in the following ratio, wt.

Disodium or dikalova salt Ethylenediamine N,N'-dinternal acid 15 25

Iron (III) 3 5

Manganese (II) 0,5 2,5

Copper (II) 0,25 0,5

Cobalt (II) 0,1 0,3

Zinc (II) 0,1 1,5

Water The Rest$


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