Acaricide drug biorex


(57) Abstract:

Usage: in agriculture, in medicine, designed to combat ectoparasite farm and domestic animals. The inventive acaricide in the preparation containing PYRETHROID and emulsifiers nefras and neonol, as the active substance optionally administered cypermethrin, piperonyl-butoxide, xylene, N-methyl-pyrrolidone, acetic anhydride, and as an emulsifier - SAP, emulson 1-40, OP-7 or OP-10, rosin in the following ratio of components, wt.%: cypermethrin 1,56 of 3.56, piperidyl-butoxide 0,20-1,20, xylene 2,62-to 4.62, N-methyl-pyrrolidone 2,29-4,29, acetic anhydride of 0.33 and 1.33, oleoresin of 0.48-2,48, emulson OP-7 or OP-10 the 5.25 to 7.25, neonol of 5.75 to 6.75, rosin of 0.48 to 1.48, nefras - rest. The advantage of the composition of the drug is the most therapeutic activity, is used at a higher dilution (0,005), the concentration of the active substance in the coat and animals, such as sheep, 60 days after Kupka is 330 mg/kg, which is 60-100 mg more than in the known composition (270-230 mg/kg). After treatment, the animals, the drug is completely withdrawn from the tissues after 15 days. table 1.

The invention relates to the field selskogo animals and can be used in farms, state farms, joint stock and cooperative agricultural associations and farmers.

Known insecticide and acaricide preparation containing as an active ingredient of PYRETHROID, such as creeper (Journal of agricultural science, 1993, No. 6, S. 46).

However, the application of its results in the death of arthropods as a result of excessive stimulation of the Central and peripheral nervous system.

The closest in technical essence and the achieved result is a preparation based on synthetic PYRETHROID, such as pirjol, containing in its composition: 2.0% permethrin, 44.0% dioxane, 44.0% nefrasa and 10% of neonols (Journal Vestnik S. H. science, 1992, No. 1, page 146).

The disadvantage of this drug is that it is the second therapeutic activity, because its therapeutic concentration is 0.05% and offer a comparison of the drug 0.005% that is 10 times more.

In addition, for economic reasons it is disadvantageous, because the Kupka one sheep in pirvola is 4.5 times more expensive.

Finally, the concentration of the active substance in the coat of sheep within 60 days after purchasing in parole 270 230 mg/kg, and in the proposed drug 330 mg/kg, that is 60 to 100 mg Bo is P> This is achieved by the fact that the acaricide formulation containing cypermethrin and emulsifiers, as an emulsifier, a mixture of resins, Mulcahey 1-40, OP-7 or OP-10, neon and nefrasa in the following ratio of these components (wt):

Resin 0.48 2.48

Mulcahey 1-40 115 13.5

OP-7 or OP-10 5.25 7.25

The neonols 6.20 6.30

Nephrosis 59.54 64.54

The advantage of the proposed drug in comparison with the known, including the prototype, is the most therapeutic activity, is used at a higher dilution (0.005% ), and the prototype of 0.05% is a large therapeutic activity, it is economically advantageous and, finally, the concentration of active substance in the coat of sheep within 60 days after Kupka is 330 mg/kg, that is 60-100 mg more than in the prototype (270 230 mg/kg), after handling animals, the drug is completely withdrawn from the tissues after 15 days.

The product appearance is a transparent yellow liquid specific smell (gum). Mixes well with organic solvents (alcohol, chloroform, acetone, benzene, toluene). Water miscible in all proportions, forming the emulsion milky white color. The emulsion is characterized by stable, does not form drops of oil is syvania all components it's at room temperature.

Its application involves the step of bathing the agricultural and domestic animals in the drug at a concentration of active substance 0.005%

Acaricidal activity of the proposed substance is caused by the presence in its composition of PYRETHROID cypermethrin, which blocks neuromuscular impulses in sinopah sarcophagy ticks.

This activity was confirmed by the method of serial dilutions 6 8 concentration of the drug, providing the death of mites from 100% to 0% Research conducted on the grip taken on the day of the experience. Mites adults (10 individuals) were selected preprofile needle to cloth black, size 12x12 see Apply the medication on napkins started with lower concentrations in 1 ml Napkins folded in a bundle, tied with a thread, supplied with the label, he put in Petri dishes and placed in a thermostat at a temperature of 27 to 30orelative humidity 90% Control moistened with clean solvent (distilled water). With each concentration raised the experience in 3 replications. The assessment of the acaricidal activity of the preparation was carried out according to the state of mites after 24 hours the Amount of IC-50 for CL which gives a high acaricidal activity that is, its application leads to the achievement of a positive result, which was confirmed by psoroptes rabbits, sheep.

Example 1. Therapeutic efficacy of biorex when psoroptes rabbits.

To examine the effectiveness of the drug has selected a group of sick animals (8 animals) and prepared working dilution of biorex. The control group of rabbits treated water.

Rabbits were treated ear once the working concentration. Before treatment, all the rabbits took scrapings from the inner surface of the auricle. All scrapings in the study under the microscope at tenfold increase were found living mites.

So the 1st group of rabbits (3 heads), in which the affected ear once abundantly moistened cotton swab soaked in 0.01% aqueous emulsion of biorexis, 2-nd group (control) water.

On the 5th day after treatment in the 1st group of animals has the following changes: inflammation with ears subsided, there was a detachment of crusts; scabs and crusts easily and smoothly peeled off. When they microscopy were detected segments mites. In the 2nd group (control) rabbits restless, often shaking the different stages of development.

Example 2. Experiments on sheep.

In addition to the experiments in the laboratory experiments were carried out in the Dnipropetrovsk region. For this purpose were selected sheep scabies patients, who were divided into 2 groups: the first group was redeemed in the emulsion of biorex containing 0.05% by ADV; 2nd group of 0.005% by ADV. Temperature couponage solution was 22oC, air 4-6o. Time Kupka 1 min At examination of scrapings of the skin after 24 h were found dead mites. The disease scabies in sheep were observed within 2 months.

Subsequently in one of the farms Dnipropetrovsk region was held manufacturing experience, the implementation of which was redeemed in biorex concentration ADV 0.005% and 400 sheep. The condition of the sheep during the 10 days was satisfactory, cases of toxicity were not observed.

Receive the drug as follows:

In pre-softened mass rosin add a portion of the oil solvent (nefras), then load the remaining components preferaly: butoxide 0,204% gimmiks 2,5% N methylpyrrolidone 3,29% xylene 3,616% acetic anhydride 0,33% resin 0,48% rosin 0,48% emulson 12,5% then add the emulsifier OP-7 (sodium colorimetrically General formula CnH2n+ 1 C6H4O (C2H4O) H, where n 8 10 6 7 10 or 12.) 6,25% neonol of 6.25% and nefras 6.2% of All mix, the mass is heated to a temperature of 45oC for 2 h for 1 ton of the product.

Emulson 1-40 In monoalkyl-phenyl ether of polyethylene glycol CnH2+1C6H4O(C2H4O)mHwhere n=8-10, m=6-7 or 10-12

The table presents comparative characteristics of acaricidal activity and toxicity of the proposed drug and the prototype.

The table shows that the proposed composition of the drug has a more pronounced acaricidal activity than the prototype, as can be seen from the magnitude of the medium lethal concentration (CK50) and a higher content of active substance in the wool of sheep (gr. 5).

Acaricidal preparation, including the active ingredient of PYRETHROID and emulsifiers nefras and neonol, characterized in that the active substance it contains cypermethrin, piperonyl-piperonyl, xylene, N-organic and acetic anhydride, and as an emulsifier it additionally contains a resin, monoalkylphenols ether glycol


where n 8UB>6H3- O(CH2CH2O)nCH2CH2HE and RC6H4O(CH2CH2O)nCH2CH2HE, where R is the alkyl residue containing 7 to 10 or 9 to 10 carbon atoms;

n average 6 7 or 10 12,

rosin in the following ratio, wt.

Cypermethrin 1,56 3,56

Piperonyl-piperonyl 0,20 1,20

Xylene 2,62 4,62

N-Organic 2,29 4,29

Acetic anhydride 1,33 0,33

Oleoresin 0,48 2,48

Monoalkyl phenyl ether of polyethylene glycol CnH2n+1C6H4O(C2H4O)mH, where n 8 10, 6 7 or 10 12 11,50 13,50

The incomplete mixture of mono - and dialkylphenols ethers of polyethylene glycol (R)2WITH6H3- (CH2CH2O)nCH2CH2HE and RC6H4O-(CH2CH2O)nCH2CH2HE

where R is the alkyl residue containing 7 to 10 or 9 to 10 carbon atoms, n is on average 6 to 7 or 10 12 a 5.25 to 7.25

Neonol 5,75 6,75

Rosin of 0.48 to 1.48

Nefras Ostalnoe


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