Multi-chamber refrigerator


(57) Abstract:

Usage: in refrigeration. The inventive multi-chamber refrigerator includes a Cabinet with freezer and placed under her blacklickorish and refrigerating chambers separated by partitions, placed in the upper and lower chambers of the evaporators. Bliskoistocne chamber is equipped with a box of conductive material bounding an internal volume of the chamber and mounted with the formation of a gap between him and the Cabinet. The gap is in communication with the freezer channels made in the septum and in the closet. 1 C.p. f-crystals, 2 Il.

The invention relates to refrigeration, and in particular to multi-domestic refrigerators.

Known multi-chamber refrigerator (ed. St. N 1585634, CL F 25 D 11/02) containing freezing and below it the refrigerating chamber. However, it has the disadvantage, as the lack of blacklickorish camera, high power consumption.

The closest in technical essence is "multi-chamber cooling Cabinet with different temperature in the cells" (French patent N2614681, CL F 25 D 11/02, publ. 88.11.04). The Cabinet has three chambers and is cooled using two different evaporators, to each of the chambers, lower the reliability, the complexity of the technological process in the manufacture of multi-refrigerators, high cost.

The technical challenge is to create conditions for uniform temperature distribution in the cells, to simplify the technological process, to reduce energy consumption and cost of refrigerators.

The problem is solved as follows.

In multi-chamber refrigerator, containing Cabinet with freezer and placed under her blacklickorish and refrigerating chambers separated by partitions, placed in the upper and lower chambers evaporators, bliskoistocne chamber is equipped with a box of conductive material bounding an internal volume of the chamber and mounted with the formation of a gap between him and the Cabinet, and this gap is in communication with the freezer through channels made in the wall and the refrigerator Cabinet, and a minimum cross-section of the channel may be a fan or regulating device.

In Fig. 1 shows a multi-chamber refrigerator, and Fig. 2 multi-refrigerator with fan.

Multi Kholodilin is 6, temperature regulator 7, a gap 8 in the freezing chamber 5, a gap 9 in boscotrecase the camera 10, channel 11 in the partition 12, channel 13 in the refrigerator Cabinet 14, the capillary tube 15, box 16, blacklickorish camera 10, the partitions 17, Mescaleros valve 18 and the fan 19.

The device operates as follows.

Compressed by the compressor 1 refrigerant vapors are cooled and condensed in the condenser 2. After throttling in the capillary tube 15, the refrigerant enters the evaporator 3 of the freezing chamber 5, which is a duct 16, which separates the internal volume of the freezing chamber 5 from the wall of the refrigeration Cabinet 14. Part of freon boils, absorbing heat, cooling the internal volume of the chamber and the gap between the rack 14 and the camera 5.

The remaining part of the refrigerant cools the refrigerating chamber 6, dokiya in the evaporator 4 of the refrigerating chamber 6. Adjusting the temperature in the cells is carried out by the controller 7, is installed in the refrigerating chamber 6.

Partitions 12 and 17 separates the freezer from 5 blacklickorish and refrigeration 6, respectively.

Box 16 blacklickorish camera 10 is made of heat conducting material and repeats the shape, size and p is 9.

The gap 8 in the freezer and the gap 9 in blacklickorish the camera is connected through channels 11 and 13, located in the partition 12 and the refrigerator Cabinet 14.

Cooling of the gap 9 is in a natural way, because there is continuous air convection.

Convective flow of wash basket 16 blacklickorish camera 10, eliminating the formation of stagnant zones and equalization of temperature throughout the volume, creating a relatively uniform temperature field inside the box.

Installing the fan in the channel 11 also contributes to the acceleration of the Convention in the gaps 8 and 9 and faster out of the freezing chamber 5 at the boot warm products. To regulate the flow area of the channel 4 may be mounted a regulating device, which is a flap.

As a result of continuous Convention of air around the perimeter blacklickorish camera (gap) there are no stagnant zones and even temperature throughout the volume of the box, creating a relatively uniform temperature field.

The simplicity of the proposed design makes it highly reliable in operation.

The production of vapor is nisit cost and to obtain technical and economic indicators above, than in known rolling-welded evaporators in each cell.

Intensification of the heat transfer process can reduce the operating time of the refrigerator and thus reduce energy consumption.

1. Multi-chamber refrigerator, containing Cabinet with freezer and placed under her blacklickorish and refrigerating chambers separated by partitions, placed in the upper and lower chambers of the evaporator, characterized in that bliskoistocne chamber is equipped with a box of conductive material bounding an internal volume of the chamber and mounted with the formation of a gap between him and the Cabinet, and this gap is in communication with the freezer through channels made in the septum and in the Cabinet of the refrigerator.

2. Refrigerator under item 1, characterized in that in the flow cross section of the channel has the fans.

3. Refrigerator under item 2, characterized in that pipe bore channel set regulating device.


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