Removable device


(57) Abstract:

Usage: in industry, in particular the device is intended for removal of locking devices, hung on the doors of railway cars and other objects. The inventive device includes a housing in the form of thermally hardened nuts with the notch on the end to lock it in the eye and capture, made in the form of a thermally hardened screw having at one end shaped groove tapering toward the exit to capture the head gate or other device, and a groove at the other end to the pivoted arm. 1 Il.

The invention relates to a device for the removal of locking devices, hung on the doors of railway cars and other objects, the establishment of traction 2500-3500 kg this device.

A device in mechanical engineering, chemnick for removing parts that contain the holder with clamping rollers for engagement vypressovyvaniem detail, the case with a hole for a bearing and a screw, screwed into the holder to create traction.

Known decision was made as a prototype.

Technically, the result is the creation of a technical and durable kanstroom the refusal with the development of significant pulling effort to fracture (opening) closures.

The invention is explained bellow.

Removable device includes a housing 1, a grip 2, the handle 3, the pin 4.

The body is made in the form of a nut with a notch 5 at the end of the thread 6 and a handle 7 attached to it.

The gripper is a screw profile with radial groove 8, tapering to an outlet at one end, a recess 9 at the other end under the arm 3, the thread 10 and the hole 11 pin 4.

The handle is made in the form of a pipe 12 with the procedures established in her earring 13 having a chamfer 14 under the groove 9 of the takeover and the 5 hole under the pin 4.

The removable device is used as follows.

On a side hinged in the eye of the carriage locking device wear removable groove 8 of the grip 2 and, holding with one hand the handle 3, with the other hand rotate the housing 1 by the handle 7 clockwise to the stop of the housing 1 notch 5 in the eyelet of the car.

After fixing the removable device in this position, stop the rotation of the housing 1 and start the rotation of the handle 3 for pipe 12 counterclockwise, pulling this capture 2 shut-off device, is fixed in the groove 8.

Developing sufficient force (2500-3500 kg) in the above-described manipulation circuit of the device is about the closing device is opened.

Removable device, comprising a housing made in the form of a nut with a handle grip mounted in the housing and is designed as a screw, one end of which is mounted the handle, wherein the other end of the screw is made with shaped groove, tapering to a nearby end, a handle at the first end of the set screw hinge, and at the end nut from the side of the curved groove of the grip made the notch.


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SUBSTANCE: device comprises an end wall (574) forming an outer end surface of the extraction device and a side wall (576) extending axially relative to the longitudinal axis of the device from the periphery of the end wall (574) and terminating at the end wall (580) of the extraction device. The side wall (576) forms an end surface (580). The end surface (580) of the side wall (576) is larger in size than an opening (562) in a structural element, ensuring its adjacency to the structural element at a distance from the opening (562). The side wall (576) has an inner surface (576d) and an outer surface, and the inner surface (576d) has a threaded part (586). The end wall (574) overlaps one end of the side wall (576). The inner surface (576d) of the side wall (576) has an unthreaded part (590) made between the threaded part (586) and the inner end surface (574b) of the end wall (574).

EFFECT: facilitating the adapter removal from the opening, eliminating the destruction of the connecting units when removing the adapter.

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