Refrigeration unit with automatic defrost


(57) Abstract:

Usage: in refrigeration. The inventive compression refrigeration unit contains a closed circulation path of the refrigerant, while the tube is located inside the suction pipe and coiled tube evaporator connected at one end with the suction pipe. The other end of the evaporator continue without capillary tube and connected to the compressor through the solenoid valve defrost, forming with the suction pipe in a sealed regenerative heat exchanger. 1 Il.

The invention relates to refrigeration, namely compression refrigeration units mainly household refrigerators and freezers.

Known refrigeration units in refrigerators, having a device for reducing the amount of frost buildup on the input side of the evaporator of the refrigerating chamber by feeding the refrigerant in the secondary channel in the input side of the evaporator [1] also known refrigeration units with defrost evaporator cooled camera during non-working period of the cycle, where the capillary tube is located along the overflow tube in the immediate, near the th tube. The regenerative heat exchanger has the form of a trap with a water seal and is installed above the evaporator cooled chamber, the upper part of the evaporator is cooled chambers are inclined [2]

Known compression refrigeration unit containing connected in series compressor, condenser, capillary tube, located inside the suction pipe and coiled tube evaporator connected to one end of this pipe [3] This technical solution is the closest to this invention to the technical essence and the achieved result.

The disadvantage of the above technical solutions is the difficulty in manufacturing the device defrosting of the evaporator, the process of defrosting time consuming, which leads to the loss of cold inner chamber of the refrigerator, the Assembly of the refrigerator with a refrigerating units time-consuming and not technological. Difficult automation defrosting of the evaporator. Increases energy consumption. The present invention solves the technical problem to accelerate the defrosting coil-tube evaporator with a capillary tube inside, drying of the refrigerant entering the compressor from the evaporator and prevent tx2">

The invention is illustrated by the drawing, which schematically shows a compression refrigeration unit.

Compression refrigeration unit contains connected in series compressor 1, condenser 2, the capillary tube 4 located inside the suction pipe 4 and the coiled tube of the evaporator 5 is connected to one end of this pipe. The other end of it is without capillary tube and has an area of 6, connected to the compressor 1 through the electromagnetic valve 7 mounted on the discharge pipe 8. While the section 6 of the pipeline is connected with a plot of the suction pipe 4 with education in the closed volume of the regenerative heat exchanger 9.

The unit is equipped with a filter-drier 10 and datepalm 11 fluid located on the evaporator 5. The last is placed in the working volume of 12.

Refrigeration unit with automatic defrost works as follows.

Compressed by the compressor 1 hot pair of refrigerant through the heating pipe 8 with the electromagnetic valve 7 defrost enter the condenser 2, where the resulting condensate through the filter-drier 10 enters the capillary tube 3, ruspolia evaporator 5, the refrigerant from the capillary tube 3 is supplied to the internal volume of the coiled tube evaporator 5 and begins to rapidly boil, taking heat from the cooled volume 12 and the capillary tube 3, moving in the opposite direction. The vapors of the refrigerant through the suction pipe 4 are received in the compressor 1, and the excess liquid refrigerant accumulates in dokoptili 11 and the cycle repeats.

If necessary, defrost coil-tube evaporator 5, turns on the electromagnetic valve 7 defrost. Hot saturated vapors of the refrigerant bypassing the condenser 2 through section 6 of the pipeline come to the end of the coiled tube evaporator 5, where it is condensed, intense giving the evaporator 5 heat. The resulting condensate fills decimater 11, and excess halon together with pairs enters into the suction pipe 4. On the site of the regenerative heat exchanger 9, which is located in a sealed, a pair of halon time taking some of the heat pipe 6, and fed to the compressor 1. The cycle is repeated until a complete defrost.

The design of this refrigeration unit with automatic defrost allows you to quickly defrost freezers when closed the refrigerator door. Reduces the temperature change of the inner walls of the cooling volume, eliminates the dew suction t is omit electricity and allows you to automate the process of defrosting.

In addition, in the operation of the electromagnetic valve process defrost occurs without turning off the refrigerator, provides the exception of the loss of the cold inner chamber of the refrigerator, reduces energy consumption, improves the manufacturability of the Assembly of the refrigerator, reduces complexity, improves consumer properties.

Compression refrigerating unit, containing connected in series compressor, condenser, capillary tube, located inside the suction pipe and coiled tube evaporator connected to one end of this pipe, characterized in that the unit is equipped with datepalm fluid located on the evaporator and the other end coiled tube evaporator continue without capillary tube and connected to the compressor through a solenoid valve installed on the discharge pipe, while the pipe section is connected with a plot of the suction pipe with education in the closed volume of the regenerative heat exchanger.


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EFFECT: providing access to non-involved volumes in the housing and on the shelves for efficient use thereof.

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EFFECT: invention allows keeping a hot meal in a thermos avoiding heating.

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EFFECT: development of refrigerator and control method, which may keep drinking compartment temperature at optimal levels and produce super-cooled drink in fast manner.

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SUBSTANCE: refrigerator includes refrigerating chamber, which is arranged accordingly in top part of refrigerator body, and freezing chamber, which is arranged accordingly in bottom part of refrigerator body, contains ice-generating chamber, which is separated in refrigerating chamber by means of isolating partitions and contains ice generator for generation of ice and ice storage for storage of ice produced in ice generator, one or several heat-exchanges that serve as composite parts of heat exchanging cycle for creation of cold air and regulation of temperatures in refrigerating and freezing chambers, and give-out device that communicates with ice storage and is installed on the door. Application of this invention provides minimum losses of cold air in case of door opening, simplification of give-out device for water supply.

EFFECT: provision of minimum losses of cold air in case of door opening, simplification of give-out device for water supply.

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SUBSTANCE: refrigerator for operation with use of low climatic temperatures contains a heat-insulated case with freezing and refrigerating sections, refrigerator set which evaporator is installed in the freezing section, heat rejection device for abstracting heat from the refrigerating section, the said heat rejection device being made in the form of a thermal pipe which condenser site is installed so as to maintain thermal contact with the refrigerator set evaporator. The thermal pipe evaporation site is located in the refrigerating section. To highways of the refrigerator set detachably jointed is a condenser with separate channels for gas and liquid, arranged outside the heated premises, on which gas supply highway a NO return valve is arranged. The thermal pipe rejecting heat from the refrigerating section to the freezing one is equipped with separate channels for gas and liquid, with a NO valve installed on the gas channel. The refrigerator shell also incorporates an in-built heater and remotely programmed processor connected, by means of control circuits, to the refrigerator set compressor, thermal pipe valve and the heater and, by means of metering circuits, to environment temperature gauge and temperature gauges in freezing and refrigerating sections of the refrigerator.

EFFECT: invention enables independent temperature adjustment in refrigerating and freezing sections of refrigerator.

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FIELD: personal use articles.

SUBSTANCE: refrigeration and/or freezer device, preferably a refrigerator and/or freezer, comprises a housing with a lid, which is mounted with an ability to move relative to the housing, or with a door or a flap installed to be movable relative to the housing, which has a glass, preferably a glass plate or a plate of polymeric material, or formed from it, as well as a heating device, whereby it is heated. There are the means provided to transfer necessary energy for operation of the heating device, which operate using the principle of inductive power transfer.

EFFECT: use of this invention enables to create a refrigeration unit with a heating device, which is performed without the need for servicing, or rare technical maintenance.

17 cl, 45 dwg

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SUBSTANCE: defrosting method includes periodical supply of heat into an inner volume of an air cooler, creation and measurement of a directed through light flux in an interfin space of the air cooler. In process of commissioning after installation of the air cooler they measure the initial value of the light flux in the refrigerating chamber. Afterwards the refrigerating plant is started, and light flux variation is controlled as the air cooler operates in the refrigerating chamber in process of its reaching the specified temperature mode. The thickness of frost in the interfin space of the air cooler is monitored visually, and when the maximum permissible thickness of frost is achieved, the critical value of the light flux is measured and recorded, at which during further operation of the air cooler they supply heat into the inner volume of the air cooler. At the same time they monitor variation of the specified light flux, and whenever the light flux achieves the initial value, they stop heat supply.

EFFECT: using this invention makes it possible to reduce power inputs and time for thawing of air coolers during operation of air coolers.

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SUBSTANCE: invention refers to refrigerating device, in which there installed is evaporator with anti-icing device (4) intended for elimination of ice accretion on tube (3) for cooling agent and/or heat exchanger (2); with that, the above heat exchanger (2) includes tube (3) for cooling agent with expansion point (3.3) having an increasing diameter; at least one branch pipe (3.1) of small diameter and one branch pipe (3.2) of large diameter is connected to heat exchanger (2). Property of invention is that in comparison to front section of tube (3), the above anti-icing device (4) in section to inlet element (3.2.1) of heat exchanger is approximated to branch pipe (3.2) of large diameter and preferably to expansion point (3.3).

EFFECT: effective elimination of evaporator icing.

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SUBSTANCE: method of removing frost in an air vaporiser comprises the periodic exposure of frost to directed infrared radiation, the energy of which is sufficient to melt frost. The cross-sectional boundary of the directed infrared flux stays within the perimeter of the irradiated area of the vaporiser, and the direction of the action of the infrared radiation is perpendicular to the longitudinal axis of the finned tubes of the vaporiser in the direction of the airflow.

EFFECT: method reduces the power consumed when removing frost.

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FIELD: cooling.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a vapour compression refrigeration plant. Plant includes a compressor, a condenser, an intake manifold, a liquid collector and multiple evaporators. Each evaporator has corresponding expansion or other coolant supply device, through which coolant flows from condenser through inlet manifold to corresponding evaporator when compressor performs recirculation of coolant through a capacitor and by means of inlet and fluid manifolds through corresponding condenser in refrigerating cycle. There are multiple defrost receivers, each connected with corresponding heat accumulating unit and with corresponding one of evaporators so that before passing through corresponding expansion or other coolant feeding device during cooling cycle, coolant flows from condenser through liquid collector and defrost receiver. Heat-retaining unit represents material with reversible phases installed in such heat exchange contact with coolant flowing through corresponding defrost receiver, that material with reversible phases is melted, when it collects heat from coolant in cooling cycle. Each evaporator has a valve device that is installed to isolate respective evaporator and defrost receiver from inlet and fluid collectors in defrosting cycle of corresponding evaporator, as well as to connect corresponding evaporator with corresponding defrost receiver for formation of defrosting loop, in which coolant from corresponding defrost receiver transmits accumulated heat energy from material with reversible phases in corresponding heat accumulation unit corresponding to evaporator.

EFFECT: invention provides a defrosting system, which provides fast and energy-efficient defrosting of evaporator.

4 cl, 6 dwg