Structural element for a motor vehicle and method for its manufacture (options)


(57) Abstract:

Usage: in the structural frame members cars. The inventive structural element 1 includes a beam made of closed profile cross-section with an internal cavity along its length. The sizes of the cross sections of the beam varies along its length. This is achieved by deformation of the sides of the cross-sectional profile at a predetermined length. 3 S. and 2 C. f-crystals, 5 Il.

The present invention relates to structural elements of the frame of the car, and more particularly to elongated structural cross member and method of manufacturing such elements.

The spatial frame of the car includes many of elongated structural elements connected together directly or via connecting parts to ensure the frame, forming a total combined support body and the bottom frame (chassis) of the vehicle.

In order to meet various requirements of strength and shape (external shape) of structural elements, such as pillars or vertical support frame rack traditionally, the issue is x or more components for the formation of a desired structure. In the manufacture of door racks size of the window traditionally has a wider lower portion and a narrow upper portion.

Therefore, the object of the present invention is a structural element whose cross-section changes along the longitudinal axis.

Another object of the invention is a low-cost method of manufacturing elements, eliminating the use of welding, time-consuming or working operations.

This is achieved by the proposed structural element and method for its manufacture.

In Fig. 1 shows a schematic view in perspective of structural element according to the invention; Fig. 2 a cross-section of the element along the line 1 1 of Fig. 1; Fig. 3 the reduced cross section of the element along the line 11 11 of Fig. 1; Fig. 4 another version of the item with changes in cross section along the longitudinal axis; Fig. 5 is an alternative configuration of the cross-section of the element shown in Fig. 4.

In Fig. 1 shows as an example structural element 1 as the average door-hour or so-called bearing in the spatial frame of the vehicle, including the bottom part 11, passing the FAK is ANO in the figure). Door rack is an integrated holistic profile that is used with all elements of the finite and the functional configuration of the rack, as well as to facilitate subsequent fabrication stage, which is to provide a rack of variable cross sectional area along its longitudinal axis. Suitable materials for the stand is, for example, aluminum or its alloys, or other materials on the basis of light metal, for example, composite materials with a matrix of light metal.

Fig. 2 represents the structural element 1 in cross section along the line 1 1 of Fig. 1, including a closed configuration 11 (box-section) with a cavity restrictions parallel walls 12, 13 connected by transverse side walls 14, 15. The transverse side walls 14, 15 have slots 2, 2, 3, 3, defining a slightly curved (concave) and nearly parallel sections 4, 5 wall, preferably having a reduced thickness compared to the rest of the side walls 14, 15.

Applying a horizontal force F of the compression by any appropriate means (apparatus pressure or rental) (not shown in the figure) along a predetermined part of the design is moved the required cross-sectional area (abdomen), as shown in Fig. 3.

Fig. 3, representing the narrow portion 18 of the element 1, shows that the distance between parallel walls 12, 13 is reduced to a predetermined value. It is determined by the height of the bent parts 4, 5 of the wall without changing the configuration of the remaining parts and the size of the profile, for example, longitudinally passing deep cavity 6 in the lower part 12.

Depending on the currently used means of deformation and pre-made bent lines it is possible to alternate the profile of the structural element both in size and in direction along its longitudinal axis.

The advantage of the above-described manufacturing method is that the structural element can be easily in a single operation, adapted to the available space and/or to various functional requirements and additional features.

Another example of structural cross member made according to the present invention, shown in Fig. 4 as a bumper for automobiles.

The bumper 1 is shown in the form of longitudinal integral element includes a Central portion 11 is actually rectangular in shape, and in the form of a closed cross-behold the side walls 14, 15 having a reduced thickness. Protruding from each side of the Central part of reduced cross-sectional area of the ends (see Fig. In-In) formed by the gradual bending of the transverse side walls 14, 15 and simultaneous bending to form the external configuration of the bumper, adapted to the contour of the car. In order to increase the strength of the bumper bent side walls 14, 15 can be further strengthened, for example, by welding or adhesive (not shown in figure).

In Fig. 5 shows a cross section of an alternative configuration of the extruded element 1, for example, in the Central part 11 shown in Fig. 4. The transverse side walls 14, 15, connecting the parallel walls 12, 13 in this case have a slightly convex shape, thereby facilitating the bending element outward to the desired reduced cross-sectional area.

The scope of the present invention is not limited to the illustrated and above options. The invention may be modifications without departing from its basic principles. So, for example, can be used other materials, in addition to the above-mentioned aluminum (alloys), and V used in various types of vehicles.

1. Structural element for a motor vehicle, containing a beam made of closed profile cross-section with an internal cavity along its length, and the sizes of the cross sections of the beam varies along its length, characterized in that the profiles are made by extrusion and each lateral side of its cross section has two sections, at least one of which has a curved and with a smaller wall thickness than the other, and the convex curved section is directed into the cavity, and a beam made curved and change the sizes of the cross sections of the beam caused by the change of the heights of the curved sections of the lateral sides of the profile, this deformation of the side walls of the profile is performed on a predetermined portion of the length of the structural element.

2. Structural element for a motor vehicle, containing a beam made of closed profile cross-section with an internal cavity along its length, and the sizes of the cross sections of the beam varies along its length due to the difference of the heights of the side walls, characterized in that the profiles are made by extrusion and each lateral side of his lineu wall, the smaller the thickness of the other walls, and the beam is bent in one plane.

3. The element at PP.1 and 2, characterized in that it forms a door rack containing the upper and lower parts, the upper of which is made curved and with decreasing the length of this part of the cross sections.

4. The element at PP.1 and 2, characterized in that it forms bumper, containing a Central and two end parts, the Central one of which is made straight, and the end portion curved in opposite directions.

5. A method of manufacturing a structural element for a motor vehicle, comprising a force on the profile of the closed cross-section with an internal cavity along its length, characterized in that the force to a predetermined portion of the length of the profile is carried out simultaneously in a horizontal plane to change the height of its side walls, resulting in a decrease of the sizes of the cross sections along the length of the profile, and also in one of the planes to bend profile.


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EFFECT: facilitated fitting of deflector, provision of reliable fixing on car windshield, prevention of dirt getting under deflector, provision of reliable protection against splashes, no decrease of field of vision for driver through windshield.

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