(57) Abstract:

Usage: the invention relates to mechanical engineering, in particular to distribute the devices. The inventive spool in the dispenser, comprising a housing installed in it a valve with control lever, the valve body is made in two separate halves that are interconnected spring-loaded connecting elements, and the valve is made hollow, divided internally by a partition and distribution Windows with soft perimeter seal. 2 C.p. f-crystals, 2 Il.

The invention relates to valves, the body of which is made of two equal halves, gripping the spool of elastic force (pruinosity) for long-term preservation of zero clearance between the surfaces of the valve and the distributor housing, and to eliminate leakage of gas or liquid to the outside.

A device on the bus. St. USSR N 500408, CL F 16 K 41/02, 1974, in which the stem of the shut-off valve body provided with a soft seal, however, when the erase soft seal requires a soft seal to change, as well as a large specific pressure valve body of the valve leads to a relatively bitariho seal is achieved by a gap of minimum size between the cylindrical surfaces of the spool and the housing. The manufacture of such a block Bolotnikova distributors laborious and expensive. Resource small to work with a liquid of small viscosity and the less for gas, as even small wear, i.e. the increase of the gap between the surfaces of the valve and casing it allows the leakage of gas or liquid out of the valve, which can be toxic.

The purpose of the invention sharp increase of resources, preventing the leakage of gas or fluid out of the dispenser.

This object is achieved in that the valve body is made of two equal halves, the compressive elastic force (spring) to provide zero clearance between the surfaces of the valve and the distributor housing.

Zero clearance ensures reliable and continuous operation of the distributor, since the wear of the valve and casing clearance is maintained and leakage of liquid or gas to the outside of the distributor are omitted.

In Fig.1 shows a dispenser, longitudinal section; Fig.2 is a cross-section.

The housing consists of two halves 1, is designed for horizontal shelves 2, the holes which have clamping bolts 3, and on coming out shelves 2 ends of Baidu surfaces of the spool and halves.

In the housing 1 and the valve 6 is made of window, which upon movement of the valve may coincide and overlap each other.

The top Windows "a", "b" correspond to the opposite bottom of the window, "C", "m", and the spool 6 of the upper Windows, "K", "p" correspond to the opposite window, "g", "d", and the bottom of the window, "g", "d" larger than the window, "K", "p". The valve 6 is connected by a lever 7 with the housing 1 to move it relative to the body.

For supplying liquid to gas below the distributor connected robomaster 8, 9, and maintenance of fluid from the dispenser attached to robomaster 10, 11, which are reported to the distributor with consumers 12, 13.

The dispenser operates as follows.

The lever 7 in a vertical position, and the spool 6 in the middle position, through robomaster 8, 9 is supplied to the dispenser, the working environment, which goes through the window and through the window, "K", "p" and "a" goes to the consumer 12, 13 on Clubmasters 10, 11.

Robomaster can be made flexible hose. Moreover, in this position of the window "C", "t" valve 6 is partially covered. The lever 7 is moved to the spool 6 from left to right, for example, at a distance, when the window "and" closes, and the em to act on the consumer 13 on robomaster 8, box "C", "g" and "b" only on the consumer 13.

When moving the slide valve 6 right to left, when the window of "p" and "a" are identical, the working environment will be supplied only to the user 12 via robomaster 9, open Windows, "m", "d", and matching window "p" and "C", "g", "b" will be closed.

Soft seal 15 made in the form of rubber rings, and may be of a different material, for example from ferronato, and placed in envelopes open grooves 16, provides a gradual surface of the spool 6 and the housing 1 by grinding them due to the motion of the valve and maintains zero clearance between them, eliminates leak out of the dispenser of the working environment.

1. Spool dispenser, comprising a housing in which is installed a valve with control lever, characterized in that the valve body is made in two separate halves, gripping the spool elastic force to maintain zero clearance between the surfaces of the valve and the distributor housing, which does not change when the wear of the valve and the distributor housing.

2. The distributor under item 1, characterized in that the valve is made hollow, separated by an internal partition for the supply of liquid or gas odnosa distributor.

3. The distributor under item 1, characterized in that to achieve the original and the quality of the lapping surfaces of the valve and the distributor housing open valve bypass around the perimeter of the groove in which is soft seal.


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EFFECT: higher reliability of assembly, vibration and impact resistance.

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EFFECT: improving reliability.

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SUBSTANCE: invention refers to hydraulic drive of quarry drilling machine meant for drilling rocky blast holes with changing physical properties. Device is provided with valve distribution units, each of which consists of a casing with supply, discharge and drain channels with safety and pilot-operated valves built in the casing, throttle plate and control pilots. Casing, safety and pilot-operated valves, throttle plate installed on pilot-operated valve, and pilots comprise three-line three-position working liquid distribution unit with protection of hydraulic line supplying working liquid to consumer from overloads and its free discharge in reverse drain direction with controlled actuation time of pilot-operated valve at switching off hydraulic drive thus eliminating hydraulic impacts. Working liquid for controlling hydraulic mechanisms is distributed with three units according to supply, discharge and drain lines connection diagrams, as well as valve control electromagnets actuation program.

EFFECT: providing power and speed movements of mechanisms by means of three-line valve distribution with direct protection of hydraulic lines from overloads and hydraulic impacts.

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SUBSTANCE: hydro-distributor is used in hydraulic drives with manual or remote control. The hydro-distributor is made with a flat rotary slide and central drive in form of an integral unit-module which is easily and conveniently installed directly into the case of the hydraulic drive. Range of rotation angles of a driven shaft and slide from neutral and initial positions is considerably expanded, thus facilitating hydro-dynamic unloading. The hydraulic distributor is furnished with hinged connection of the driven shaft with the flat rotary slide in form of a crank-drive mechanism.

EFFECT: increased reliability, technical-economic properties, increased efficiency of control of slide and stability of output parametres of hydro-distributor.

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SUBSTANCE: hydraulic valve comprising several ports communicating to relief channel (5) and slide valve (8) arranged with the possibility of displacement for control of communication between channels. Slide valve has side transverse seal (13) arranged as a whole with slide valve and engaged with relief channel. In one position valve slide (8) isolates the first port (9) from the second port (10). In another position of slide, transverse seal (13) interacts with the first port (9) and provides for communication between the first port (9) and the second port (10) by means of channel (14) arranged inside slide valve. Slide valve includes the first and second sections (8a and 8b) with various efficient area of cross section, besides at each section sealing element (16, 17) arranged as a whole forms radial seal between slide and relief valve (5).

EFFECT: using supply port, working fluid pressure is maintained outside the slide valve so that force is provided trying to close the valve as a result of various areas of cross section.

11 cl, 4 dwg

FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: spool-type valve includes body with radial holes and slot, spool valve installed in the body with shank and axial slots separated with plugs installed in spool valve opposite radial holes of body and made in the form of pins and forming throttle edges with radial holes of the housing, as well as turn restrictor arranged in slot of body. Slot is made in it in the plane passing through hole axis for spool valve; turn restrictor is made in the form of cylindrical bar installed in hole of shank, made in the plane passing through spool valve axis; at that, diametre d of bar corresponds to width of slot of body, and length H of bar is determined by the formula: , where r -radius of spool valve; H - length of cylindrical bar; R - radius of body; at that, angle between slot axis and axes of radial holes in plane projection perpendicular to hole axis for spool valve corresponds to angle between axis of cylindrical bar and axes of plugs of spool valve in the same plane projection. Manufacturing method of spool-type valve includes making of slot in body, primary installation of spool valve into the body and fixture of spool valve relative to the body, making of radial holes both in the body and in the spool valve, removal of spool valve from the body and making on its belts in plane of radial holes of axial slots, installation into radial holes of spool valve of plugs, heat treatment and final machining of the appropriate cylindrical surfaces of spool valve and body, and repeated installation of spool valve into the body. Slot is made in the plane passing through axis of hole for spool valve; prior to primary installation of spool valve into the body a hole is made in spool valve shank in the plane passing through spool valve axis with diametre corresponding to width of slot in the body; process pin is installed in the above hole and it has the length exceeding spool valve diametre; at that, at primary installation of spool valve into the body the pin is installed into the body slot; process pin is removed from the hole prior to heat treatment and final machining, and cylindrical bar with diametre similar to that of process pin is installed prior to repeated installation of spool valve into the body; after that, cylindrical bar is fixed in shank of spool valve. The above features of the device and method provide alignment of spool vale in body hole at simultaneous elimination of barring of spool valve in circular direction.

EFFECT: improving sensitivity of spool-type valve.

2 cl, 2 dwg

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: in manufacturing method of a spool-type valve for a hydraulic load-bearing element including a metal housing with a sleeve and a spool valve, the sleeve is made from leucosapphire monocrystal, its stress reaches 5095% of pressure in the system by its mutual heating with metal housing till design temperature and its pressing into the housing with their further joint cooling. Treatment of inner surface of the sleeve is performed after it is pressed and cooled, and a gap between the sleeve and the spool valve is made in the range of 0.28 mcm. At manufacture of the sleeve and the spool valve their axes and axis 0001 of leucosapphire monocrystal is aligned between them.

EFFECT: higher control accuracy of working medium flow rate.

6 cl, 3 dwg