Device for cleaning fibrous material


(57) Abstract:

Device for cleaning fibrous material. The inventive device includes a feeding Assembly with the feed table and the feed element, which is made in the form of a cylinder, means for supplying washing liquid working chamber with the washing liquid, means for moving the fiber in the volume of the chamber in the form of a drum with work items on its surface, which are made in the form of a gear and brush headset and posted on its generatrix in alternating sequence, node removal and removal of fiber, which is mounted above the drum. The upper part of the drum is located above the mirror washing liquid. The supply table is a means of orientation of the fibers in the form of combs. 1 Il.

The invention relates to the field of textile production and can be used to create new equipment for enterprises of primary processing of fibrous material of animal and vegetable origin, as well as in farms producing textile fibers.

The prior art known to the invention for a similar purpose including the site power supply, made in the form of the supply tables above him feed the e drum work items on its surface, node removal and removal of fiber.

The disadvantage of the invention is the low efficiency washing fibrous material due to the fact that in the working chamber means for moving not provide the split beams into smaller, and as a result, the washing process is carried out in conditions of weak fiber surfaces. This reduces productivity and increases the consumption of detergents. Additionally, the possible separation of the fibre bundles with needle headsets drums due to turbulence of the fluid, which leads to reduction of the yield of fibrous material after washing. Some design features of the device lead to instability of the process. For example, the terms of engagement of the feeding element 9 or 10 with means to move 2 or 14 such that the input element is wound on itself fibrous material, interrupting the process, reducing the capacity of the equipment. The same applies to node removal conditions are created for winding a fibrous material on a removable rollers 5 or 18.

The technical problem to be solved in the claimed invention increase the efficiency of processing fibrous material in a liquid medium.

The drawing shows a process diagram of an apparatus for cleaning fibrous material.

The device includes a nozzle 1, means of supply of washing liquid in a camera mounted above the hopper 2, located at the entrance of the working chamber 3; the supply cylinder 4, the tool orientation of the fibers in the form of a ridge 5 on the working edge of the feed table 6 site supply perforated rear walls of the ia fibers, made in the form of drum 11 with the teeth 12, tilted in the direction of its rotation, and the brushes 13, arranged in alternating sequence along generatrix of the drum 11, voloknistogo the prism 14, the transverse pin conveyor 15, the removable drum 16 and breasting the prism 17, the means of removal and removal of fiber.

The device operates as follows.

Untreated fibrous material pre-treated, for example on a scutching machine, is fed into the hopper 2 at the same time with the torch of the processing liquid through the nozzle 1.

Under the action of gravitational force and the hydraulic pressure in the hopper is formed of a fibrous layer and at the same time soaked fibrous mass. The excess liquid from the hopper flows through the perforations in the rear wall 7. Formed fibrous flooring comes in the clamp between the table 6 and the cylinder 4, which gives the flooring in the range of the headset 12, 13 of the drum 11, passing first through the teeth of the comb 5, the latter contributes to the orientation of the Sands of fibers parallel to the direction of their movement and provides reliable control over the movement of the rear ends of the fibers. The comb 5 is divided fibrous flooring on micropolicies complexes or individual fibers, greatly expanding on the surface of the fibrous mass, which contributes to a better contact her with the processing liquid. In this zone, the flooring becomes thinner in the abs, the front ends of microbiotic subjected to intensive exposure of the teeth and brush, the fibers are well versed and straightened, and organic, vegetable and mineral impurities are exposed and removed from the fibrous mass. The intensive cleaning of the fibers in this area contribute, in addition to mechanical forces and hydrodynamic forces caused by rotation of hydracubus, rushing along with the drum, as this work area is below the mirror of the processing fluid in the working chamber 3. Separated from microbiotic fiber tray headset drum in the zone of action of Solotvino prism 8, where the removal of impurities, small impurities are removed through a perforation arc of the screen 9. Fiber on the bottom of the drum intensively washed with liquid and finally purified from impurities without saucepan and skolachivaniya fibers. Selected impurities settle in the chamber 3 and are removed from it narodlawski devices 10.

The cleaned fibers are carried by the drum from the liquid and are suitable for removable drum 16 to the alley in the tumble dryer or re-processing if necessary (when cleaning heavily soiled fibrous mass, such as clinker and so on).

The device is simple and compact in construction, has a modular properties, provides high efficiency cleaning fibrous material from all kinds of impurities with high efficiency not only cleansing, but also drying equipment.

Device for cleaning fibrous material comprising a feeding Assembly, made in the form of the supply tables above him feed item, the working chamber with the washing liquid, means for moving the fiber in the volume of the chamber, made in the form of a drum with work items on its surface, node removal and removal of fibers, characterized in that the device has means for supplying washing liquid into the chamber, while the dryer is installed with the possibility of its interaction with the host power supply, the input element of which is made in the form of a cylinder, and the feed table has a means of orientation of the fibers, made in the form of combs, moreover, the feeding Assembly is placed in the washing liquid, and the working elements of the drum is made in the form of a gear and brush headset placed on forming the settlement of the te which is located above the mirror washing liquid.


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