Primer composition


(57) Abstract:

Usage: paint industry, in particular for corrosion protection of pipelines. The inventive primer composition comprising butadienestyrene rubber 10,0-20,0 %; 4,4,4"-triphenyltetrazolium 0.04 to 0.2 percent; sulfur, 0.2 to 0.7 % and an organic solvent else. table 2.

The invention relates to the production of polymer compositions used as a primer coating for insulation of pipes in the factory by extrusion coating to the primed pipe surface of molten polyethylene.

Closest to the technical essence and the achieved result to the composition of the invention is a composition comprising bitumen, rubber, modifier and corrosion inhibitor /1/.

The aim of the invention is to increase the adhesion and cohesive strength of the coating.

The invention improves the adhesion and cohesive strength of the coating due to the fact that the primer composition contains butadienestyrene rubber and as a vulcanizing additives together sulphur and 4,4'4"-triphenyltetrazolium, and also contains organic process'4"-triphenyltetrazolium of 0.04 to 0.2

Sulfur 0,2-0,7

Organic solvent Else

Technology of preparation of the composition is as follows.

On cold rolls proalcohol butadienestyrene rubber and load it into the mixer. In the mixer rubber mixed with sulfur and dissolving the resulting mixture at room temperature or with mild heating. Isocyanate dissolved in dichloroethane or ethylacetate. The solutions are mixed just before application to the pipe.

In table. 1 shows specific examples of the execution of the composition according to the invention.

The invention takes into account the features of the technology of the coating at the factory, providing drying primer coating with hot air and drawing the molten polyethylene at a temperature of 180-230 oC /2/. The result provides conditions for the occurrence of thermal vulcanization primer composition containing a vulcanizing additives.

Thermal cure of the primer composition provides increase its adhesive strength with metal and polyethylene, as well as increase its cohesive strength.

As butadienestyrene rubber used rubber Setentriesinacl (TU 6-14-95-85).

Primer should be applied in accordance with the technology of the insulating coating in accordance with GOST 9.015-74.

As solvent a mixture of rubber with sulfur can be used in gasoline of BR-1, BR-2, B-70, hexane or other saturated hydrocarbons. The isocyanate is dissolved until the 20th concentrations in dichloromethane or ethyl acetate.

In table. 2 presents data on the adhesion strength of the coatings to the metal surface.

The coating was formed on a steel plate (steel grade St-3), warmed to 60oC. the drying Time of the primer was 1 min. the temperature of the molten polyethylene was 200oC. the contact Force of the polyethylene to the primer provided a pressure of 0.4 MPa. The time of formation of the coating was 1 min.

The value of the adhesive strength of the coating to the metal was determined 24 hours after its receipt.

A primer composition comprising butadienestyrene rubber, vulcanizing additives, characterized in that as a vulcanizing additives it contains sulfur and 4,4,4"-triphenyltetrazolium and additionally organic rastvoritel in the following ratio, wt.

Butadienestyrene rubbers is


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