Diesel engine


(57) Abstract:

Usage: engine, in particular fuel equipment of diesel engines. The inventive diesel engine comprises a combustion chamber 1, the head of the combustion chamber 2, the channel in the cylinder and combustion chamber for preheating the fuel. The engine is equipped with two heat exchangers. Gas turbine engine associated with the gas outlet line. The generator is connected to the gas turbine gas turbine engine. The above heat exchangers needed to use the heat of the cooling system and exhaust gases to preheat. 2 Il.

The invention relates to mechanical engineering, in particular for diesel engines.

Known diesel engine containing a combustion chamber, the cylinder and combustion chamber, toplivoprovoda system, cooling system and mechanical drive of the generator, including:

with the drive of the electric generator from gas turbine associated with the gas outlet line [1]

with Toplivnaya in the head combustion chamber for preheating the fuel [2]

The objective of the invention is the reduction of heat losses, efficiency and effectiveness of diesel engines.

In Fig. 1 and 2, 3, valve 4, valve 5, the electromagnets of the ionizer 6, the electrode of the ionizer 7, the cylinder 8, the heat exchanger 9, the fuel line 10, line 11, the wall of the heat exchanger 12, the wall 13, the frame 14, the tube 15, the tube 16, thermostat 17, the gas turbine engine 18, the generator 19, the fuel tank 20. The channel of the heat exchanger 9 is communicated with the combustion chambers when open the exhaust valves of the engine.

It is known that high heat losses in engines, they are:

the motor 15-35%

the output from the exhaust gases of 25-45%

from the incomplete combustion of fuel up to 5%

according to the Department of physical-technical problems and energy of the USSR, for example, for diesel engine 200 HP with fuel consumption of 200 g / kWh, energy for evaporation of the fuel 10209 kJ/h

It is also known that the efficiency of the engines depends on the energy state of the fuel in diesel engines, mainly used liquid fuel, whose kinetic energy is small. Currently, in some diesel engines increase the energy state of the liquid fuel gasification its in closed pridemark process of incomplete combustion of fuel, they are converted into gases CO, CH, etc. as Preeti small.

In the proposed diesel engine increases the energy state of the fuel through the use of thermal energy losses. This engine is provided with two heat exchangers for heating and provisoirement fuel. The fuel is heated in the heat exchanger in the cooling system of the engine, and then it provisoires in the heat exchanger, the heated exhaust gases. Then provisoirement fuel is ionized by the ionizer.

It is known that ionized matter-fuel is the high-energy state of matter. Moreover, its kinetic energy is greater than or equal ionization energy.

Thus, the processes of heating, provisoirement and ionization of the fuel are virtually no energy, and the efficiency will be:

complete combustion of fuel;

environmentally friendly operation of the engine;

increasing liter engine power;

increase engine efficiency;

reduction of specific consumption of the engine;

the generator is driven by a gas turbine operating on the exhaust gases of the engine.

We offer diesel engine has a prospect far the high conductivity and superconductivity, increasing the degree of ionization of the fuel.

Diesel engine containing a combustion chamber, a cylinder, a combustion chamber, a duct in the cylinder and combustion chamber for preheating the fuel, characterized in that it is equipped with two heat exchangers to heat the cooling system and exhaust gases for heating, vaporization of the fuel and drive the gas turbine engine to a generator.


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SUBSTANCE: invention relates to cogeneration plants with Stirling engines designed for simultaneous production of electric energy and heat. Proposed cogeneration plant includes Stirling engine with electric generator fitted on one shaft, Stirling engine cooling system including pump an heat exchange-cooler through which air feed main line passes, external heat supply system with heat exchanger-recovering unit of heat of waste gases and heat exchanger of preliminary heating through which external heat supply system is coupled with cooling system of Stirling engine, and exhaust gas main line. Plant is furnished additionally with gas generator providing production of generator gas from different types tires of locally available fuel, generator gas main line connecting gas generator with combustion chamber of Stirling engine, main line for partial return of exhaust gases into combustion chamber of stirling engine, pump in external heat supply system providing flow of heat carrier in succession through preliminary heating heat exchanger and heat exchanger-recovering unit of heat of waste gases. Wood, peat and oil shale can be used as locally available fuel.

EFFECT: possibility of operation of different locally available fuels such as wood, peat, oil shale, etc, increased service life of engine, simplified design of system to convey heat from engine to external consumers.

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EFFECT: possibility of using heat of low-potential waters with temperature 30 - 50°C discharged every day from cooling systems of waters of nuclear and heat electric power stations.

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SUBSTANCE: invention relates to combined heat and power supply plant for household use. Proposed domestic combined heat and power plant contains Stirling engine and water heater. Stirling engine is installed for heating by first burner supplied with fuel gas. Plant contains additionally intake gas duct passing from Stirling engine in contact with fuel gas intake in first burner preliminary heating of fuel gas delivered into first burner and then heating of water which is subsequently heated by water heater. Water heater is provided with second burner. Plant is designed so that outlet gas and gas from second burner form combined flow immediately after heating of water, and combined flow for heating of water is located higher from outlet gas relative to flow. Plant contains additionally cooler of Stirling engine arranged for heating water higher than outlet gas relative to direction of flow.

EFFECT: provision of effective heating of water, reduced cost of heating and provision of compact device.

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FIELD: heating.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to heat supply systems, particularly, to heat-generating plants. Power plant consists of heat engine, for instance, internal combustion engine, with, at least, one mechanic energy shaft, heat-exchangers of engine cooling, heat-exchanger of heat removal from gas exhaust, all heat-connected via the coolant circulation circuit, with, at least, one heat energy consumer, in which shaft of heat engine is kinematically connected with the drive shaft of cavitating-vortex heat-generator, which - at least, via inlet and outlet hydraulic channels - is connected to the mentioned circulation loop of coolant, for example, water. To provide self-purification of heat-exchangers, cavitating-vortex heat-generator is installed directly before the inlet to heat exchanger of heat removal from engine gas exhaust. Installation provides possibility to control power of the cavitating-vortex heat-generator at stabilised (set) rotations of engine drive shaft and possibility to control a ratio between power values removed from the engine to generate heat and electric energy.

EFFECT: enhancement of operational characteristics; expansion of functional abilities.

5 cl, 2 dwg

FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: external combustion Stirling engine and electric generator are fitted on one shaft with the internal combustion engine (ICE). Every ICE cylinder is provided with a magnetic field source arranged in the upper part of the former and made in the form of an annular electromagnet built in the cylinder wall, or as several radial electromagnets. The Stirling engine working cylinder is enclosed in a housing with its inner space communicating with the ICE exhaust system, the electric generator being wired to the magnetic field source.

EFFECT: lower toxicity of exhaust and fuller combustion of fuel.

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