The vehicle, driven by human muscle force


(57) Abstract:

Use of invention: in the velomobile with chain drive between the disks of the front wheel, relates to the field of transport engineering, in particular wielostronne. Summary of the invention in that, without increasing the overall dimensions, increase speed, to facilitate a move to reduce the effect of lateral torque on the steering wheel, to reduce aerodynamic resistance and prolong the life of the tricycle, in addition, Dobby node is set in the center of the sleeve lead of the front wheel, allowing to use a wheel with a larger diameter rim, and as a consequence to increase the speed and ease stroke tricycle, without increasing the dimensions of the prototype. By replacing the wheels with spokes on the disk is significantly reduced aerodynamic drag and increases the life, because the whole drive is protected from moisture and dust disks. 6 Il.

The invention relates to the field of transport industry, in particular holoscreen.

Known vehicle driven by human muscle force, containing a frame installed on the seat with backrest, wheels, wheel, pedalcycle front wheel, and sprocket unit with switch, kinematically connected with a driven sprocket mounted on the shaft of the wheel.

The objective of the invention is that, without increasing the overall dimensions, to increase the speed when the lightness, to reduce the effect of lateral torque on the steering wheel, as well as to reduce aerodynamic drag.

The task is achieved by the fact that the chain drive is "hidden" inside the disk of the wheel, reduce the drag and improve operational conditions, as the sprocket and chain are not exposed to dust and moisture.

Thus, the prototype disadvantages mentioned above are eliminated, and the recumbent acquires a number of new qualities while maintaining the overall dimensions.

In Fig. 1 shows the proposed vehicle side view, and Fig.2 is a General view of Fig.3 cross-section of the drive wheel; Fig. 4 a longitudinal section of the drive wheel; Fig.5 foot node and the hub of the drive wheel; Fig.6, the intermediate sleeve with a power driven sprocket.

The drive consists of a drive wheel with disk 1, pedal, consisting of axis 2, connecting rods 3, 4 pedals, tube 5, a stationary bushing 6, cones 7, Central time is it driven by the sprocket wheel 13 drives fastened together by bolts 14 and spacers 15, one of which on the balls setting unit of the slave sprocket 16, 17, 18, 19, one of which is connected by a chain with a sprocket wheel 13.

The drive works as follows.

The rotation of the pedals is driven axle 2 with the shifter 20, sitting on the key 21. Gear shifting is performed by the foot pressing on the connecting rod 3 to the left or right. The position of the switch 20 is fixed ball stopper 22 in the annular recesses of the tube 5, having a longitudinal slot in which slides freely key 21.

The rotation axis through the switch 20, which is engaged with one of the leading asterisks 9, 10, 11, is transmitted by the chain to one of the driven sprockets 16, 17, 18 and then through the sprocket 19 of the chain on the sprocket 13 and the overrunning clutch 12 on the drive sprocket. Turns are made by the wheel 23. There is a chair with a back. Braking using the normal tick brakes.

The vehicle, driven by human muscle force, containing a frame installed on the seat with backrest, wheels, wheel and pedal actuator located on the front wheel and chain transmission, Dobby hub mounted on the shaft re is th on the shaft of the wheel, wherein the wheels are made of the disk, between discs wheel to its shaft has a sprocket unit with switch, its kinematic relationship driven sprocket is made by means of additional sprocket unit is installed on the spacer, the crimping wheels, while the switch is set to the key that is installed in the longitudinal slot of the shaft of the wheel.


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