Tool to stimulate natural resistance and prevention of gastrointestinal diseases calves


(57) Abstract:

The invention relates to animal husbandry, in particular to the means immune stimulation and prevention of gastrointestinal diseases of newborn calves. Essence: apply ksimedon, which is on the 2nd and 10th days of newborn calves intravenous 0.15 g per 10 ml of saline. The drug stimulates the natural resistance of the organism, increases the protective function of the mucosa of the gastrointestinal tract and respiratory organs, suppresses the conditional and pathogens, which ultimately leads to disease prevention and increase animal productivity.

The invention relates to animal husbandry, in particular to the means immune stimulation and prevention of gastrointestinal diseases of newborn calves.

Known methods for enhancing the natural resistance of the animal body, consisting in the application of procaine blockade [1,2] subcutaneous injection of drugs T and B activin [3,4] the use of gamma globulin, protein hydrolysates, tarirovannoj blood, autohemotherapy [5,6,7] For the prevention and treatment of gastrointestinal diseases applied inside and intramuscular antibiotics, sulfanyl the ur (ABA), propionato-acidophilus broth culture (PABK), acidophilus, acidophilus milk [10,11,12] gastric juice horses, rennet juice calves and their artificial analogues [13,14, 15]

The disadvantage of these tools is the one-sidedness of their actions, that requires the integrated application. This increases the time and cost of preventive and therapeutic courses with insufficient because of the adaptation of conditionally pathogenic microflora.

Known drug ksimedon-N-(-hydroxyethyl)-4,6-dimethylpyrimidin 2; C8H12N2O2as burns funds. The structural formula of Ximena:

< / BR>
The purpose of the invention the expansion of the range of funds immunostimulation and prevention of gastrointestinal diseases of newborn calves.

The objective is achieved by using Ximena as a means of stimulation of natural resistance and prevention of gastrointestinal diseases of newborn calves.

The essence of the application of Ximena consists in the following. Newborn calves on the 2nd (after 2/3 receptions colostrum) and the 10th day after birth in 10 ml of saline intravenously injected 0.15 grams of the drug.

Example. Newborn calves on the principle of analogues were formed into two groups (experimental and control) for 30 goals each. Conditions of feeding, care and maintenance in both groups the same. The calves of the experimental group on the 2nd and 10th day after birth intravenously in 10 ml of saline was injected 0.15 g Ximena, the calves of the control group and inside intramuscularly applied portirovanie antibiotics (methodology applied in the farms of the area). In the 1st and 20th days of the experimental and control calves took blood samples and have identified the following indicators of the natural resistance of the organism: total protein, calcium, phosphorus, IIIP, II oxycorticosteroid, phagocytic (F), bactericidal (BA) the authors estimated the effect activity of blood, immunoglobulins and sportactivities.

The obtained results show that the use of Ximena causes experienced calves increase in blood total protein 26% (6,02 to 7,63 g), the control calves growth was only 4% (of 5.92 to 6.14) g Quantitative indicator of calcium in the application of Ximena increased by 31% in the control calves indicator of this component of the blood remains at the same level. The rate of phosphorus in experimental calves increased by 9% and controllery activity by 31% bactericidal and lysozyme activity of the blood, respectively, 38 and 29%

The control calves these indicators remained at the same low against the physiological norm.

Figure II-ACS experienced calves is reduced to physiological hormone levels (from 5.6 to 4 mg), which indicates good adaptation capabilities of the organism of animals. The control calves, the figure rises to 5.7 mg what characterizes high tension metabolism and depletion of adaptation mechanisms of the body of calves.

Experienced calves quantitative indicator of immunoglobulins exceed 15 mg/ml, which caused the development of effective immunity to environmental microflora. The control calves this figure is below 5 mg/ml, as a result, they become susceptible even to conditionally pathogenic microorganisms. Therefore, ksimedon has a well-pronounced stimulating effect on the natural resistance of the organism calves, which determines their resistance to disease and increase productivity.

Preventive action Ximena for gastro-intestinal diseases is determined in the same production experience.

Clinical observation of experienced calves and controllerservlet cases of communicable and non-communicable diseases, the weight gain of the animals.

Example. The average weight gain of calves in days age in the experimental group was 26.4 kg in the control to 26.7 kg per month of age calves from the experimental group had an average of 40.8 kg (average daily gain 480 g), in the control and 30 kg (average daily gain 110 g). Minusa weight of dead calves, total weight gain in the experimental group was 391,2 kg in the control only 39 kg In the experimental group cases of colibacillosis is not registered. Was one case of salmonellosis (3% ) and two cases of parainfluenza (6%). The use of appropriate serums and treatment provided recovery calves. Six goals in this group had a simple dyspepsia. The appropriate diet provided the normalization of digestive functions without the cost of drugs.

In the control group registered and confirmed by bacteriological examination, 3 cases of colibacillosis, 6 cases of salmonellosis and 12 cases of infectious bovine rhinotracheitis. All calves were ill with gastrointestinal disorders, 12 goals was registered bronchopneumonia. Despite the action taken in time of treatment, 9 calves were killed.

Production testing of the proposed funds held in CoII

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The use of N-(-hydroxyethyl)-4,6-dimethylpyrimidin-2 as a means to stimulate natural resistance and prevention of gastrointestinal and respiratory diseases in calves.


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