Lifting device


(57) Abstract:

Usage: the invention relates to devices for moving loads. The inventive device includes a handle 1, 2 fingers, cheeks 3 and the grip 4 of the rope. The fingers 2 are connected with the cheeks 3, located in the same plane with the formation of a gap between them. In operation, the lever is rotated and the rope wound on the fingers. 3 Il.

The invention relates to devices for moving loads.

Known tal containing the lever, a drum for winding and clutch reverse (US, patent, 4235420, 254-218, 1981). The disadvantage of this device is its complicated structure.

The closest in technical essence is a device for tensioning belts and ropes (US, patent, 4337555, B 66 D 3/02, 1982).

The device comprises a lever, the free end of which a hook for gripping the rope, and the two cheeks, installed in parallel planes at a distance from each other of at least two diameters of the used cable. In the cheeks there are two holes for the shafts of the rollers that the rope goes around, and one of the holes made oblong. During operation, the first rope around one roller, which is rigidly fixed Bo the roller, clutching him the rope. After that, the rope is released and the operation is repeated. The device can be used to move cargo.

A disadvantage of the known device is the complexity of the device and its operation.

The technical result is to simplify both the structure of the device and its operation.

This is achieved by the fact that in the known lifting device containing arm and cheek, United with elements for winding them rope, cheeks are located in one plane at a distance from each other along the axis of the lever with the formation of cracks, and elements for winding rope is made in the form of two fingers, the ends connected with the cheeks.

In Fig. 1 shows a lifting device, a General view of Fig. 2 is a side view, and Fig. 3 sequence of operation of the device.

The device includes a handle 1, 2 fingers, cheeks 3 and the grip 4 of the rope. Plate lever 1 and cheeks 3 are rigidly interconnected by means of two fingers 2. Cheeks 3 are located in the same plane and between them there is a gap. Plate lever 1, the cheeks 3 and 2 fingers form a drum to accommodate the rope. Capture 4 of the rope is made in the form of a hook or bracket, with space for the Zats liveout the device on the rope, using a crack between the cheeks 3, so that the rope was between 2 fingers (original position). Rotate the device in any direction to align its longitudinal axis with rope (the initial position And the cycle of winding of the rope on one turn). Then wound the rope on toes 2 by the action of the lever 1. One full rotation of the lever replace four half, which is carried out in strict sequence:

1st half-turn around the longitudinal axis of the device in any direction to position B.

2nd half-turn around the transverse axis of the device from its original position Century.

3rd half-turn around the longitudinal axis of the device, uncoiling the rope, twisted in the first half in position,

4th half-turn around the transverse axis of the device in the initial position And through the source.

Use 4 half of the device around mutually perpendicular axes instead of one full rotation around one axis significantly reduces the space required for movement of the lever and eliminates the need to step over the rope together with the lever.

When translating device from the initial position vymatyvayutsya fingers 2, cheeks 3 limit the displacement of the rope along the fingers. While the required force at the end of the lever as many times less than the tension force of the rope, how many times the length of the lever is larger than the distance between the branches of the rope coming out of the drum. This distance is greatest at the position of the lever perpendicular to the rope, and depends on the placement of the fingers. Moving the fingers in the holes in the lever, you can choose the best for a particular cargo traction characteristic of a device, a combination of efforts on the lever and the step of moving cargo.

The grip 2 is used to hook lever 1 for tight rope in order to preserve the rope taut. Capture it is recommended to use when turning the device around the rope (from position to position and from the position C To position D); coups geared lever safer.

Because the device contains no moving parts, has high efficiency

Lifting device containing arm and cheek, United with elements for winding them rope, characterized in that the cheeks are located in one plane at a distance from each other along the axis of the lever with the formation of cracks, and elements for winding rope is made in


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EFFECT: enlarged operating capabilities.

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EFFECT: reduction of physical effort required for loading and unloading from one surface to the other, as well as reduction of mechanical effect of the support structure on the transferred load.

5 dwg

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: device for lifting vehicle turned over in accident includes two L-shaped asymmetrical beams the ends of short arms of which are equipped with assemblies to be coupled with turned over vehicle bottom, and the ends of long arms of which are equipped with loops. In the centre of gravity of each beam, lugs for their lifting and transportation are mounted. The device is provided with longitudinal beam equipped with clamps interacting with loops of L-shaped beams and attachment fixtures at their ends for suspending onto hooks of lifting cranes. The length of longitudinal beam is not less than the length of turned over vehicle.

EFFECT: possibility to lift large-dimensioned heavy transport facilities, lifting process duration reduction and simplification.

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SUBSTANCE: claimed arrangement comprises the platform and electric pull winch with the rope. Said platform is equipped with extending thrust props that features both stepwise and fine height adjustment for vertical displacement of the platform. For this, said props are provided with lock pins for fixing of the platform and thrust screws resting on thrust bearings. Said platform is equipped with pull crossbar to be engaged with the rope, bypass roller, moving bar to be mounted at the crossbar and duckboards fitted at the platform axles.

EFFECT: higher efficiency of cargo tipping.

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EFFECT: there is ensured a possibility of preliminary check and measuring of a weight of a heavy object as a large-sized structure prior to transportation; a large-size structure can be transported horizontally without additional installation of a separate transfer system after measurement of weight.

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FIELD: machine engineering.

SUBSTANCE: device for pan replacement comprises a working platform with a first (6) and a second (7) platform mounted on a bed plate for simultaneous turning by 90 in forward and reverse direction about the common axis of rotation (13) by means of hydraulic cylinders (10, 11, 12), a control unit with a control panel, sensors, a fixing mechanism (8), a weight-measuring module and a computer. The first platform (6) is mounted for turning into the pan replacement position after turning the working platform by 90 from initial position, at which the first and the second platforms are arranged perpendicular to each other. In the pan replacement position, the first platform (6) is oriented at a predetermined angle to the second platform which exceeds 90 . After placing the load mounted on the pan on the first platform (6) in initial position, positioning of the load is carried out according to the command from the control unit, tipping over the load by simultaneous turning by 90 around the axis of rotation of the first platform (6) and the second platform (7), turning the first platform (6) to the position for the pan replacement, in which it is arranged with respect to the second platform (7) at a predetermined angle exceeding 90, and in which the pan is replaced; weighing of the load mounted on the pan and processing of obtained result by the weight-measuring module.

EFFECT: improved operating characteristics.

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EFFECT: improved efficiency and reliability.

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