The tractor hydraulic system


(57) Abstract:

Usage: in General engineering and is intended for use on tractors agricultural and industrial purposes. The inventive hydraulic system includes a pump 1, reported by the suction hydroline 2 tank 3 and the actuator 4 (e.g., hydraulic cylinder). In addition, the hydraulic system has a valve 5, is in communication with the tank 3 drain hydroline 6 through the orifice 7 of viscous resistance. Drain hydroline 6 additionally communicated with a suction hydroline 2 through the spring loaded check valve 8. 1 Il.

The invention relates to mechanical engineering and is intended for use on agricultural and industrial tractors.

A known hydraulic system (ed. St. USSR N 511888, class A 01 B 63/10, 1974), containing the pump, soobshenii suction hydroline with the tank and the pressure (pressure) hydroline with the valve, and orifice made in the form of a combination of chokes viscous and inertial resistance, and drain hydroline the valve is constantly communicated with the hydraulic tank through the throttle viscous resistance (viscous choke), and in the elevated viscosity of the fluid (in the case of low ambient temperature and in the starting period) the viscous resistance of the throttle much more than the inertial resistance of the inductor. As a result, most part of the merging flow of the working fluid supplied by the hydraulic tank directly into the suction hydroline pump that improves absorption and contributes to the rapid heating of fluid in the working circuit of the hydraulic system.

At a high temperature working fluid, the viscous resistance of the inductor is much less than the inertial resistance of the inductor. Therefore, the main part of the merging flow of the working fluid supplied to the cooling tank.

This hydraulic system provides satisfactory conditions of the absorption liquid pump in the starting period. The disadvantage of the hydraulic system is the fact that at high temperatures the working fluid part of it passing through the inertial throttle, almost not involved in the heat exchange, thereby reducing the cooling capacity of gidroprovod.

The technical result, which must be made in the invention is the improvement of thermal regime of the hydraulic system by ensuring the full circulation of the working fluid flow through the tank at high temperatures.

The technical result is achieved in that the drain hidrolik retina illustrated in the drawing, which shows the diagram of the hydraulic system.

The tractor hydraulic system includes a pump 1, which suction hydroline 2 communicated with the tank 3. The pump 1 is communicated with the hydraulic motor (hydraulic cylinder) 4 through the control valve 5. For draining the working fluid from the hydraulic cylinder 4 or from the pump 1 serves as a drain hydroline 6. Drain hydroline 6 communicated with the tank 3 through the orifice 7 and with a suction hydroline 2 through the spring loaded check valve 8. A throttle valve located in a common housing. The orifice 7 is formed of parallel channels is characterized by a relatively long length and small traversable cross section. This embodiment of the inductor (choke viscous resistance or linear) provides the change of pressure loss (hydraulic resistance) is proportional to the viscosity of the liquid.

The described hydraulic system operates as follows.

When the high viscosity of the working fluid of the hydraulic resistance of the inductor 7 is large, the pressure at its inlet check valve 8 is fully open and the main part of the flow merging fluid comes from the hydroline 6 in the suction hydroline 2 pump 1.

With the increase in the scale 7 decreases, the consequence is an increase in the share of the working fluid traveling through the orifice 7 in the tank 3 for cooling.

In the case that the working fluid temperatures close to the upper limit, the pressure at the inlet of the throttle 7 becomes less than the opening pressure spring-loaded check valve 8 closes and the entire flow of the working fluid is directed into the tank 3, ensuring maximum cooling capacity of the hydraulic system.

The tractor hydraulic system containing a pump, indicated by the suction hydroline with the tank, and connected with the hydraulic pump and the valve, is in communication with the hydraulic tank drain hydroline through the throttle viscous resistance, while the drain hydroline communicated with a suction hydroline through gidromashorion, characterized in that the flow meter is a spring-loaded check valve communicated with the drain hydroline-side shut-off element.


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