Method of granulating fine material


(57) Abstract:

The invention relates to the technique of granulation fine powdered materials. The inventive hydrated material serves on a rotating plate granulator, and before the presentation of the material on the plate to it with stirring embryonic particle fraction 50-300 μm in the amount of 25-30% of the volume of the material. table 1.

The invention relates to the technique of granulation of fine, powdery, dust-like materials and is intended for use in ferrous metallurgy, in particular to prepare for the disposal of waste products dedusting off-gases of metallurgical furnaces.

There is a method of granulation, in which the granulated sludge nozzles serves in an elongated fluidized bed apparatus, where it is dried in the atmosphere of hot flue gases and simultaneously granulated by germ particles (preferably fractions 1-3 mm). Speed support in 1.5-2 times higher than the speed of the beginning of fluidization of the largest germ particles. The slurry is injected in each temperature zone in the direction of motion of a rigid granulirovannogo material from the boot germ particles to discharge the complexity of redistribution for the preparation of material for granulation, namely the need for separate preparation of embryos and pulp from dust. In addition, the combination of processes of formation in the embryo shell of dust and drying the resulting granules leads to instability of the process. The method is characterized by high energy costs, as well as moisturize first before formation of the slurry, then dried.

The closest in technical essence to the present invention is a method of granulating dust on the plate granulator. (Smelansky C. R. and other Utilization of open-hearth furnace dust, caught in the dry cleaning apparatus. Ferrous metallurgy. 1982, No. 7, S. 63-64).

According to the method granulated material dust is served directly on the working surface of the rotating granulator plate, where it is moistened and ukutyvaemsya in granules optimal for recycling sizes 10-20 mm

The disadvantage of this method is fierce, the regulation of the process according to the angular velocity of rotation of the plate, angle it, the water supply and input material, i.e. for the implementation of this method granulation and obtain the required granules requires fine adjustment with precisely defined technical parameters,ASS="ptx2">

An object of the invention is to ensure reliability of the process dust open-hearth furnaces at the plate granulator while increasing output conforming pellet fractions 10-20 mm without significant limitations of the process parameters.

The technical effect obtained by the use of the invention is to increase the performance of the process, the increase of output of commodity granules, reducing compliance of technical parameters of disc granulator.

Method of granulating fine materials according to the invention involves feeding the humidified material on a rotating inclined plate granulator, and before the presentation of the material on the plate to it with stirring embryonic particle fraction 5 are 300 μm in the amount of 25-30% of the volume of the material. Granulation is carried out on the embryos of the material, in conjunction with which the granulated material is further disposed, preferably from ground limestone, coke and other similar material. Output conforming granules obtained in this way, increases in 4-4,5 times in comparison with the famous.

Example. The proposed method is granulirovanie with a diameter of 0.7 m with an angle of inclination of the plate 55o. The speed of rotation of the plate 22 min-1.

As a source subject to granulation of the material used the dust from the electrostatic Northern pipe plant.

The chemical composition in the following ratio of components, dust, wt.


ZnO 101,5


As a material for embryonic particles used screening marble chips with an average size fractions 212 microns.

Granulation is as follows.

Prepare the charge (charge weight 4 kg) by manual stirring of dust (75%) and dropout marble chips (25%) in spherical bowl while moisturizing mixture 10-25% Humidified mixture served on a plate and within 5 min when wet 2-5% granularit with the formation of the conditioned granules. Then, the obtained pellets are unloaded and determine the fractional composition, exposing the sieving on sieves with openings 10 and 20 mm

The table presents the results of laboratory research output conforming granules depending on the quantity added to the mixture germ particles (fines marble chips).

From the information presented in the table, it follows that when the comp is trustet 5% i.e. increase in retention rates over 3% of the volume is impractical. The optimal amount of added dropout rate is 25-30% of the volume of the granulated dust.

The proposed method for the granulation of fine materials may find application in preparation for disposal of products dedusting exhaust open-hearth furnaces and other metallurgical units.

The method of granulation of fine materials, including the supply of moist material on a rotating inclined plate granulator, characterized in that before applying the material on the plate to it with stirring germ particles of size 50 to 300 μm in a quantity of 25 to 30% of the volume of the material.


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EFFECT: increased efficiency of granulator, of strength of granules and increased uniformity of granulometric composition of product.

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EFFECT: technical result is increased output of required size and density of fraction of granules, higher quality, faster granulation and drying of end product.

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SUBSTANCE: method for producing granulated wood ash consists in pelletizing granule-forming particles while simultaneously feeding a powder component and a liquid component and subsequently drying the granules; according to the invention, as granule-forming particles, the screening of wood ash with the particle size up to 1.5 mmis used, pelletizing is carried out in a plate granulator, the plate being placed at an angle of 45-75° to the horizon, the plate rotation is carried out at a frequency of 27-29 rpm, the liquid component is represented by water, and as the powder component is represented by dry wood ash with a bulk density of 560-600 kg/m3, while the weight ratio of water/ash is maintained in the range of 0.27-0.29, the water and ash are continuously fed, allowing spontaneous rolling of wet granules over the plate flange of the plate granulator.

EFFECT: obtaining spherical granules from wood ash, with a specified particle size, having high static strength, with a high production volume and continuous equipment operation.

3 cl, 1 tbl, 1 dwg